Nazi America: Our Recent Eugenic Past makes the News

pledge allegiance Why Nazi America? As late as 1979, people were forcibly sterilized according to state eugenics laws.   I was alive and conscious in 1979. It was the age of trucker songs and I associate the time with a lot of roller skating (perhaps that was just me). I remember an obsession with the music of the forties and fifties as some kind of golden age—which I now recognize as the equivalent of my own nostalgia for music from the eighties. But I don’t remember ever being aware that we Read more [...]
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Environmentalists Don’t Know When They Are Being Mocked

global warming v models Senator Jim Inhofe mocks Global Warming with a snowball but environmentalists think that is his argument. I may be guilty of being far too naïve to say that environmentalists don’t know it. Another possibility is that they know the distinction full well and are just lying about it. Either way, Senator Inhofe mocked environmentalists with a snowball and the media has pretended that he was using the snow as an argument. Thus, “Senator Hurls Snowball to Disprove Climate Change.” Read more [...]
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Chicago Finances Are at the Brink

Debt Hits the Fan Because of a Moody’s downgrade, Chicago finances may be about to get dramatically worse. Our ruling class act like they know what they are doing. They may even be deluded enough to believe their own deceptions. But the truth is that the “stability” they claim to bring society can collapse at any moment. Yes they may manage to keep things going for awhile, but the end will happen quickly when it comes. All of this may soon get demonstrated in the case of Chicago. [See also, “Is Read more [...]
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White House Preaches Higher Minimum Wage, Pays Nothing

minimum wage While the White House insists that wages for workers should be raised, it actually pays nothing to some of its workers. People at the White House are concerned about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. They don’t think there are enough of them in Washington DC. The Weekly Standards quotes the White House announcement: “Calling All Students: Apply for the Summer 2015 White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Internship Program.” The announcement provides details Read more [...]
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Public School Is Ruled by Statist Zombies

school kids raise hands As in any zombie apocalypse, a small group of Statist zombies churn out an army of zombies—our children. This week I was told about a teenager who stated during a church youth group discussion that capitalism is bad, because it fosters greed, and the best system is communism (though it doesn’t seem to work in practice). Previous discussions have included profuse adoration for the “brilliant” Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, and assurances that either would make a fabulous President. Now, Read more [...]
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Eric Holder Wishes He Could Punish More Victims of False Allegations

holder-guns While Eric Holder wishes it were easier to prosecute civil rights cases, he throws out his own imaginary accusations to show where that would lead. Everything you need to know about Eric Holder and his failed ideology is contained in the headline and sub-head of this Politico article: Eric Holder's parting shot: It's too hard to bring civil rights cases In an exit interview, the attorney general says his critics may be partly driven by race. Mr. Holder, the reality is that it must be hard Read more [...]
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Al Sharpton, White House Tool

al-sharpton-barack-obama Sharpton was one of several clergymen to offer themselves and their church titles as part of the White House tool kit. The Weekly Standard ran an interesting story about who gets a place on Barack Obama’s guest list: “Al Sharpton Gets Meeting With President.” Al Sharpton met with the president of the United States yesterday. “President Obama met with African American civil rights and faith leaders to provide an update on the Administration’s priorities as described in the State Read more [...]
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IRS Conducting Criminal Investigation of Lois Lerner Emails

irs bonuses But while they say they are conducting a criminal investigation, what are the chances that this is not going to be a cover-up? Finally! The Washington Post reports, “IRS watchdog reveals Lois Lerner missing emails now subject of criminal probe.” The IRS’s inspector general confirmed Thursday it is conducting a criminal investigation into how Lois G. Lerner’s emails disappeared, saying it took only two weeks for investigators to find hundreds of tapes the agency’s chief had told Read more [...]
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Are CPAC Conservatives Stupid Enough to Follow Jeb Bush?

jeb bush It seems everyone wants Jeb Bush to prove himself by speaking to CPAC Conservatives. The Washington Post makes it seem so reasonable: The last time Jeb Bush spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he delivered blunt talk — an unwelcome lecture, in the view of many — about the problems with the Republican Party. “All too often we’re associated with being ‘anti’ everything,” Bush said in 2013. “Way too many people believe Republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, Read more [...]
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Taxpayers Playing Chicken with IRS on Obamacare

repeal obamacare Americans are playing chicken with the government by refusing to buy insurance, apparently hoping that the government will back down rather than impose the penalties. Frankly, I find the idea of risking the IRS penalty to be a scary prospect. But I am still grateful for the Americans enacting a boycott. According to the Washington Times, “Taxpayers duck Obamacare tax, snubbing IRS.” Taxpayers are already telling their accountants they plan to stiff the IRS on the Obamacare tax, saying Read more [...]
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Thinking About Lying

self_deception Lying has been making the headlines the past several weeks. We’ve seen NBC anchor Brian Williams suspended for lying about a wartime story as well as lying in a Hurricane Katrina report.  How about the Imposter’s chief strategist, David Axelrod, admits in a new book that Obama lied all along during his first-term election campaign about his position on sodomite un-marriage. He was for it all along, but lied to get black Christians to vote for him (which by the way they did in droves).  Read more [...]
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Thinking Through My Keyboard

no thinking allowed Thinking ... because someone has to do it! So few people do that anymore...think, that is.  It is so much easier to waste your time watching the boob tube where the talking heads tell you what to think, or perhaps sports programming, where the goal is to occupy your mind so that you don't think at all.  Or better yet, they keep you glued to your hand-held device while you waste away the hours. Well, I like to think, and today I would like to share just a few of my thoughts with you.  Read more [...]
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