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How to Lose Your Job Before You Even Start


There are some 30 million out-of-work Americans across this country today who are no longer even counted by the government as unemployed because they’ve been jobless for so long. I’m betting that most of those former workers would jump at

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Need a Ride to Work? Try Your Feet!

men at work

When James Robertson needed a ride to work, he gave himself one. Next time you hear about someone who says he can’t get a job, because he has no transportation to get him to work… remember James Robertson. [See also,

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Welfare and Drugs Should Never Mix

marijuana plants

The Colorado legislature must separate welfare and drugs or welfare will be nothing but a prison for the poor. Giving someone heroine in order to create dependence is considered a disgusting crime. Marijuana is not on the same order of

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Kids on Food Stamps “Spiked” Last Year

food stamps

For children the use of food stamps spiked. Let’s praise the Obama recovery. There are two ways to look at this. One is that the economy is so bad that these children can’t really survive without food stamps. The other

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MO State Senator Jim Lembke’s Job Boom

jobless benefits

A job boom came from ending unemployment benefits, just like Jim Lembke tried to get the MO state legislature to do. The Wall Street Journal editorial staff pointed out that Congress’ about face last year in zeroing out extra unemployment benefit

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The Humiliating Public Loss of Barack Obama

crash and burn cash

Taking back his “free” community college scheme was a public loss for President Obama. A couple of days ago I asked if the President was happy that he no longer had to worry about the Democrat majority in the Senate.

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Report: Most Jobless People Spend Their Time Watching Video


When the government helps jobless people it doesn’t help them find work. When we are forced to “invest” in people who aren’t working… what do they do with their time? In other words, what benefit does the nation receive for

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School Punishment: Take Away Blind Boy’s Cane

pool noodle

As a school punishment a blind student was forced to used a pool noodle. If, for some reason, you need more evidence, here is another piece of data that supports the thesis that our public institutions are ruled by idiots.

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Government’s Not the Solution to the Poverty Problem

poverty etc

Government can’t solve it, but it can make the poverty problem worse. Here is an article I think is quite interesting: “Why Poor People Stay Poor.” An excerpt: It’s amazing what things that are absolute crises for me are simple

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Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Give Up


People want to give up but they don’t want to give up eating, shelter, or the use of their iPhones. Here’s a grim headline from the Examiner: “Giving up: 40% women, 28% men, 39% youth don’t want a job.” According

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Redundant Headline: Free Phone Program Full of Fraud, Abuse


The government’s free phone program is corrupt, by definition. I know this will shock you. According to a local CBS Denver station, “Government’s Free Phone Program Riddled With Abuse, Fraud.” The $2 billion a year Lifeline program has handed out more

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Bill and Melinda Gates Giving Money to the Rich?

Bill Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates are credited with being philanthropists. But one has to look at the full picture before one can be sure what “philanthropy” means for the couple and their foundation. I expect there will be some significant pushback

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