Montana Polygamy and Reason Magazine’s Social Nihilism

polygamyGay Libertarians who act like Montana polygamy is something to celebrate are showing they have an agenda and ideology that goes far beyond their stated political theory. I think people should be free from political coercion to smoke tobacco if they want to do so. I think people should be free to own and possess firearms. That doesn’t mean I would post news of an increase in lung cancer as great news that more people are using their freedom. If there were more guns accidentally fired in homes Read more [...]
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Man Files for License to Marry a Second Wife

polygamy It only took five days after the Supreme Court created a constitutional right to homosexual "marriage" for a Montana man to file for a license to marry his second wife. This is not a divorce case. He's still married to the first wife, but he's looking to start a collection. Nathan Collier of Billings said he was inspired by Friday's ruling. That would be the same ruling that the Left had promised could never lead to polygamous marriages. Yellowstone County Courthouse officials initially Read more [...]
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Sham Equality: Women Given Extra Chances at Ranger Training

ranger logo Just like marriage equality, giving women equality in the military means treating them unequally. Even if you could justify the headaches regarding personal quarters and barracks, etc, putting women in combat in the name of equality still would make no sense. We know this because we are trying to do it and it is making no sense. The Libertarian Republic reports, “Females at Ranger School Get Third Try.” Three of the eight women who signed up for Ranger School at Fort Benning two months Read more [...]
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Next Step in Mass Hysteria: TV Land Stops Dukes of Hazzard Reruns

dukes of hazzard Dukes of Hazzard is suddenly unfit to broadcast. The stupidity and moral panic is bottomless. It just keeps getting worse. A horrible, psychotic racist walked into a Bible study and, after being confronted, opened fire with a handgun and killed nine people. The proper response is to blame the shooter, try him for multiple murders, convict him, and punish him. The more swiftly you do these things, the more likely a lesson will be learned in society that you had better not lose your mind to Read more [...]
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Military Wasting Money for Worse Equipment

f-35 It is not surprising to see the military wasting money, but it is bizarre to see them doing so to get worse equipment. We need national defense, but with the government in charge it faces challenges much like any other area of socialism. It starts out at least somewhat competent and it seems impressive. But as time goes on, everything degenerates. Thus, this story in the Libertarian Republic, “America’s New $1 Trillion Fighter Jet Can’t Outmaneuver The Plane It’s Replacing.” Yes, Read more [...]
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Missouri Counties Pushing Back Against Same-Sex Marriage?

lesbian wedding cake Homosexuals are complaining about Missouri counties not issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. I have no idea if clerks in Missouri counties are deliberately resisting issuing Faux Marriage licenses or not. But a homosexual advocacy group is worried. According to the Associated Press, “Some Missouri counties still not issuing same-sex marriage licenses.” Some Missouri counties are still not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite last week’s Supreme Court ruling, Read more [...]
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Clerk Resigns because Christians Not Allowed to Hold Office

marriage certificate blank A Grenada county circuit clerk resigns because she believes that a marriage is a man and a woman and she won’t sign her name to fake marriages. Like I have written, the Supreme Court has ruled that Christians in America are second class citizens. One common aspect of being second class is that you are not permitted to hold government office. That is exactly the decision that was put to Linda Barnette: serve Christ or serve homosexual fantasy in Mississippi. According to the Clarion-Ledger Read more [...]
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UK Anti-Terrorism Program Targets Christian Children

Education_for_Death Using the excuse of an anti-terrorism program, UK education alerts teachers to children who view homosexual activity as wrong. You can say to yourself that this is only happening in Britain and not here. But it is certainly going to happen here and it probably already is happening. The only difference is the plans and programs are still hidden. Does anyone seriously think there isn’t a government database of all the Facebook profiles that refused to post rainbow images in celebration of the Read more [...]
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LGBT Intimidation of Conservative Donors Helped Destroy Marriage

gay-pride-moscow Conservative donors decided that they couldn’t personally risk donating to causes that opposed same-sex “marriage.” When you hear the Koch brothers being vilified because they support some conservative causes, you probably wonder how much they personally are affected by the attacks. I don’t know the answer to that question. But I don’t think vilifying the Koch brothers is done simply to have an effect on them or even only to “rally the troops” by giving the Liberal masses an object Read more [...]
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Greece: Being a "Developed Nation" Doesn't Matter

eu greece I wouldn’t have noticed this story in USA Today about Greece, except that Drudge linked to it with the following headline: “First developed nation to default on international obligations...” I did not find that line in the story. But I did find the following paragraph: After the deadline passed (at 6 pm ET), Greece joined Zimbabwe, Sudan and Somalia in being in arrears to the IMF. Fitch Ratings has downgraded Greece's government debt further into junk territory. There is no exceptionalism, Read more [...]
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Girl Scouts Insult Donor for Wanting to Help Girls

girl scouts Girl Scouts return donation because it was for real girls. You would think that the Girl Scouts would be accustomed to receiving support aimed at helping girls. If they had a problem with that, then the organization should be changed to “Children Scouts” and accept both boys and girls. Since they are the ones identified as a club for girls, they are in no position to judge donors for also wanting to donate money to help girls. But the transgender idiocy has taken over the so-called Girl Read more [...]
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Don’t Believe the Unemployment Rate

lies people statistics So, the government tells us the unemployment rate is just over 5%. These are the same people who told you "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor"... that the attack on the Libyan embassy was a "spontaneous protest of an Internet video" no one saw... bureaucrats who claim the cost-of-living is lower because you can substitute cat food for steak (hedonics), and that there has been no price inflation, therefore they don't have to increase government checks for those dependent on them... Read more [...]
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