Did Anyone Else Hate Nikki Haley's Response to... Donald Trump? Ted Cruz?

2016-01-13 The speech above was purported to be a response to Barack Obama's State of the Union message. Hardly. I only bothered to listen to the speech because my Facebook feed yesterday was full of attacks on Ann Coulter for the tweets about Haley's speech. While I didn't bother to find out what Coulter wrote (because I don't really care), I did get curious about Haley's speech. And, for the record, I have heard nothing but good things about Haley. I certainly liked her more than Trump and, in Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Problem for Government to Save Us From: Fitness DVDs

jillian dvd As a person who lifts heavy and occasionally sprints, I despise the majority of exercise DVDs. But that doesn't mean I think the government should save us from them. Yet that is what recent media stories have promoted. If only we had bureaucrats to tell us what the "settled science" is regarding how we should work out, and censoring anyone else, we would all be better off. Thus, Newser.com: "Exercise DVDs May Actually Be Psychologically Harmful." Exercise DVDs are a mostly unregulated industry, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Kathleen Parker Doesn't Understand Christianity or Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Unbelievable. Listen to what she says about Ted Cruz on CNN: The video was posted by Newsbusters: On the 11 January 2016 edition of CNN's AC360, Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker revealed her own ignorance of Christian teachings, as she targeted Senator Ted Cruz for something "astonishing" he recently said at a campaign stop: ""I don't think there's any chance Ted Cruz can win a general — and here's why....He said...'It's time for the Body of Christ to rise up and support me.' Read more [...] Continue reading →

Hillary Clinton Considered Causing Protests in Israel

Hillary Clinton in Senate When I first heard this news I was amazed. But then I realized that it wasn't as bad as what we did in Ukraine. The Washington Free Beacon reports, "Clinton Considered Secret Plan to Spark Palestinian Protests." Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton considered a secret plan created by her then-advisers to foment unrest among Palestinian citizens and spark protests in order to push the Israeli government back to the negotiating table, according to emails released as part of the investigation Read more [...] Continue reading →

Nikki Haley Dreams the Impossible Dream: Republicans Will Cut Spending

gov spending I mentioned how Nikki Haley seemed to robotically read her teleprompter. At 5:53 comes a line I only heard at first. I Had to go back and check it on the video because I couldn't believe she delivered it with a straight face. But she did! the robotic simile didn't waver as she spewed nonsense all over viewers: If we held the White House, taxes would be lower for working families, and we’d put the brakes on runaway spending and debt. Seriously? The Republicans who gave Obama (and their Read more [...] Continue reading →

Obama Touts Iran Nuclear Deal; Iran Takes 10 U.S. Sailors Captive

obamaPen The real state of the union after seven years of President Obama: an international joke. While Obama tried to get America to hop on board his delusion train one last time during his State of the Union speech Tuesday, the Iranian government seized two U.S. Navy boats that entered Iranian waters and held the crews captive. The Iranian government accused the crews of "snooping" but said it will release them "promptly." (Update: The sailors were reportedly released this morning.) Older readers Read more [...] Continue reading →

Is Chief Justice Roy Moore an American Hero?

open bible The most reliable history book on record and the basis of authority for all American law, jurisprudence, and liberty challenges us with the question, “Have you not read that He Who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?” This question then creates what you might call the “Since-the Creation-of-Humankind” definition of marriage, Read more [...] Continue reading →

How Can Obama Fight National Pessimism? He's the Reason for It

obamageddon This video from Newsy Politics from last night seems surreal to me: "Fighting National Pessimism Is An Uphill Battle For Obama." You can find the text of the video here. Unemployment is down — at its lowest point since before the financial crash in 2008. The percentage of uninsured is down, meaning fewer Americans are going without health insurance. That employment statistic is meaningless and people who don't want insurance are being punished unless they pay rising prices for useless Read more [...] Continue reading →

Is Hillary Going to Even Win the Nomination?

bernie sanders 3 First, it seems that Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in Iowa: As I predicted people find Sanders more trustworthy. That combined with the news from New Hampshire makes me seriously wonder if Hillary has any chance of getting the nomination. According to CBS News, Bernie Sanders now leads Hillary Clinton by 14 points in New Hampshire, according to the latest Monmouth University Poll of likely New Hampshire voters who are likely to vote in the first-in-the-nation primary in February. Fifty-three Read more [...] Continue reading →

How's Gun Control Working for You, Chicago?

gun_control There is a common saying: If you're stuck in a hole, stop digging. While all people can get stubborn about their mistakes and persist in them even as they become more plainly visible, politicians are especially prone to this behavior. No matter how obvious it becomes that they are creating problems, the only solution that is considered is doing more of what is making the problem worse. The only exception I can think of is alcohol prohibition. Politicians actually reversed course. That was a Read more [...] Continue reading →

Hillary Clinton Thinks the Gun Issue Can Give Her an Edge on Bernie Sanders

clintonbenghazi Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to understand the problem she faces. The Washington Times reports, "Clinton aims to outflank Sanders on guns." With her lead over Sen. Bernard Sanders evaporating in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is turning to the issue of guns, hoping a spate of high-profile shootings will boost her campaign and drive a wedge between Mr. Sanders and the liberal voters he champions. Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Trying to Get the Government to Free Public Employees from Having to Finance Democrats

supremecourt This NPR story is worth listening to. Will the Supreme Court free us from public unions and end a way that the Democrat Party gets financing from the taxpayers? I almost don’t want to hope because I don’t want to be disappointed. USA Today reports, “Supreme Court seems sure to rule against unions.” The Supreme Court left little doubt Monday where it stands on forcing teachers and government workers to contribute to public employee unions against their will: It's ready to strike Read more [...] Continue reading →