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Barack Obama Tells Evangelicals what to Believe and Do

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No one is surprised that Barack Obama is ready and willing to tell Evangelicals to be more like him. I remember back when Barack Obama “changed his mind” about homosexual marriage—that is, he found it politically expedient to admit openly

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How the State Grows an Underclass: a Teacher’s Testimony


A teacher who writes about her experience in a Title I school has given us a glimpse of the perpetuation of an underclass. I didn’t see this essay until yesterday, so it is ancient history in internet time. But if

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Sin, not Lack of Wealth Redistribution, is the Problem with Baltimore

Baltimore flames

Baltimore’s problem is not poverty and lack of opportunity; it is sin in the human heart. Many politicians are so predictable. Their views are based in fantasies that more power to certain people, and more money, can allegedly solve deep

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No, Harry Reid, Crushing Poverty Does Not Cause Violence

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Harry Reid thinks crushing poverty explains the violence of the riots—though he is quick to say he does not condone the violence. Before I explain how wrong he is, let me first thank Harry Reid for bringing up justice reform

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Does the State Want to Help the Poor or Fine Helpers?

Homeless people Obama Poster

Liberals insist that the state is more trustworthy than private society to help the poor. But the evidence leads in the opposite direction. Supposedly, the state can be trusted to defend, protect, and provide for the poor. That is the Liberal creed.

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Income Inequality Is a Loser with Voters

low income workers

Yesterday was Get-nailed-by-the-IRS Day, so it was a fitting time for the New York Times to publish Thomas B. Edsall’s editorial, “Has Obamacare Turned Voters Against Sharing the Wealth?” The short answer is: Yes.  In 2006, by a margin of

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Australia Shows How the Welfare State Controls Everything


When you depend on the government to give you money, you will find that the welfare state controls you. Whether or not you believe that vaccinations should be mandatory is really beside the point. Forget that particular issue. Just notice

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How Government Uses “Compassion” for Corporate Welfare


From the beginning the food stamp program was designed for corporate welfare. As Americans, we need a serious conversation about the risks involved when government gets involved in the marketplace. This article at the Daily Bell, which discusses Rick Brattin’s

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No, You Don’t Need Government Welfare for a Tattoo

We Accept EBT

Kansas lawmakers are trying to ban using government welfare for tattoos, movies, cruise ships, and more. I was upset with proposed Missouri restrictions on food stamps because they seemed designed to turn recipients away from healthy options like seafood. The

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MO GOP: Stop Buying Good Food with Food Stamps


If we are going to have food stamps, why tell recipients to stop buying good food? Why are MO Republicans imitating Michelle Obama’s lunch program with food stamps? I hate food stamps. I wish they would be abolished. I don’t

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Poor and Rich Alike Better Off without a Welfare State


The welfare state is training us to think there is no welfare without the state. That is a lie. Yes, Virginia (and all 49 other states), people actually did care for the poor before government realized it was a huge

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How to Lose Your Job Before You Even Start


There are some 30 million out-of-work Americans across this country today who are no longer even counted by the government as unemployed because they’ve been jobless for so long. I’m betting that most of those former workers would jump at

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