Planned Parenthood Donors Start Bleeding Away; the Giant Is Mortal!

rocky iv Despite the disgusting support from the media, the White House, and politicians, Planned Parenthood donors are starting to abandon the organization. It is a common story: a man pretends to be a god and gets worshiped by the ignorant. He is seen as all powerful. But at some point, perhaps he gets cut and bleeds in public. And at that point the ruse is ended. The people are outraged at being swindled and set upon their former “god.” They know if he bleeds he is merely mortal. He is not a god. If Read more [...] Continue reading →

Agenda 21 and a Republican Approach to Fair Housing?

housing fascism I have been a Republican elected official in Anne Arundel County now for about eight months.  This has been an exciting time and a learning experience.  Some things that I had hoped to accomplish I am happy to say have come to pass.  These include the successful elimination of “emergency legislation” that doesn’t comply with the definition of “emergency” contained in the county charter, and our attempted repeal of the rain tax. Also, one of the first measures passed by the County Read more [...] Continue reading →

Stumped by Difference Between Socialists, Democrats

newParty One of the more interesting presidential candidacies this election is that of Bernie Sanders. As an avowed and proud socialist, Bernie is the brazen epitome of what many Democrats have spent a lifetime denying. The party of Progressivism, Democrats in recent generations have been gun shy about proclaiming their real views, although very occasionally one in high office will slip and admit a fondness for Mao, Stalin or some such. The shyness of many modern Democrats is a far cry from the chest-thumping Read more [...] Continue reading →

Social Security Admits It Can’t Meet Its Obligations

Social Security image It actually wrote about it in its letter assuring people about their Social Security benefits. In my opinion, people are affected by the size and seeming grandeur of the United States, including its government, in the same way passengers were affected by the size and grandeur of the Titanic. No matter how big the approaching ice berg is, they simply cannot believe the ship can sink. But it will sink like a stone. Myra Adams writes in the National Review about receiving her Social Security Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Fourth Planned Parenthood Video

hannibal planned parenthood The Center for Medical Progress release a fourth Planned Parenthood video, and it is disturbing! The story at CNS News begins with a warning: The video, images, and descriptions in this story involve abortion and fetal body parts. The material is graphic and disturbing. Please take that warning seriously before watching the video (or not watching it). This is perhaps a bit more disturbing than the first video. Here’s some of the gruesome content: In the fourth undercover investigative Read more [...] Continue reading →

Asset Forfeiture: Those Who Steal for Their Jobs Learn to Steal for Themselves

civil forfeiture An audit of asset forfeiture takings found the money is going for personal gain. It should surprise no one that people in law enforcement are spending the money they take on themselves. If they can rationalize taking other people’s money to build a luxury police station or create some other job perk, then it is an easy move to start spending the money in other ways that also directly benefit you. In fact, they can not only steal money for personal use, but they can defend their actions when Read more [...] Continue reading →

Was Hack of Planned Parenthood Website a Wag-the-Dog False Flag Attack?

planned parenthood Did extremists really hack the Planned Parenthood website? Did anyone? A “false flag attack” is when someone attacks his own people in order to blame an enemy. You might dress up your soldiers in the uniforms of the enemy or you might simply detonate a bomb and plant evidence that frames someone you want to have an excuse to attack. “Wag the Dog” was a movie about a president setting up an entire fake war in order to get support from the public. Fake wars aren’t really possible, though Read more [...] Continue reading →

No House Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood. Why Not?

darth vader republican Congress is refusing to defund Planned Parenthood because they like the organization. According to Breitbart, “House Leaves for Recess with No Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood.” Some people in social media claim this indicates the Republicans are “spineless” or “cowardly” or “incompetent.” I don’t think that really grasps what is going on. The House is leaving for its summer recess until September 8 without voting on legislation to defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of Read more [...] Continue reading →

Conservative Christian Politician is a Former Homosexual

Bob Dixon And we can expect he won't be the last former homosexual whose story will offend Liberals. People get sexually confused for all sorts of reasons. In my opinion Bob Dixon’s explanation of why he did what he did is really not that important. What is important is that a man who was sinning in his youth repented and followed the way of the Lord. The media hates him for this and tries to spin the story to make it look as bad as possible. Thus, the KDSK headline, “Conservative MO lawmaker says Read more [...] Continue reading →

Jesus Christ is Lord of All History

crown In the wake of the Obergefell opinion of the Supremes, several “Christian” Colleges have already caved in in order to avoid any and all persecution from the sodomites who are controlling our land. They haven’t even considered fighting the evil; instead they have compliantly changed their policies to accommodate sodomite unmarriage. Baylor University in Texas, Hope College of Holland, Michigan, and Belmont University of Nashville as well as Notre Dame University have now approved benefits Read more [...] Continue reading →

Obama Administration Removes a Remaining Level of Accountability

obamaPen How can you expect accountability if you have to ask the permission of the person being held accountable? Here’s another heroic deed performed by the most transparent Administration in history. The Washington Post reports, “Justice Dept. watchdog blasts his own agency for blocking access to wiretaps, grand jury cases and says his job is undermined.” The Obama administration has ruled that inspectors general have to get permission from the agency they’re monitoring for access to wiretaps, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Planned Parenthood Theocracy Halts the Blasphemy

censorship reality Planned Parenthood finally has succeeded in silencing the truth—whether temporarily or permanently remains to be seen. This wasn’t done directly by Planned Parenthood but by a company that purchases the baby parts from them. The Associated Press reports, “Court bars anti-abortion group from releasing new videos.” A temporary restraining order has been issued preventing an anti-abortion group from releasing any video of leaders of a California company that provides fetal tissue to researchers. Read more [...] Continue reading →