Climate Change Summit Calls for End of Capitalism

watermelon Refreshing honesty! Alleged Climate Change is not primarily about science, or facts, or temperatures—it's about ending capitalism, and installing global socialism that will plunder productive nations to provide graft to socialist hell holes which have devastated both their national economies, and their environments. Thus, the Responding to Climate Change website reported, “Venezuela climate summit calls for end to ‘green economy’—UN-backed event ends with unusual call from civil society Read more [...]
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Pray that All Dems Campaign on the Economy Like Joe Biden

Biden laughing Joe Biden was boasting in the great economy we are now experiencing. I can only hope and pray that all Democrats join him. NPR left much of that part of Biden’s message out of their report on job training. So perhaps they realize how much his upbeat delusions would alienate him from the public. Breitbart was happy to share Biden’s sunshine message with us—for our amusement: On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden declared that America's jobs picture is brighter than ever. "Businesses are Read more [...]
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Portland, Oregon’s Children’s Crusade: Opposing Evangelism

i am not a sinner In light of how Bob Allen described “two theocracies” in his post on Islam and Liberal Progressivism, I now dub Portland, Oregon, the Progressive version of Dearborn, Michigan—only worse. The city where an ice cream parlor celebrated baby-killing is up in arms over a Christian group doing child evangelism. World Magazine reports, Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Camp Good News focuses for a week or two in different cities each year. During the school year, the group rents public school Read more [...]
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Bipartisan Job Training … Is Either Useless or Corporate Welfare

endcorporategreed NPR thinks they are reporting on a feel-good, non-controversial, non-partisan story: “Congress And Biden Aim For Job Training That Actually Leads To Jobs.” Something pretty remarkable happened Tuesday afternoon in a small windowless auditorium next door to the White House. President Obama signed a new law: the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. It streamlines and updates the nation's job training programs and was 11 years overdue. The bill got overwhelming bipartisan support in both Read more [...]
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So Just HOW Did the Lois Lerner Hard Drive Get Scratched at the IRS?

lois lerner What an amazing set of "coincidences." "Failed" computers, prematurely "retired" equipment, dumping the IT backup vendor just after the investigation began: these guys make Watergate look like knocking off a kid's lemonade stand. As the Daily Caller reports, Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s computer hard drive was “scratched” and the data on it was still recoverable. But the IRS did not try to recover the data from Lerner’s hard drive, despite recommendations from in-house IRS IT experts Read more [...]
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Edward Snowden Empowered Congress to Deal with the NSA

EdwardSnowden I’m not saying Congress is doing a great job, but they would still be doing nothing if Edward Snowden hadn’t decided to blow the whistle. This interesting piece by NPR (“The Challenge Of Keeping Tabs On The NSA's Secretive Work.”) contains an amazing admission about how Snowden empowered Congress: Again and again, the leadership of the intelligence community has said one thing in public and done quite another in private," laments Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat who's also on the Senate intelligence Read more [...]
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Is Vladimir Putin Making Moves to Reconcile Russia to the New World Order?

obama putin 2 A sincere shift in plans, or a shrewd move to buy time? We shall see. From Yahoo! News: Vladimir Putin opened a special meeting of the Kremlin's Security Council today with an odd statement: "There is no direct military threat to our country’s sovereignty or territorial integrity at present," he said. To a Western ear, that might sound like belaboring the obvious. For a Russian audience today, it's a jarring note for their leader to strike. Mr. Putin's statement flatly contradicts what the Read more [...]
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A Reason to Defeat Democrats in 2014: They Want to Tax Energy!

carbon tax Australia was recently condemned by Al Gore for pulling back from its carbon taxes. Now, the Daily Caller reports that South Korea is showing signs that it may follow Australia’s lead. We can only hope that other nations throw off their shackles. But Democrats in the United States are doubling down. Even with the possibility of losing the Senate they are openly promising to attempt to impose a new tax on the American people after the elections. According to CNS News: Senate Majority Leader Read more [...]
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Colorado Introduces State Drugging of the Poor without Even Trying

marijuana plants When Colorado legalized marijuana, the idea was to give people freedom and let them make their own choices. But sometimes rhetoric and reality are two different things. The problem is that we are not a free country; we are a welfare state. We live in a society where people are not free, but rather obligated to pay for other people’s lives. In that context, it is pretty obvious that legalizing marijuana could easily lead to the same outcome. Thus, the National Review reports, For the past Read more [...]
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What Are the Odds of Getting Contradictory Court Rulings on Obamacare on the Same Day?

peoplevobamacare I’ve mentioned recently that, due to some pleasant surprises from the Supreme Court, I have allowed my cynicism about the Supreme Court to fade a bit. After today it has returned. Yesterday began, as you probably know, with a wonderful ruling in which a DC Circiut Court ruled that the subsidies for Obamacare were illegal in many states. The issue is that the law actually mandates that only those who go through state exchanges are eligible for subsidies. The Democrats insist that they meant Read more [...]
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The Massacre of Christians in Iraq: The West is Silent because the West is Guilty

syrian fighters If you are a Christian who cheered the invasion of Iraq, what do you think now? From the Telegraph: “Iraqi Christians are raped, murdered and driven from their homes – and the West is silent.” For the first time in 1,600 years, Mass is not being said in Mosul: an ancient culture has been wiped out in a matter of weeks. It's a war crime that, strangely, no one seems to want to talk about. Mosul is the second-largest city in Iraq and the place where many Christians believe Jonah was buried. Read more [...]
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The Wilderness Wanderings

obama pharaoh I just took a trip that I found encouraging in many ways, not just the time with family, and the rich fellowship in Christ, but also the taste of what is out there across America.  Out in the deserts of Nevada, I spoke with a proprietor of a general store.  It wasn’t long into our casual conversation that revulsion towards everything Washington D.C. does was revealed.  So those polls that put Congress and Obama in the sub cellar were revealed as we had a taste of them anecdotally. It gives Read more [...]
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