Ted Cruz, Citizenship, and Voting

Ted Cruz Should you refuse to vote for Ted Cruz because you are convinced that he doesn’t count as a “natural born citizen”? Bob Allen has given his answer to this question. Personally, I disagree with his conclusion that anyone who decides that Ted Cruz doesn’t meet the Constitution’s citizenship requirement is necessarily obligated to not vote for Ted Cruz. I’m not saying I agree with Bob’s claims about the Constitutional requirement either. I don’t know. It seems like an obscure Read more [...]
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Ted Cruz and the Citizenship Issue

cruz birther Is there a citizenship issue that needs to be settled when deciding about Ted Cruz’s run for the Presidency? What does it mean to be a "Natural Born Citizen" and why should you care? As to the latter question, you should care because that is one of the Constitutional requirements for a person seeking the office of the Presidency, and there has been significant discussion in recent years whether certain candidates meet that standard. As to the former, it depends upon who you ask, and which Read more [...]
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Congressman Tells FDIC They Shouldn’t Be in Government

FDIC If the FDIC members are going to allow the abuse of power, they need to hit the streets. I'd never heard of Sean Duffy, but from this... I think I might like him. That said... I'm tired of 'right words' without the accompaniment of appropriate actions in light of the reality of those words. It's time for countless bureaucratic heads to roll... and to keep on rolling. "You're abusing your power. You're going after little guys all over American, because I'll tell you, Mr. Gruenberg—you're Read more [...]
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Why Are Firing Squads Such a Big Deal?

rifles Utah has reinstated firing squads as a backup method of executing prisoners who are sentenced to die. If you don’t believe in capital punishment, then the method doesn’t matter. Anything that kills a person is objectionable because it kills. Of course, there are really inhumane ways of killing people that would shade into torture. Even if a person is guilty of murdering in a way that involved torturing his victims, the job of the government is not to develop a system of perfect payback Read more [...]
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FEMA to States: Confess Global Warming or Lose Funds

algore-money_cropped States are being bribed or blackmailed to confess global warming. This news comes to us, not from the Onion or from some conspiratorial right-wing newsletter. It comes from Philly.com: “ Starting next year, the agency will approve disaster-preparedness funds only for states whose governors approve hazard-mitigation plans that address climate change. This may put several Republican governors who maintain that the Earth isn't warming due to human activities, or prefer to take no action, Read more [...]
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Why the Rape Prevention Tips of Sarah Silverman are Stupid

sarahsilverman Sarah Silverman aims her rape prevention tips at men, because rapists are all open to instruction—especially from a woman. It will not be a shock to anyone that I think Sarah Silverman is a bona fide idiot. Her latest way of getting attention is to post some rape prevention tips. Naturally, she wins applause from other idiots. Here’s one writing in the Telegraph. She says of the rape tips: Examples include: ‘Carry a rape whistle. If you find that you are about to rape someone, blow Read more [...]
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Congress Might Repeal the Patriot Act!

repeal the patriot act Representatives Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) have introduced a bill to repeal the Patriot Act. Julie Borowski at Freedom Works reported yesterday that a bill is now before the House to actually repeal the Patriot Act. About time! I can say without hesitation: this bill is the real deal. “The Patriot Act contains many provisions that violate the Fourth Amendment and have led to a dramatic expansion of our domestic surveillance state,” said Rep. Massie. "Our Founding Fathers Read more [...]
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Lessons We Need from the Speech of Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry The impassioned plea of Patrick Henry can teach us about dealing with the rise of tyranny. A couple of years back I took one of those Facebook quizzes "Which Founding Father Are You?" (Remember when those were all the rage?) The answer came back: Patrick Henry. I could hardly have been more humbled or pleased (admitting how corny and imprecise such exercises often turned out to be!). This reflection upon the most famous speech of Patrick Henry is, I think, very good. It is posted at the Read more [...]
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Can Obama Serve Another Term?

Obama FDR The Constitution as currently ratified forbids another term to Barack Obama. I have heard from time to time that there are people in America who believe Obama is going to try to run for another term as President. I could see the theory flames being stoked this weekend as Obama invoked the “cut it out” gesture, slicing his hand in front of his neck while a small crowd at a Princeton basketball game cheered, “Four more years! Four more years!” The last president to embark on a third Read more [...]
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Jeb Bush Against Obamacare: Is He Credible?

peoplevobamacare He is now calling it a “monstrosity,” but the history of Jeb Bush against Obamacare is mostly silence and massive corporate profits. Jeb Bush did once rail against Obamacare. But he waited until it had passed and was headed for Obama’s desk and infamous pen. On March 22, 2010, Jeb Bush railed against the Affordable Care Act as a “huge new entitlement” while appearing on Fox News. I’m sure his audience loved what he had to say. I would have if I had been watching that night. But Read more [...]
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What Kind of Governor Was Jeb Bush?

jeb bush The Associated Press claims that Jeb Bush as governor used executive power “aggressively.” It is always possible that The Associated Press is exaggerating Jeb Bush’s record. But the fact is that George W. Bush was quite aggressive in using executive power, at least compared to earlier presidents. Barack Obama has done far more. So we need a Republican candidate who is committed to rolling back the damage that has been done to Constitutional government. It is hard to believe that Jeb Read more [...]
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Obamacare Turned Five Yesterday: Who Likes It?

obamacare-approved Since Obamacare turned five, shouldn’t the law be popular now like Democrats asserted that it would be? March 23 marked the fifth-year anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act. Within two years, President Obama won re-election boastfully basking in the nickname for the law. But then things changed. While the Administration tried to deny it, and only a few honest Democrats would admit it, Obamacare was a disaster for Democrats in the 2014 elections. And the discontent is still Read more [...]
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