Real National Security: Justin Amash Guards against Boehner

justin amash Justin Amash shows that he believes that vigilance is the price of liberty. This story from the Hill seems normal and believable. But it really demonstrates how debauched our political situation has become. Justin Amash is keeping constant watch to prevent any tricks on the part of John Boehner or other leaders to extend the Patriot Act by stealth and surprise! Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) doesn’t seem to trust that House leaders won’t try to sneak through a short-term renewal of expiring Read more [...]
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Did Governments Donate to the Clinton Foundation out of Altruism?

Clinton Foundation When governments donate to a “philanthropic organization,” we can bet they expect something in return. The Clinton corruption machine is becoming too obvious for anyone to ignore. Now, in the case of Islamic states we find governments donate to the Clinton Foundation and, by sheer coincidence, get favors from the State Department. No less a Left-wing source than reports, “Repressive Regimes Donated to Clinton Foundation, Got Federal Approval for Arms Deals.” Repressive regimes Read more [...]
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Minimum Wage Lesson: Union That Campaigned for It Wants Exemption

unemployment The union officials who demanded no exceptions to the Los Angeles minimum wage hike are now giving us a minimum wage lesson by asking for an exception. Minimum wage increases don’t increase unemployment, they argue. Or, rather, they assert. There is no argument. But then suddenly the truth comes out when the very people arguing that a higher minimum wage must be inflicted on all businesses without exception suddenly demand an exception in order to increase union employment. From the Los Read more [...]
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Casual Christianity Is Over for Americans

knox_bible_opened The death of Casual Christianity gives us hope for a resurrection and transformation. Here is a perceptive editorial at the Washington Post: “The end of casual Christianity.” For conservative Christians, a psychological adjustment is taking place. In a de-Christianized culture, it becomes harder to imagine yourself part of a “moral majority.” This was never quite true, but now, with the decline of casual Christianity, it is incredible. So how do 62 million evangelical Christians and other Read more [...]
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National Review Weeps that Conservatives Don’t Love Big Brother

RandPaul The National Review put out another defense of NSA bulk data collection—i.e. unwarranted mass spying. I am not going to bother responding to everything in Andrew C. McCarthy’s long love letter to the NSA. Since the National Review has come out in favor of equating homosexual pseudo-marriage with real marriage, I don’t feel any need to apologize for disagreeing with a conservative magazine because the NR no longer deserves to be called one. From now on, anything in the magazine that is truly Read more [...]
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California Legislature: Pro-Lifers Must Push Tax-Funded Abortions

abortiondoc The California State Assembly just passed a law forcing crisis pregnancy centers to tell clients about “free” tax-funded abortions available to them. I guess it was only a matter of time before a blue state would try to force pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to promote tax-funded abortions available in the state. [See also, “Shock & Dismay for American Abortionists.”] reports: “California passes bill forcing pro-life centers to push abortion.” On Tuesday, Read more [...]
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Flipping Houses Shows Elizabeth Warren is a Hypocrite

e warren Elizabeth Warren has condemned house-flipping and profiting from foreclosures; but she built wealth by doing it. As you will know if you read this blog the other day, I pretty much despise the National Review as a pseudo-conservative traitor rag. But I can’t deny this story about Elizabeth Warren's house-flipping career in the nineties is quite fun to read: “Elizabeth Warren Bought Foreclosed Homes to Make a Quick Profit.” There is nothing intrinsically wrong with what Elizabeth Warren Read more [...]
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Daily Beast Writer Figured Out Minimum Wage Hurts Poor

minimum wage She writes as if she hates admitting that real economists have said for centuries that raising the minimum wage hurts poor people. Even as she raises the issue she tries to make “conservative economists” appear unreliable: This week, the Los Angeles City Council voted to increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour, from the current $9, by 2020, joining the ranks of other liberal cities like Seattle and San Francisco who are acting despite federal inaction on the issue. But L.A. is the largest Read more [...]
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Memorial Day Patriotism

thomas paine duty patriot What if I asked you “Do you feel Patriotic paying taxes to fund the central government's nationalization of the banks, the insurance industry, the automobile industry, the health care industry, and now local police forces or the use of the American military for unconstitutional and immoral, wasteful wars for empire?” I am assuming if you are a Patriot, a genuine American of good will, that you would answer, “no”. What if I told you government's only purpose is to secure your rights.  Read more [...]
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Obamacare Sticker Shock Yet Again?

sticker shock Just how many years will give us headlines about Obamacare sticker shock? When does the shock end? Megan McArdle has a headline that sound familiar: “Sticker Shock for Some Obamacare Customers.” Why so familiar? Well, one of my headlines from December 24, 2013, mentions Obamacare sticker shock. That was referring to the deductibles. I also linked a late October post of mine that pointed to an NBC News story saying that Obamacare sticker shock was hitting those shopping for the new insurance. Read more [...]
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Tea Party Betrayal Is Complete in the GOP Congress

Capitol-Money-Dollars-Govt-Spending The Republicans are now openly calling for massive spending increases making their Tea Party betrayal obvious to all. It wasn’t that long ago that, when Rand Paul said that we shouldn’t increase spending now in exchange for promises of future spending cuts, he sounded like a Republican. So what is going on? The recent headline from The Hill might as well announce, “The Tea Party betrayal by Republicans is now complete!” What it actually says is: “Washington is ready to spend.” Washington Read more [...]
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About Time! Parents Cleared of Letting Children Play Outside … for Now

free range children The Meitivs were charged with neglect for letting their children play outside; they have been cleared in one of the two instances. Child Protective Services has, in one case, cleared parents of the accusation of “neglecting” their children by letting them walk to the neighborhood park and play. Ironically, in the second case, the children were grabbed by strangers and held captive for hours—the strangers being the police. The Washington Post reports, “Maryland’s ‘free range’ Read more [...]
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