Is Pope Francis the 'Most Dangerous Man on the Planet'?

PopeFrancisWarming While the Left celebrates the pope's Marxist leanings in his new encyclical that addresses global warming, Fox News' Greg Gutfeld has called Pope Francis the "most dangerous man on the planet." Gutfeld just about blew a gasket when discussing the encyclical, which sounds in spots like it was written by a Huffington Post blogger and polished by a Salon editor until it resembles a socialist's fantasy of a religious doctrine rather than serious moral teaching. With plenty of condemnation for wealthy Read more [...]
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Washington Post: All Millennials Racist because Dylann Roof

millennials It seems the actions of one lone killer means that we can condemn all Millennials and their children to sensitivity training. I don’t like millennials as a group very much because I’m old and don’t like those kids “on my lawn”—taking over my planet and moving me off. Obviously the process has barely begun but I can see it happening. I also don’t like millennials for the way I perceive some of their flaws: Obviously that is exaggerated. Perhaps it is unfair. But now I have Read more [...]
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Blacks and Hispanics Will Suffer Most from "Saving the Earth"

al gor invent global warming The increased cost of energy from carbon taxes will enrich the powerful but hurt blacks and Hispanics the most. Back when Pat Sajack tweeted that Global Warming alarmists were racists, he was widely mocked. But he spoke the truth. Anyone who thinks about the consequences of energy prices rising will figure out that minorities who are relatively more poor on average will be more damaged. White rich people are targeting poor minorities (and poor members of majorities too) for a lower standard Read more [...]
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Against the Leftist Race Baiters

Embrace Diversity People Leftist race baiters are trying to manufacture grievances to justify hatred. I had no intention of sharing Paul Joseph Watson’s video when I first saw it. It was true enough, and completely fair to law-abiding African Americans like those people who were brutally murdered yesterday in Charleston South Carolina. But it just didn’t seem to be the right time to talk about black crime statistics. I had not yet run into any of the Left’s insane race baiters and thus had no real understanding Read more [...]
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The Shark that Killed Thousands in the United States

baby I have recently spent a lot of time in North Carolina doing events and working with wonderful Patriots that teach our Institute on the Constitution courses of instruction.  So when I saw the headline "Dangerous Shark Attacks on the North Carolina Coast ", I had to read it. Two teenagers were seriously injured in separate shark attacks off the NC coast , with one girl losing part of her arm and possibly her leg!  These attacks were an absolutely horrific display of animalistic barbarity, Read more [...]
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U.N.: “Bring Back Our Girls” from Boko Haram and Sterilize Them?

FlotusNigerianGirls Allegedly, the United Nations pushed abortions and sterilization kits on girls rescued from Boko Haram. Life Site News reported: “UN’s attempts to push abortion on Boko Haram victims is ‘geared toward depopulation’.” The United Nations is currently locked in a war of words about whether it is promoting abortion to young African women abused and impregnated by the Islamic extremists, with the nation's Christian leaders saying the UN is trying to depopulate the largely Christian country. More Read more [...]
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The Left will Try and Fail to Use Dylann Roof to Weaken the Second Amendment

Declaration of Independence with Gun Dylann Roof was a coward who chose a location where he knew people would probably be unarmed. Reportedly, Dylann Roof made a reference to rape while carrying out his cowardly murderous rampage, as if that justified his actions. In comic books and other sources of fiction, a protagonist often responds to crimes by confronting and fighting the dangerous people who commit such crimes. Dylann Roof claimed to care about black on white rape and yet targeted people who were the least likely to have anything Read more [...]
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CNN Claims the Pope Has Hurt Republicans. Doubtful.

Pope Francis 1 Why should a pope spouting global warming propaganda hurt Republicans more than Democrats are hurt by abortion? It is pretty clear that Pope Francis is a socialist who is trying to undo the good that Pope John Paul pursued during his time holding the Roman Catholic office. But the media is trying to pretend that the pope could actually hurt Republicans. That makes no sense. CNN Politics blared the headline: “Pope hands GOP climate change dilemma.” Republicans eyeing the White House Read more [...]
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High School Graduate Gets the Soviet Treatment

school bus stop A high school graduate with a 4.3 GPA who is going to Harvard is not only barred from giving his valedictorian speech, but is forced into a psych evaluation. The last time I wrote about someone being evaluated to see if there was anything wrong with their psychological condition, the person was a police officer who was telling the truth about his fellow officers. It seems that officers use the old Stalinist tactic of questioning the mental health of people who are not cooperating. I’m somewhat Read more [...]
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IRS “Finds” 6400 Lois Lerner Emails but Won’t Let Congress See Them

lois lerner They say they need to review the Lois Lerner emails to make sure there are no duplicates. They are just helping us out. Really? I would say that the shamelessness is unbelievable, but it is all too believable. The IRS has no reason to fear Congress. They come up with pathetic, transparently false excuses to refuse to allow Congress to find any evidence of wrongdoing. And they know that no one is going to do anything to make them comply. Fox Business reports, “IRS Finds 6,400 Lois Lerner Emails Read more [...]
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Commission Destroys Uber as a Viable Business

uber_logo Uber is a rideshare app that the California Labor Commission has ruled is an employer that owes employment benefits. As the economy get worse, developing new ways of living more cheaply becomes more and more important. Ridesharing technology is one of those revolutionary innovations. I have argued that it has the potential to end the day to day torments that are behind the protests in Ferguson. Taxi Cab companies are even demanding bailouts because of ridesharing services. But now a judge in Read more [...]
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Santa Monica Shows Us How Government Ruins the Economy

The government ruins the economy when it forbids people from using their resources to make one another better off. To understand how stupid and short-sighted Santa Monica is being, let’s think about three groups of people. First, there are people who need temporary residences and are willing to pay for those residences. These people could be vacationers or they could be people who have a temporary job relocation. But they need housing. The other group of people would be investors and entrepreneurs Read more [...]
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