IRS Audits You for Mistakes but Loses $5.6 Billion in “Stimulus”

IRS sign How is it that the IRS audits us but gets away with misspending billions of dollars? What's wrong with this picture? The IRS can throw away $5.6-billion—BILLION—and no one gets punished; no one loses his job; no one suffers loss from her pension. Everyone gets a free pass! “Oops. Sorry.” (The only thing they lose is their emails when they're under investigation!!) Here is the Washington Times headline: “IRS wasted $5.6B on bogus Obama stimulus tax credits: Audit.” The IRS doled Read more [...]
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Baltimore Public Schools Are Not Close to Underfunded!

public school The pretense that rioting and looting is the responsibility of those who haven’t allowed enough funds to go to Baltimore Public Schools is ludicrous. Since Bob Allen quoted a news story about Democrat Representative Donna Edwards claiming that Baltimore public schools need more money, I think it might be good to point out how insane such claims really are. Here’s the quotation: “I mean I would say, for example with our schools, just prior to the Freddie Gray incident, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Read more [...]
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Sin, not Lack of Wealth Redistribution, is the Problem with Baltimore

Baltimore flames Baltimore’s problem is not poverty and lack of opportunity; it is sin in the human heart. Many politicians are so predictable. Their views are based in fantasies that more power to certain people, and more money, can allegedly solve deep problems. So the Patriot Post reports, Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) pontificated on the Baltimore rioting and what she believes is contributing to poverty and, ultimately, violent behavior among minorities. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace brought up the city’s Read more [...]
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Big Brother Gains a New Foothold in California Charities

09282012BigBrother When Big Brother is watching you, he can tell anyone he wants about what you are doing. Here is a suggestion: in order to have open government I think there should be a public database that anyone can access in order to find out your complete voting record. Everyone you voted for should be a available as public knowledge to every one of your neighbors. When you apply for a job, the decision maker should have access to your complete voting history. Right? No, that would be awful. It would Read more [...]
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Nancy Pelosi Pretends GOP Cutting Veteran Funds

nancy Pelosi Is the GOP cutting veteran funds? No. But why would that stop Pelosi from saying otherwise? I hate agreeing with the Washington Post’s “fact checker” column, because I worry that I am setting up my readers to be fooled at some later date. “Fact checker” earns a reputation for honesty and non-partisanship, I fear, precisely so that it can be used for partisan purposes on crucial issues. But, now that you know I think you should be careful about ever relying on “fact checker” too Read more [...]
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The Radical Biblicism of Manny Pacquiao

pacquiao The most expensive match in boxing history is now behind us. Manny Pacquiao’s under-dog status, his charisma were not enough to defeat the undefeatable Floyd Mayweather. Floyd is now 48-0. One more victory puts him in the same league as the legendary Rocky Marciano. But the things behind the scene of this magnanimous match is what has caught the attention of many in the media. Mayweather is an extraordinary fighter. He happens to be also an extraordinary domestic abuser. His well and hideously Read more [...]
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ISIS Boasts In Terrorists Slaughtered in Texas

twitter evan sayet I’m not sure why ISIS boasts about being defeated, but hopefully they will have more opportunities to do so. Somehow, if I were ISIS, I wouldn't be bragging about this one. Dear ISIS, You "sent" two armed yahoos in (jihadis... yahoos... same thing), and they marvelously succeeded in shooting one guard in the ankle. Then these mighty Islamic warriors ended up aerated multiple times and bleeding in the street, dead. I guess we're supposed to be afraid of such awesome displays of military Read more [...]
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Even If Man-Made Global Warming Was Real, Environmentalists Would Still be Wrong

polar bears roasting penguin Man-made global warming would not make big government competent to fix it. If you think that just because you are not personally a climate scientist you therefore have no right to an opinion about anything Al Gore says the government should do, you need to think again. Ryan McMaken has written an excellent essay at that points out the political fallacy. He writes in part: It seems that for the global warming lobby, all that is necessary to set everything right is to hand control Read more [...]
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When Do We Stop Fighting Each Other and Fight the Enemy?

stop government oppression African Americans and Tea Party Conservatives would both be better off to stop fighting each other and to help each other instead. Will there come a day when we realize we're fighting a common foe? (Thanks to the Personal Liberty website for the cartoon.) The sad thing is that those represented on the left... feel the oppression is because the wrong people have power (funny, since all of the major uprisings and problems have been in Democratic strongholds, but... I digress), while those Read more [...]
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Meet One of Wisconsin’s Organized Crime Bosses

john chisholm District Attorney John Chisholm is no better than an organized crime boss… because he IS a criminal running an organization, the state. Meet yet another poster child for severely limited government: Milwaukee County, Wisconsin District Attorney, John Chisholm. Here’s a review of his actions from the Daily Signal: “Wisconsin Home Invasions: When the Government Upends Democracy.” These raids—engineered by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm—represented nothing less than Read more [...]
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Taking Muck-Raking Journalism to New Low

restoom When we talk about muck-raking journalism, we usually use the term as a metaphor! CBS News got a lot closer to literal. So... a Texas city councilman forgot to turn his microphone off when he stepped away to go to the restroom, and CBS News thought it "newsworthy" enough to post an article about it, with a video and audio of the event. (I will not post a link!) I have been asked what political party the councilman belonged to. Personally, I don't care what label he wears... the only one that Read more [...]
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One Fourth of Americans Have No Emergency Fund

bankruptcy While many Americans report suffering financial emergencies, a sizeable number have no emergency fund saved up. It seems like I post a story about this every other month because new studies keep coming out that set forth the same depressing facts, Americans are not prepared because they don’t or can’t save money. I always post about such news stories for two reasons. First, I want to point out that the media story about an Obama recovery is not very credible. We are not living in a growing Read more [...]
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