Same-Sex Marriage and the Supreme Court? Follow Obama’s Abortion Example!

obamacare symbol The Supreme Court gave businesses relief from Obamacare's abortion mandate, but HHS is enforcing the rule anyway. Whenever you hear someone claim that the Supreme Court has ruled and that it is now Federal law, ask yourself, when they make such statements, if they ever follow their own principles. Right now, states are ignoring Federal marijuana laws. Do liberals accuse such states of treason? Do they claim they must obey the Federal government? The Supreme Court granted Hobby Lobby relief Read more [...] Continue reading →

"A Lot of People want Liver" — Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Organs

partial birth abortion It is a violation of Federal law to traffic in baby organs from aborted children, but Planned Parenthood “cares.” Did you ever wonder why the entire abortion industry got so defensive and outraged about criminalizing a partial birth abortion—in which a live baby is partially birthed and then the brains are attacked with surgical instruments? Or how Planned Parenthood could attack a pro-abortion politician who only wanted to prevent another Kermit Gosnell situation because a beloved relative Read more [...] Continue reading →

Amazon to New York Times: You’re Lying about Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Amazon claims that the new book by Ted Cruz deserves to be on the best seller list; there is no unusual bulk purchasing When I expressed my doubts about the New York Times’ justification for not listing the new book by Ted Cruz on their bestseller list, I figured I would never know for sure. I certainly never expected Amazon to come to the defense of Ted Cruz. But on this issue they did. As reports, “Amazon: 'No evidence' of bulk sales for Cruz book.” The New York Times' refusal to Read more [...] Continue reading →

Limo Rider Hillary Clinton Lectures Us on Evils of Uber

uber_logo Uber is bad because consumers aren’t paying more to crony taxi cab companies. When a politician is described as “boosting labor” that means he or she wants to force consumers to pay more and get fewer options.  Thus the U.S. News and World Report headline: “Hillary Clinton Boosts Workers, Blasts Uber.” Hillary Clinton is out to boost labor rights at companies like Uber, a move that may resonate with some voters but could alienate small-business owners. The leading Democratic presidential Read more [...] Continue reading →

Cops Made Money Laundering Money for Drug Cartels

police corrupt Bal Harbour Police Department and the Glades County Sheriff’s Office made $2.4 million by laundering money and charging three percent. Remember all the nice cars and boats that the police had for undercover work in that old TV show, Miami Vice? We may now have a clue how a police department could have enough funds to afford such lavish toys. Nick Sibilla of the Institute for Justice writes at, “ Posing as money launderers, police in Bal Harbour and Glades County, Fla. laundered Read more [...] Continue reading →

Same Sex "Marriage" Is the Dismissing of the Old Civil Rights

gayMarriage A judge with a long civil rights record is being attacked by homosexuals for not complying with their demands. When it comes to homosexuals, pretentiousness is a constant aggressive strategy. Awhile back we were treated to media tributes to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, pretending to be an oppressed minority as a male homosexual and claiming to have deep understanding into other minorities. What do you think happens when someone from a real minority with a long history in the civil rights movement Read more [...] Continue reading →

Cost of Free Community College is Up by Half Already

College_graduate_students Like Obamacare, Free Community College is already experiencing a spike in price. What could possibly be the reason? This headline at’s blog post caught my eye: “'Free' Community College Already Costs 50 Percent More than Originally Estimated.” This week a couple of legislators and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan released the draft legislation of the proposed "free community college" plan Barack Obama introduced in January. Probably the most important detail is that the federal Read more [...] Continue reading →

Chaldean Christians Don’t Get to Freely Enter the United States

isis killing xians Why should Chaldean Christians, of all immigrants, get held up at the border? As Mark wrote under the post headline, “State Department Refuses Help to Christians because They Are Christians,” we have evidence and testimony that indicates the United States Federal Government has no intention of acknowledging Christian persecution in the Middle East or allowing Christians to avail themselves of the same provisions for religious refugees that others may use. In fact, the headline may understate Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Job of an Elected Official

Constitution 1787 Want to know why America has gone astray from its charter as envisioned by our founding fathers? Simply ask any elected official, “What’s your job responsibility?” The answer usually provides insight into where the problem begins. Three years, ago, a former county commissioner said, “Our job is to pave the roads, fund the schools, and fill potholes.”   Based on my observations, most officials give similar answers. They’re wrong. Those things are important tasks we must Read more [...] Continue reading →

How Many People Still Support the First Amendment?

confederate cake You can’t support the First Amendment by supporting freedom only for speech you like. It seems that people are outraged that a bakery made a cake that a customer ordered which was decorated as a Confederate battle flag. Wait... People are outraged over that? I thought bakers weren't allowed to discriminate between customers. I seem to remember a couple who had to pay out $135k for the crime of not wanting to make a cake a customer ordered. So this is freedom, right? Making businessmen slaves Read more [...] Continue reading →

Democrats Want to Eliminate Words of Hate, like "Husband" and "Wife"

political correctness The new order of same-sex marriage demands we eliminate words that make spouses sex-specific. Since George Orwell wrote 1984, we have been warned that a sign of totalitarianism is the manufacture and restriction of language. If your government wants to eliminate words it is trying to dominate you. And now the Democrats are pushing to do just that. As the Washington Examiner reports, "Dems declare war on words 'husband,' 'wife'" More than two dozen Democrats have proposed legislation that would Read more [...] Continue reading →

Liberals Admit Homosexuals Aren't "Born that Way"

jenner vanity fair The Guardian runs an article defending perversity but admitting that no one is necessarily "born that way." Mark Horne posted awhile back that intelligent homosexuals know that no one is "born that way"—that is, born to be homosexual. While a person’s innate desires do not determine ethics the fact is that they are not innate. A person with a desire to kill people does not have the right to kill people even if such a desire could be inborn. Nevertheless, modern “gay rights” has used Read more [...] Continue reading →