More Propaganda for Working Shorter Hours with No Consequences

men at work Everyone wants to work shorter hours; the trick is to convince people that they won’t lose income. I saw this Guardian story being trumpeted over the internet this weekend: “Efficiency up, turnover down: Sweden experiments with six-hour working day.” A Swedish retirement home may seem an unlikely setting for an experiment about the future of work, but a small group of elderly-care nurses in Sweden have made radical changes to their daily lives in an effort to improve quality and efficiency. In Read more [...] Continue reading →

Congress Has to Pass Law Saying that Killing a Person Counts as Murder

abortion-and-racism_cropped But 177 representatives do not think that killing a baby that was born alive should be defined as murder. How do you get away with murder? You say it is between a doctor and a patient. I’m not writing about abortion. Yes, that too is murder. I’m writing about babies who are born alive. I am responding to this sickening headline at CNS News: “177 House Members Vote Against Bill That Makes Killing a Born Baby Murder.” The U.S. House of Representatives voted 248 to 177 on Friday Read more [...] Continue reading →

Why Should Trump Defend The Truthfulness of a Proven Liar?

trump face How could Trump defend Obama on the basis of what he has claimed about himself when he has made false claims? So, a guy at one of Trump’s events claimed that Obama is a Muslim and Trump didn’t get into a fight with the man on Obama’s behalf. I’ve heard the media pointing out how great it was that John McCain wouldn’t stand for such behavior. Yeah, I’m sure the media would love to browbeat Donald Trump into following the playbook of a Republican loser. No one who respected McCain’s Read more [...] Continue reading →

Tennessee Bill Forbids Enforcement of Supreme Court Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage

we the people constitution The Tennessee Constitution does not recognize same-sex marriage and the state is not obligated to agree with opinions held by Supreme Court Justices. As we all know, five Supreme Court Justices have recently claimed that there is such a thing as same-sex marriage and that homosexuals have a right to be married. This is a false claim. But, apart from that, it is obviously outside the Supreme Court’s, or any federal court’s, jurisdiction. The Constitution does not define marriage and the legislation Read more [...] Continue reading →

Fake Hate Crime "Art Project"

haters gonna hate An African American hung racial segregation signs around a college campus, claiming later that the fake hate crime was “art.” When I first saw the headlines about this incident I thought it was a false flag hate crime like the Lesbian couple who reported arson by homophobes when they were the ones who set the fire. But while this was temporarily a fake hate crime, it seems it was never intended to falsely accuse others—at least not in the long term. EAG News reports, “Black student Read more [...] Continue reading →

Federal Court: First Amendment Can’t Be Compromised by Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

Obamacare chains The Obamacare birth control mandate is an unconstitutional burden on non-profit companies with a religious objection. The Obama Administration has shown a vigorous commitment to keep the Obamacare birth control mandate imposed on everyone. But a Federal court looked at the Bill of Rights and reminded the White House that it is still the law of the land. The Hill reports, A federal appeals court on Thursday ruled against ObamaCare’s birth control mandate in a decision that could invite a Supreme Read more [...] Continue reading →

Do Republican Voters Want More War?

Ben Carson The Media’s favorite candidates who want more war are not doing well in the polls, but outsiders who are far less militaristic are leading. Justin Raimondo has written in defense of the American Right, but the editor of is not really a conservative politically or ethically. Still, his analysis of the Republican debate on CNN presents interesting evidence of what the voters care about. He writes, Both Trump and Carson – the two frontrunners, mind you – are straying from neoconservative Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Campaign to Criminalize Climate Change Dissent

 A group of scientists are petitioning Barack Obama to criminalize climate change dissent by prosecuting the dissenters under RICO law. Since most scientists in the United States and the Western countries generally are a pack of welfare dependents, this request amounts to the government asking itself to expand its power. “Science” is now a government-industry that has massively expanded since WWII through the state university system as well as through funding for “research.” So these Read more [...] Continue reading →

Revisiting Partial Birth Abortion: “Everything we provide is fresh.”

partial birth abortion The tenth Planned Parenthood sting video features a star witness against outlawing partial birth abortion and raises questions. I have posted about the tenth video before but Live Action News provides some background that is worth considering. One part of that background involves partial birth abortion. The video features Dr. Carolyn Westhoff, Senior Medical Advisor for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She is asked if the organs they can provide will be “fresh.” She assures her Read more [...] Continue reading →

Kim Davis and Curing the Soul of Man

keep calm say no homosex Kim Davis, the clerk who stood against the sodomite mafia in black robes, is now free from prison. She will be back at work and the battle will be engaged once again. We should pray for the Sheriff of that county, that he would do his oath-sworn duty before God and interpose on behalf of Kim Davis, not allowing her illegal arrest and imprisonment again. We should pray that he understands that he owes no obedience to unlawful orders from the sodomite mafia. Last week we explored the roots of Read more [...] Continue reading →

Veterans Affairs Protects the Corrupt and Fires Whistleblowers

veterans affairs While the government agency fires whistleblowers it never fires real wrongdoers. Mark Horne once asked regarding the Veterans Affairs scandals, “Where are the firings?” It seems no one ever gets fired at the VA—except for one particular “offense.” NPR reports, This is a recurring criticism of the Department of Veterans Affairs. No one ever seems to get fired for misconduct. But according to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the VA does often fire one type of employee - people who Read more [...] Continue reading →

Hillary Clinton Won’t Face Up to Carly Fiorina’s Challenge to Watch the Planned Parenthood Videos

harvesting organs When asked if she watched the Planned Parenthood videos, Hillary Clinton evaded the issue. Carly Fiorina challenged Hillary Clinton to watch the Planned Parenthood videos. So far, Clinton has responded with evasion. Here she is in the “Situation Room” talking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN. He asks her, at one point, “First of all, have you seen those very, very controversial videos?” (Thanks to for posting the video along with quotations of her non-answers.) [Editor's note: Read more [...] Continue reading →