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Welfare As Stimulus For Adult Lingerie Shops

lingerie shop That this was even necessary shows how broken our "welfare" system is. From The Times-Picayune: “Louisiana bans welfare benefits usage at lingerie shops, jewelry stores, tattoo parlors.” State welfare officials are tightening the reins on how residents can use cash benefits they receive from assistance programs. Louisiana's Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) issued […] Continue reading →

Millennials Don’t Feel Like Being Exploited To Support Others In Obamacare; So They Might Kill It

obamacare crash burn blimp The media is starting to actually admit what is going on. The headline at is startling: “Millennials Are Dooming Obamacare.” The story quotes Dana Milbank’s column at the Washington Post, The administration announced last week that only 1.08 million people ages 18 to 34 had signed up for Obamacare by the end of February, […] Continue reading →

New Study Shows Government Programs Always Become More Expensive Than Expected; In Other News, Sky Is Blue

us over cliff Senator Tom Coburn, is releasing a report that shows that government projects are always more expensive than they are projected to be. Mr. Coburn’s report, which used government agency figures, said Medicaid costs increased 31,212.5 percent in just 46 years — and that’s before taking into account the upcoming expansion of eligibility under Obamacare. The […] Continue reading →