Sin Killed the American Dream

american-flag-upside-down The American dream is not dead for economic reasons alone. The American Dream used to include thoughts of retirement, where one could live off the fruits of a lifetime of toil and enjoy family, friends, and maybe a bit of travel to see the world. Now, many of us have absolutely no thought of ever stopping, and will be in the workforce until no one will pay us anymore. No doubt virtually all of us should be putting away more than we are, rather than spending everything we earn today, but Read more [...]
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Do We Owe the Truth to Everyone?

obama pharaoh We can learn a great deal from the two Hebrew midwives identified in chapter 1 of Exodus. They show us how to stand up to a tyrant and they show us just how to speak to a tyrant. How did they disobey the Pharaoh? They did so because they feared the real One True God, not the false idol of human civil government. They feared God not Pharaoh. Because the Hebrew midwifes feared God they did two things They did not commit the wicked sin of infanticide; they kept the baby boys alive. They Read more [...]
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Her Lyin' Eyes

Hillary_Clinton_2016 This is gonna be short.  I don’t trust ANY politician.  But this is as blatant as anything I have ever seen from a politician. Watch Hillary’s eyes.  Take 3 minutes and watch just part of the video of her press conference regarding her emails.  This is spooky.  Do you know ANYONE who would act like this? Please…watch Hillary here… Watch her eyes.  She fails to make eye contact with anyone in the room during her prepared opening statements. That was one of the first Read more [...]
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Why Democrat Tax Hike Proposal Should be Taken Seriously

Capitol-Money-Dollars-Govt-Spending The Tea Party needs to seriously consider the meaning of this proposed tax hike. I’ve called Republicans “Traitors” for suggesting a tax hike, and I am not interested in cooperating with a Democrat’s proposed tax hike. The reason I think the proposal should be taken seriously is not because I want taxes raised, but because the call for new taxes reveals something important about the choices we face as a nation. CNS News reports, “Dem. Senator Calls For ‘War Surtax’ To Fight Read more [...]
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Why Is Student Debt Exempt from Bankruptcy?

student loan bubble Megan McArdle suggests that allowing student debt to be discharged in bankruptcy along with all other debt would be a good idea if done right. I realize there are arguments that we should not even allow bankruptcy. It seems to be a way of getting away with not paying the people to whom you owe money. The only reasonable answer to that accusation is that, if people can’t pay back a loan, then we should acknowledge that they never will repay a loan. Bankruptcy can be abused, but it is a Read more [...]
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Hackers Caught Trying to Crack Apple Security: the CIA

bigbrother is watching The CIA has been working for years to degrade Apple Security according to recent Snowden documents. We need the CIA to give our leaders accurate intelligence about what is going on in the world. That is why they exist and what they are paid for. But we don’t pay them to commit acts of espionage against American businesses. We especially don’t pay them to make our company’s technology products less secure and, therefore, less valuable. Yet that has been the CIA’s mission for years Read more [...]
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Is the Drug War a Way to Wage Class Warfare?

drug-war Is the drug war really being waged in an equitable fashion? Or is it being used to single out poor people? Some conservatives lean libertarian on recreational drugs. Others are in favor of criminalization, but don’t want our constitutional rights eroded the way that the War on Drugs has eaten into them. I’m not arguing for decriminalizing anything in this post, but I do think that all conservatives need to insist on equality before the law. Of course, not all races show the same general Read more [...]
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The New Hampshire Police Union Flagger Scam

no to union The New Hampshire police union is fighting legislation that would take away their ability to force utility companies to pay them for easy work. If you have been driving any length of time you have probably come to a place where a utility company is doing repairs on a hanging wire. Since the utility truck is half way on the road, it effectively becomes a single-lane street when you drive past the truck. So there will be a couple of people with a flag who will tell you to stop or wave you on Read more [...]
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Judge to Mother: Circumcise Son or Go to Jail

gavel scales law books A judge has delivered an ultimatum to a mother to force her to circumcise her son. Many people assume that, if the hospital wants to cut off the foreskin from our male babies, there must be a good reason to do so. But there is also a strong minority of people who refuse to circumcise boys. They don’t think the alleged health benefits can possibly outweigh the fact that to circumcise means to cut into a healthy organ. So when I saw this headline at, it took my breath away: “Arrest Read more [...]
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Buyer Beware: Do Research before Believing the Media

research Believing the media is a risky endeavor, even if the source shares your values. Many of the juiciest stories we hear—even from allegedly reputable media sources—fall apart when one undertakes a cursory amount of primary research. Earlier I had around ten Internet tabs open, preparing to write a substantive piece, but my digging uncovered that the original "news" broadcast I heard was incorrect—the "facts" spoken with total assurance turned out to be completely bogus. I've been in Read more [...]
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Pants on Fire: Lies Abound Around Hillary's Emails

HillaryClinton There are so many pants on fire in Washington, D.C., this week, it's a wonder the place hasn't just gone supernova and taken the Eastern Seaboard with it. That's because of all the lying about Hillary Clinton's private email account. First, to hear anyone in Washington tell it, Clinton never once in her entire tenure as secretary of state sent anybody an email. That included her boss, President Obama, and his boss, Morgan LeFay, er, Valerie Jarrett. Asked if she had ever received Read more [...]
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BATFE Backs Off, Will Not Ban Bullets … For Now

haley bullwinkle nra t-shirt The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has ended plan to ban bullets, or—more likely—has paused it. Last month Bob Allen wrote about how, “Banning Bullets Means Banning Guns.” The BATFE was trying to make ammunition for the AK-47 illegal. Thanks to the outrage, especially what was channeled through the NRA, the BATFE is backing down. The Washington Examiner reports in the Secrets column by Paul Bedard, “ATF waves white flag, kills AR-15 bullet ban in big win Read more [...]
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