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Is Vladimir Putin Making Moves to Reconcile Russia to the New World Order?

obama putin 2

A sincere shift in plans, or a shrewd move to buy time? We shall see. From Yahoo! News: Vladimir Putin opened a special meeting of the Kremlin’s Security Council today with an odd statement: “There is no direct military threat

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The Massacre of Christians in Iraq: The West is Silent because the West is Guilty

syrian fighters

If you are a Christian who cheered the invasion of Iraq, what do you think now? From the Telegraph: “Iraqi Christians are raped, murdered and driven from their homes – and the West is silent.” For the first time in

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Peter Hitchens on Flight MH17: “Don’t Be Propagandized!”

Peter Hitchens

I have to say I’m greatly impressed with Peter Hitchens here. We persist in playing with fire, and then profess shock and outrage when innocents get torched. Here’s an excerpt of his piece in the Daily Mail: “Mourn the victims…

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Tragedy in Ukraine: Interventionism is Arrogance & Stupidity


When tragedy or injustice occurs, I fully understand the impulse to “do something.” Yet wisdom demands that whatever action we undertake be a “right” response, too. I watched in disbelief Monday morning as a CNN reporter railed about the lack

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To the Pentagon, Congress Does Not Exist: Secret Troops in Somalia Since 2007

arming somalia

No wonder Congress thinks of itself as useless. Their assigned job is to shut up and increase the budget. From Reuters: U.S. military advisors have secretly operated in Somalia since around 2007 and Washington plans to deepen its security assistance

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Your Tax Dollars at Work: 8 Christians Crucified in Syria

isis crucifixion

No, this is not a “blame America first” headline. I’m well aware that Islamic extremism is responsible for all sorts of evil. But there have been Christians in Syria for centuries. In the contemporary world, we haven’t heard of Muslims

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Why Are We Sending Green Berets into Northern Iraq?

troops in iraq

If you were worried about us being gradually entangled in Iraq, stop worrying. There is nothing gradual about what is happening. We are practically rushing in. The latest is that we are sending Green Berets north into Kurdish territory. Jason

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Pentagon: We Need to Ruin American Economy for the Sake of These Endless Interventions


According to a recent Reuters story, the military is suffering from the problem of “less money, more commitments.” First it was worries over the South China Sea, Afghanistan, Libya, Mali and Syria. Then it was Russia’s annexation of Crimea and

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And Then There Were… 900 Pairs of Boots on the Ground

caesar obama

First, Barack Obama sent three hundred to Iraq to protect embassy personnel. I really don’t blame him. Benghazi probably made him skittish. Then, even after we were assured that he wasn’t “contemplating” ground troops, he dispatched another 300 to help

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Does Anyone Expect Israel to Let Islamic Radicals Occupy Golan Heights?

golan heights

From the Times of Israel we read, “Anti-Assad rebels said to seize 95% of Syrian Golan Heights.” Almost the entire Syrian side of the Golan Heights is now under the control of rebel forces, including radical Islamist groups, a senior

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New York Times on Drone “Report Card”


Kudos to the NY Times for having the courage to print this. They’ve covered a few stories, of late, that are quite critical of bad White House policies. Perhaps the journalists are slowing waking up, and fulfilling their duty to

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Now John Kerry Thinks He is the Ruler of Kurdistan

iraq terrorism

Now that Iraq is becoming a failed state—a fate that became inevitable the moment we invaded—the Kurds have a chance at something the great powers have denied them for a long time. They might gain an independent state. Naturally, John

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