Freedom of Religion in the Military – Use It or Lose It

admiral How do you defend freedom—the freedom of religion or any other freedom? By exercising it—even at the risk of punishment. The Founders risked everything—everything—to bring us the precious gift of civil liberties. Too many today won't risk their job, pension, or even a promotion to stand for what's right. This Rear Admiral demonstrates true courage in publicly standing against immoral directives handed down to our military leadership. From the Political Insider: “BOOM! In Two Read more [...]
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Dem Sees Christian Genocide, But Does the White House?

islamic state 2 I don't often hear of people talking about Christian genocide. While we get geared up to fight our not-a-war, I still have not seem many (any?) denunciations of the mistreatment and killing of Christians from this Administration. What seems especially strange is the White House stays silence even in the face of acknowledgement of the issue by members of their own party. As CNS News reports, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) said on Wednesday that the persecution and slaughter of Christians Read more [...]
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Don't Be Manipulated by the Hitler Bush Smear

adolf-hitler_tyrant I don’t think the Hitler Bush comparison was intended to manipulate conservatives, but it may still do so. It should also alert us to the possibility that a Republican might be attacked in order to get Conservatives to rally around him. So let’s remember that, when a teacher starts brainwashing children to demonize George W. Bush, we need commit ourselves to clear thinking even when we are outraged. The Washington Post reports, “McKinley Middle School teacher asks students to compare Read more [...]
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A War by Any Other Name ... Is Doomed

KerryBunnysalute1 John Kerry, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam Police Action, says that President Obama's promise in a nationally aired speech to "destroy" ISIS is not a war. Having listened to Obama's tough-guy speech given on the eve of the anniversary of 9-11, I'll admit that the president's plan sounds like a half-hearted attempt to appear to be "doing something" rather than a serious effort. However, there was a lot of talk about bombs dropping and military "advisers" advising in there, which does indeed Read more [...]
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Democrat Senator Will Not Vote to Train Syrian Rebels

syrian rebels With President Obama and others insisting that it is possible and advisable to train Syrian rebels perhaps some will try to argue that opposition to this strategy is merely partisan conservative resistance to Barack Obama. But the above video shows a Democrat Senator who thinks it is wrong to give weapons and training to people who might use it to shoot at us. As National Reviews’s the Corner reports, Senator Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) said he will not support a key part of President Obama’s Read more [...]
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Marc Faber Says McDonald’s Decline Means the Economy Will Decline

stock market crash CNBC interviewed Marc Faber recently, and he pointed to happenings with McDonald’s. Via CNBC: On Tuesday, McDonald's reported that global same-store sales in August fell 3.7 percent in August, well short of expectations. The worst drop occurred in the Asia-Pacific region on the back of a Chinese meat safety scandal, but even U.S. sales slid 2.8 percent. For Faber, those results are a perfect example of the damage being done by central banks—and the harbinger of more bad news to come. "Nobody Read more [...]
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The So-Called Syrian Moderates Work with the Extremists

obama syria Yesterday, I heard constant stories about how the Obama Administration wants to “work with” the so-called Syrian moderates—in other words, to arm and fund them. I have written about this several times. It is an idea that is proffered not only by Democrats but by Republicans. As Bob Allen recently wrote, it is a crazy and dangerous idea that can only put us in more danger from extremists with American-financed weapons. Nevertheless, others keep pretending that the weapons and money can Read more [...]
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Government Threatened Yahoo To Make It Violate Constitution and Users' Privacy

Prism It was 2008 and no one knew that the government threatened Yahoo. Until now. One of the tools of the terror security state (or insecurity state) is that they can bind you to secrecy so that you are completely isolated in your struggle with the government. The Washington Post reports, The U.S. government threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day in 2008 if it failed to comply with a broad demand to hand over user communications — a request the company believed was unconstitutional — according Read more [...]
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What to Do with Free Money? Welfare v. Work Ethic

Money Dollar Bills Last year I wrote to someone getting free money, “An Open Letter to the Welfare Cage: Dear Lucy, Nothing from THEM is ever Free.” Lucy was a woman who seemed both articulate and honest who called into a local conservative radio show. The two hosts were talking about people living off welfare and why anyone would live that way. She replied, If someone is going to give me money to do nothing and get to smoke pot all day, why wouldn’t I take the money? (That’s a paraphrase: you can listen to Read more [...]
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Obamacare Unhealthy? Encouraging Passivity Can Ruin Health

jarrett weight loss Is Obamacare unhealthy? Maybe one way to answer this is to ask if the healthcare industry is unhealthy even apart from Obamacare. The major force behind Obamacare was that people either cannot afford health insurance, or that they lose it because they lose their jobs. I don’t doubt that there are many people who have suffered under such conditions (though I think many more will be suffering in many different ways under Obamacare) but it is important to realize that, for some people, losing Read more [...]
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Oh No! Missouri Permits Guns in School!

SandyHook Guns in school? Didn't Sandy Hook show us what happens when we don't have guns readily available to teachers in our schools? Sadly, I couldn't get the Huffington Post video to embed, because it exemplified stupid Liberal “wisdom” about guns. Their “expert” actually thought the horrifying killing of John Crawford in a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio, was a reason why open carry laws are bad. No, genius, a culture without open carry is one given over to paranoia and the assumption that Read more [...]
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David Frum Turns Anti-War & Hell Is Ready for Ice-Skaters

david frum David Frum has been horribly pro-war for a long time, though Matt Welch at Reason points out that he did apologize for his role in beating the drums for the Iraq invasion. But it is bizarre that Frum is now playing the Rand Paul role while Rand Paul himself has sided with war, only asking that Congress get to approve Barack Obama’s plan (which, of course, Obama will probably not allow; too Constitutional). Frum is completely against “going back to Iraq.” The top foreign-policy priority Read more [...]
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