"Blessings of Liberty?" Will I Despair or Will I Declare?

liberty bell Recently while driving and listening to talk radio, a gentleman who called in to make a comment really touched my heart.  I didn’t catch his name but from his remarks he seemed to be a very bright man who deeply cared for his country, his country’s history, and the prospects for his country’s future. He expressed his love for his family and for his children’s children – for his descendants that he will never personally know. As I listened to him, it seemed clear to me that Read more [...]
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War with ISIS: Don’t Touch the Mountain

isis crucifixion We were told last week that the greatest threat to our wellbeing today is some new Mohamedean group ISIS who is ravaging the Middle East.  We have also been advised that the best security is for us to go to war against this new threat. So last Wednesday the imposter essentially declared war against ISIS. We have been told that we will lead a sustained bombing campaign against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria.  Administration officials acknowledge that this could last for several years. Read more [...]
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Why Article I, Section 8 is no limit on Constitutional Excesses

Constitution 1787 Editor’s note: Constitutional Excesses? This is a controversial piece. I’ve decided to run it and get feedback. While I don’t agree with all the writer’s conclusions, I do think that Alexander Hamilton believed something similar or identical to what Broadus argues. And since Hamilton was an architect of the Constitutional convention, it is hard to claim that his understanding has no place in the document itself. I also think the way our history books treat the United States under the Continental Read more [...]
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White House Cover-Up of Illegal Activity Has Implications far beyond Labor Department

Obama corruption Emails prove a White House cover-up of illegal activity. This is a "double tap" on the most transparent and the most ethical administration in U.S. history. As the Daily Caller reports, The Department of Labor coordinated with the White House on whether or not to release hidden portions of former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ schedule as Solis battled an FBI investigation into her illegal fundraising for President Obama. New emails provided to The Daily Caller from the nonprofit legal Read more [...]
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DHS Gropes You While Embracing Caliphate Believer

tsa-child-molestation So the next time DHS gropes you through their TSA agents, you might want to think of someone. Remember Mohamed Elibiary? He's the Muslim Brotherhood supporter—the one who said the return of the Islamic Caliphate was inevitable—who was given a seat at the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Yeah, you know, the Federal entity that consumes obscene amounts of your money to dream up new and innovative ways to violate your Constitutional rights—allegedly to protect you from people… like Read more [...]
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Obama Commits More Troops to Fighting Ebola Than Fighting ISIS

obama dictator President Obama is expected to announce today that he will commit to sending in 3,000 pairs of "boots on the ground" in a major shift in the global fight on ... ebola. Meanwhile, ISIS continues to rampage through Iraq virtually unchecked. As the Islamic State, which Obama insists is neither Islamic nor a state, continues to roll back the gains a generation of U.S. troops lost blood and lives to secure, our president shows less interest in fighting the terrorist caliphate than he suddenly shows Read more [...]
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White House Admits Threatening While Pretending to Deny It

Ransom The White House admits threatening the families of the hostages killed by thugs of the Islamic State. They communicated to the Foleys and the Sotloffs that they would be prosecuted if they paid a ransom to get their boys back. As Newser.com puts it: "In terms of what was communicated to the families, in the midst of many, many meetings over the course of this very difficult circumstance, we obviously made clear what the law is," chief of staff Denis McDonough told Fox News Sunday, as per Politico. But Read more [...]
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The California Version of Sharia Law

wake up smell fascism Behold the secularist/atheist's version of Sharia Law. Christianity Today asks: “Will InterVarsity Losing Cal State Standoff Be Tipping Point for Campus Ministries Nationwide?” Despite a year's worth of persuasion and a New York Times article that sparked widespead support this summer, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has lost campus access in America's largest university system because it requires student leaders to affirm Christian doctrines. California State University has told Read more [...]
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Thinking Reasonably: What is Truth?

truthU Many posts I have written have begun with a simple frustration that many people don’t seem to grasp the basic need for thinking reasonably about the question, What is truth? – to include “truth” as an essential part of how they think.   Seemed simple enough: Do a Google search on “truth”, and understanding should follow! Forget that idea; there are so many types of truth, including philosophies of truth that your head will immediately begin to spin.  For example, Aristotle Read more [...]
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Thinking Reasonably: What is Justice?

blind justice Americans need to be challenged to grapple with the question, What is justice ? The dictionary defines justice as: the quality of being just; fair treatment, and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law; rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a claim; the quality of being true or correct; or the moral principle determining just conduct. We bring to justice when we come before a court for a trial or to receive punishment.  Social justice is based upon the concept that certain groups Read more [...]
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ACLU Threats - Obstacles or Opportunities? Something to Think About

make things happen Dealing with ACLU threats has helped me think about how we should deal with opposition. Do you find yourself discouraged over the sheer volume of battles we face as progressives continue to interfere in so many areas of our personal and public lives?   Education, property rights, marriage…the list is long.  Many Tea Party and Liberty Groups are losing members who are weary of not seeing the changes they desire.   It’s just too hard, they say.  There are just too many obstacles Read more [...]
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Our “Allies” in Saudi Arabia Move to Persecute Christians

Obama Saudi bow If the President was truly a Christian, he would address our alleged "friends" in Saudi Arabia about this atrocity—after all, when your family is arrested for praying, you do everything possible to correct the injustice. From the Daily Mail: “Dozens of Christians 'including women and children' are arrested in Saudi Arabia after tip-off to state's Islamist police force.” Islamist police in Saudi Arabia have stormed a Christian prayer meeting and arrested its entire congregation, including Read more [...]
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