Judge to Mother: Circumcise Son or Go to Jail

gavel scales law books A judge has delivered an ultimatum to a mother to force her to circumcise her son. Many people assume that, if the hospital wants to cut off the foreskin from our male babies, there must be a good reason to do so. But there is also a strong minority of people who refuse to circumcise boys. They don’t think the alleged health benefits can possibly outweigh the fact that to circumcise means to cut into a healthy organ. So when I saw this headline at Reason.com, it took my breath away: “Arrest Read more [...]
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Buyer Beware: Do Research before Believing the Media

research Believing the media is a risky endeavor, even if the source shares your values. Many of the juiciest stories we hear—even from allegedly reputable media sources—fall apart when one undertakes a cursory amount of primary research. Earlier I had around ten Internet tabs open, preparing to write a substantive piece, but my digging uncovered that the original "news" broadcast I heard was incorrect—the "facts" spoken with total assurance turned out to be completely bogus. I've been in Read more [...]
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Pants on Fire: Lies Abound Around Hillary's Emails

HillaryClinton There are so many pants on fire in Washington, D.C., this week, it's a wonder the place hasn't just gone supernova and taken the Eastern Seaboard with it. That's because of all the lying about Hillary Clinton's private email account. First, to hear anyone in Washington tell it, Clinton never once in her entire tenure as secretary of state sent anybody an email. That included her boss, President Obama, and his boss, Morgan LeFay, er, Valerie Jarrett. Asked if she had ever received Read more [...]
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BATFE Backs Off, Will Not Ban Bullets … For Now

haley bullwinkle nra t-shirt The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has ended plan to ban bullets, or—more likely—has paused it. Last month Bob Allen wrote about how, “Banning Bullets Means Banning Guns.” The BATFE was trying to make ammunition for the AK-47 illegal. Thanks to the outrage, especially what was channeled through the NRA, the BATFE is backing down. The Washington Examiner reports in the Secrets column by Paul Bedard, “ATF waves white flag, kills AR-15 bullet ban in big win Read more [...]
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Is Obamacare Financially Sound? The Truth is Hidden

obamacare logo We can't tell if Obamacare is financially sound if the government is no longer tracking its finances. Yesterday, I wrote about a Washington Times report that the CBO was predicting massive price hikes for insurance that was offered through the Federal exchange or through the state exchanges. The story also gave the CBO’s spin in favor of the law: Overall, the CBO said, health care costs for the government and for private consumers are lower than expected just a few years ago. That means Read more [...]
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So Just What Are Gay Rights?

Ben Carson A Thesis: Gay rights do not exist Recently I had the opportunity to speak at a conference with Dr. Ben Carson, a possible Presidential candidate, and I had a chance to learn more about him and his views.  Dr. Carson was the leading pediatric neurosurgeon in the world – he was not just able to perform brain surgery but was gifted with the skills that earned him international acclaim. He is a powerful and knowledgeable speaker who clearly articulates a strong pro-marriage and sexual ethics Read more [...]
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Here’s Proof the Nation Has Learned Nothing from Ferguson

garbage worker In Ferguson the poor get jail time for small-time non-violent, non-damaging infractions. A prosecutor and court in the Atlanta area were just fine with that. The good news is that, when the court saw themselves in the light of a viral news story about what they had done, they reversed themselves. Nothing gives people a conscience like knowing that other people are watching. But, until yesterday, it looked as if the prosecutor and the court were going to make an African American laborer Read more [...]
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Depressing: GOP Candidates Pandering to Iowa on Ethanol

ethanol corn cob Trying to win a corn state leads the ugly sight of Republican candidates pandering on a horrible policy that ruins cars and the environment. The gas station nearest my house used to sell pure gasoline (no ethanol) for about 7.5% more than the crud with corn pollution—that's all they sold in every grade; glorious, pure, superior gasoline with no engine-destroying gunk. Then, the station changed ownership, and went to the garbage everyone else sells. Now... a few stations in the surrounding Read more [...]
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Scott Walker Shows the Country Wants Financial Sanity

scott walker If Scott Walker is aiming at the White House, we can be pretty sure that his bill-signing is giving voters what they want. Does anyone remember when Chris Christie was pumped up as the great fighter of unions? What happened to that? But for Scott Walker, his reputation remains intact. In fact, he has now effectively ended “collective bargaining” for public unions. As Associated Press reports, “Gov. Walker, mulling White House run, signs bill making Wisconsin 25th right-to-work state.” Wisconsin Read more [...]
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Hillary Clinton Money Is Problematic in Several Ways

hillary oligarchy The New York Times is raising concerns about Hillary Clinton money in relation to women’s rights. But the gifts of money raise other problems. So, as the liberal knives continue to be drawn and aimed at Hillary Clinton, the New York Times makes a contribution: “Hillary Clinton Faces Test of Record as Women’s Advocate.” It was supposed to be a carefully planned anniversary to mark one of the most important and widely praised moments in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political career — Read more [...]
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Declining McDonald's Mocked for Resisting Higher Wages

ronald mcdonald sad Why is McDonald's mocked for trying to stay afloat? Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing is all outraged that McDonald's is fighting Seattle’s tremendously high minimum wage. He can’t believe that people who are merely being forced to do things against their will under the threat of violent punishment would think they have any reason to appeal to the Fourteenth Amendment—because that was about slavery. He even trots out the Liberal cliché about how corporations aren’t people. This is a Read more [...]
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CBO: Obamacare Rates Rising Over 8% a Year

obamacare The Congressional Budget Office predicts Obamacare rates rising from 2016 through 2018. More great news about government competence and superiority to the private sector. The Washington Times reports, “Obamacare exchange customers set for significant premium spikes, CBO predicts.” [See also, “Obamacare Insurance Rates Starting to Skyrocket for 2015.”] Obamacare exchange customers are about to see spikes in their premiums, the Congressional Budget Office predicted Monday, saying Read more [...]
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