Eugenics Program Only Makes News Due to Many Deaths

india First, the Associated Press reported eight fatalities in the eugnics program. Then Bloomberg reported that ten women have died. The Hindu claimed in a later report that eleven were dead. Here’s Bloomberg’s summary of what happened. An Indian surgeon used infected instruments to sterilize 83 women in about six hours, according to a local medical official, leaving 10 [now eleven or more] of them dead and another 69 hospitalized in the central state of Chhattisgarh. The doctor breached Read more [...]
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Is Mormonism Getting Ready to Return to Polygamy?

polygamy_02 Allow me to correct the language regarding polygamy used by the Washington Post in reporting this story (“The Mormon church finally acknowledges founder Joseph Smith’s polygamy”), to make it more accurate: The Mormon Church is finally acknowledging that founder Joseph Smith had as many as forty adulterous relationships. The reality is that Joseph went so far as to have his manufactured "god" threaten his true wife, Emma, with destruction if she didn't accept the extra women her husband had Read more [...]
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What “Evilstick” Tells Us About People in Power

evil stick reveal People in power are not always in politics. Anyone in charge of large or influential groups—whether they be corporations, retail chains, philanthropic organizations, etc—has power. If we know that they are using their powers in ways we don’t like, we can be on our guard. But in many cases, we have an attitude of trust toward others and their decisions. We don’t expect them to be trying to hurt us. What if someone in power wanted to hurt us and get away with it? It isn’t hard to think Read more [...]
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Islam Instruction an Opportunity for Conservatives

commoncore Islam instruction in public schools must be monitored carefully by citizens. The study of religions is being reintroduced through “Core Knowledge” curriculum and is now being taught in public schools and in choice schools. Core Knowledge Foundation was created by E. D. Hirsch, Jr. Core Knowledge is not part of Common Core State Standards. Because Hirsch is a proponent of Common Core Standards and because his books align with those standards, his textbooks are being used in classrooms across Read more [...]
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Why Last Tuesday's GOP Victory is Bad for the GOP and the Country Itself

Ideology_democrat_vs_republican [Editor’s note: I voted Republican and thus contributed to the GOP victory in a small way. So I don’t agree with writer’s opinion. But I thought it was worth considering. Sometimes I do think the populace needs to learn this kind of lesson. And I also suspect the GOP will be blamed for Obama’s sins over the next two years.] Last Tuesday happened eight days ago, and you know how it went. In January a bunch of new Republicans will be sworn in and they will control both the House and Read more [...]
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Rich People Are Hedging Against Doomsday

heavy doors Survivalist luxury condos are a hot real estate investment for the wealthy who want to survive doomsday. What does it tell us about the times we live in that people are putting down millions of dollars for luxury living quarters—complete with stored food and water—buried in a decommissioned missile silo? From the Wall Street Journal: “For Sale: Renovated Luxury Condo; Can Survive Nuclear Attack.” When Tyler Allen agreed to fork over $3 million in cash for a luxury condominium Read more [...]
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Rand Paul on Barack Obama, War Criminal

rand paul cspan Rand Paul does not directly call the President a war criminal, but he does say that his war is illegal. So I don’t know what else we can deduce from the Kentucky Senator’s argument in the Daily Beast: “Obama’s ISIS War is Illegal.” Where have those Democratic protectors of the constitutional authority of Congress gone? Was it always just a partisan attack on Republican presidents? If not, when will Democrats—who so vociferously opposed a Republican president’s extraconstitutional Read more [...]
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U.S. Media Is Ignoring Putin’s Aggression.

ukraine Putin’s aggression is getting no media attention and no U.S. response. From Newsweek: “Putin Is More Dangerous Than ISIS and 1,000 Al Qaedas Says Garry Kasparov.” Garry Kasparov, the world’s most renowned chess master, has branded Vladimir Putin “the most dangerous man in the world” in a passionate interview with Yahoo News, in which he stressed that the Russian President is more dangerous that Islamic State (ISIS) and “all the Al-Qaedas in the world”. Asked if Islamic State Read more [...]
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Sign-ups Not Matching Obamacare Projections

obamacare millennial propaganda The number of people signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act is lower than the Obamacare projections of the CBO. The ugly truth about Obamacare: We detonated the entire system of medical care and insurance in the United States--covering 330-million people--for the sake of a Democrat voting-block of 7-million. From CNBC: “Gov't slashes 2015 Obamacare sign-up forecast by 30%” So the number "13" apparently is bad luck for Obamacare, too. Federal officials on Monday sought Read more [...]
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Obamacare Architect Confesses He is Lying Elitist Garbage

keg obamacare MIT economist and Obamacare architect admits Affordable Care Act “written in tortured way” to deceive CBO and American voter “stupidity.” One of my friends sent this video to me earlier today, but I finally just got around to watching it. Wow. This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. Okay, so it’s written to do that.  In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said Read more [...]
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Not Every Same Sex Marriage Believer Hates the First Amendment

couple being fined Even a same sex marriage believer sees how uncivilized and un-American it is to fine a couple for not wanting to host a same sex "wedding." Here’s a great editorial from the New York Post: “Couple fined for refusing to host same-sex wedding on their farm.” This article gives me a very small measure of hope we can turn back the tide of playing "gotcha" using highly discriminatory "non-discrimination" laws to persecute people for Biblically-founded beliefs. The author supports so-called Read more [...]
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Ruling by Intrigue

james madison intrigue Many of our assumptions about the results of elections are mistaken because of politicians ruling by intrigue. The purpose of government is to rule and control.  Government’s role therefore seems at odds with liberty and the rights of the individual.  Having just gone through a major election cycle, as our nation sees a broad change of office holders, we might anticipate a different attitude from government.  However, what we perceive as true can be entirely different from actual truth.  Read more [...]
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