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Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton on War and National Security


Before it was Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton it was Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton. Obama called Clinton out as a warmonger. He criticized her for voting to invade Iraq. It is easy to forget, but the Nobel Peace Prize

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Moral Relativism Is Bad, But NY Times Column Makes a Point about Iraq

islamic state

Some conservatives hate this New York Times piece, and I don’t blame them since it begins with a heavy dose of moral relativism: The beheading of American journalist James Foley by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, has rightly provoked

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What is Vladimir Putin doing in Ukraine?

obama putin 2

While the U.S. Is focused on Robin Williams, Ferguson, Missouri, and the butchers formerly known as ISIS in Iraq, it would appear Vladimir Putin is on the move. From the Guardian: “Aid convoy stops short of border as Russian military

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The Drums of War

war obama

The Drums of war are increasing in the world this week. Not too far north of the hot war zones, with tens of thousands of Russian troops stationed along Ukraine’s western border, the Kremlin is flirting with the notion of

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Hillary Clinton Blames Barack Obama for Syria and Iraq

mccain Syrian terrorists

I’m certainly in favor of blaming the President for a number of things, so it would be easy to agree when Hillary Clinton blames Barack Obama for the rise of ISIS in Syria and then Iraq. It would be also

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Hey, Religion of Peace, Why Aren’t You Dealing with Your Own in Iraq?

Isis Iraq butchers

When adherents of the self-styled religion of peace aren’t cutting children’s heads off, and placing them in the air on sticks, they’re literally cutting other little ones in half. From the Anglican Communion News Service: “Anglican Vicar of Baghdad: ‘Child

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Barack Obama Admits He Joined Attack on Libya with No Plan for the Future

caesar obama

The NATO attack on Libya was a war crime, and naturally the U.S. Government was expected to join in. Barack Obama did not disappoint anyone. We overthrew Libya’s government by supporting Jihadists who are still tearing the country apart. It

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Bombing Iraq: Did You Hear the One About How U.S. Intervention Saves Live?

bomb syria

So we are now back, bombing Iraq, targeting a new/old enemy? On the level of God’s rule of history, this may be His answer to the prayers of the Christians being tortured, abused, exiled, and murdered by the Islamic state

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Justin Amash to GOP Establishment: Glad We Could Hand You Another Defeat

justin amash

OK, I’m slightly exaggerating to say that Justin Amash said it to the entire GOP establishment. He was speaking specifically to a retired congressman, Pete Hoekstra, who backed his opponent in the primary. Hoekstra lost the 2012 gubernatorial primary and

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Risking War with Russia is Dangerously Stupid


With all of the hot zones in the world—China and the South Sea disputes, Israel and Gaza, Ebola, the Southern Border crisis—it’s easy to lose sight of what may be the most critical to the near-term future: Russia vs. The

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The Terrorist Threat is Worse Now than Before Our Wars

iraq terrorism

From the Christian Science Monitor, we read about the terrorist threat: “US is no safer after 13 years of war, a top Pentagon official says.” The nation is no safer after 13 years of war, warns a top US military

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American Intervention Bringing Sunshine and Rainbows to Libya

libya in chaos headline huffpo

Ahh, another day, another nation “enjoying the fruits” of American intervention. From Yahoo! News:   The United States shut down its embassy in Libya on Saturday and evacuated its diplomats to neighboring Tunisia under U.S. military escort amid a significant

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