Patriotism - Something to Think About

mark twain quotation Most Americans today would call themselves patriots.  Would you? But what does that mean…to be an American…to be a patriot?  What is the basis for your self-description as a patriotic American?  This is something to think about! Words matter. Definitions matter.  How you perceive yourself matters.  Is our education system producing people who know how to think, or is it producing people who are told what to think?  What impact would each of these techniques have on an individual’s Read more [...]
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Questions about Ferguson - Some Day Dialing 911 Won’t Work for You Either

Walmart trying to repel looters There are definitely some questions about Ferguson here in Michael Snyder’s blog that I've been asking. According to eyewitnesses, police vehicles were seen driving by some of the stores while they were being looted and they did not respond. If the police are not even going to lift a finger to stop rampant theft, then what in the world are they there for? Why don't they just pack up and leave the streets completely? If they are just there to confront protesters and arrest journalists, all they Read more [...]
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Ferguson – Repentance Would Be Good for All Parties

on the streets of Ferguson Years ago, I lived in Florissant, Missouri, a few miles from the scene of the current unrest in Ferguson. The neighborhood has changed quite a bit in the past ten years or so. That said, it is not unlike many major urban areas across the United States, where civility clearly hangs by a frayed thread. Unfortunately, barely anyone is able to look at the tragic shooting of Michael Brown without strong emotions. Some lean strongly in support of officer Darren Wilson, believing reports of his testimony Read more [...]
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White House & Federal Agencies Keeping Secrets

keeping secrets no What do you do if you suspect that the White House is keeping secrets by coordinating with Federal Agencies in order to deny or delay or otherwise obstruct FOIA requests for political purposes? About all you can do is file Freedom of Information Act requests for documents or communications related to any such plan or agreement to engage in such coordinated efforts. For some background here, remember the words of President Barack Obama on January 21, 2009. For a long time now, there’s Read more [...]
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Is Militarization Rational? How Dangerous Is It to be a Police Officer in the U.S.A.?

20140818_policegraph This blog has addressed questions about the militarization of the police for a long time. One part of the issue is whether it is warranted by the risks of being a cop. Back when I wrote about two people getting gunned down by multiple police, I asked about how much danger police officers really face. I found a website that put them on the bottom of a top ten most dangerous jobs list, but only for 2010. Usually they don’t make the list. (Roofers, by the way, bravely put their lives on the line every Read more [...]
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Global Warming Sends Us Another Cold Harsh Winter

global warming coal Global warming sure has a funny way of ... warming. Leading into the last winter, our weather “experts” predicted it would be mild. They were completely wrong and, because they had gone on record, they had to admit it. Of course, their admission ignored the herd of elephants in the room: the myth of global warming. It is patently obvious that climate predictions were based on a blind belief that weather should be getting warmer not colder. If these people were free of obstacles, they could Read more [...]
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Liberals Turn On Obama Over Immigration

KingObama The New York Times of all papers is one of the last places you expect to read a discouraging word directed at President Obama, but it turns out even liberals are being turned off by what he's doing on illegal immigration. Historically, a conservative reporter might have slipped past the Human Resources department at the NYT on occasion, but any subversive messaging would have been stopped by the hard lefties who had risen to the level of editors -- the same folks who still insist Obama is a centrist Read more [...]
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Barack Obama Is Secretly Plotting How to Use Dictator Powers

obama dictator The New York Times reports on how Barack Obama is secretly plotting his executive orders that, supposedly, will reform immigration. The “most transparent administration in history” just got further from the public view. When President Obama announced in June that he planned to bypass congressional gridlock and overhaul the nation’s immigration system on his own, he did so in a most public way: a speech in the White House Rose Garden. Since then, the process of drafting what will likely Read more [...]
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How the Government Messes Up Drug Manufacturing

big pharma Allegedly, intellectual property laws are supposed to protect drug manufacturing by motivating the development of new products. But economist Megan McArdle points out that the government is actually making bizarre regulations that make no sense. She noticed this because a court ruled that Pfizer can be sued for harm caused by drugs made by another company. If someone gets a bad side effect from a generic drug based on Pfizer’s original work, then Pfizer will be held responsible. Why hold Read more [...]
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Global Warmist: Stupid People Think Climate Change Is False

global warming stupid Why is it that, after all the propaganda in the media, so many people believe that climate change is false? According to ultra one-percenter Tom Steyer, it is because so many people are stupid. Steyer actually said they weren’t “super-sophisticated,” but we all know what he meant. CNS News reports: Billionaire hedge-fund manager Tom Steyer attempted to explain why there is still a sizable portion of Americans that do not buy in to global warming alarmism by, basically, generalizing Read more [...]
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The Moronic Superstition of Government Compassion

government by emergency We have created government welfare state, on the grounds that this is identical to government compassion. I have argued that it is the opposite. We have set up a perverse system that spreads poverty so that, what starts as a relatively small social problem of some who are in need, becomes a massive tidal wave of spreading poverty until the system can no longer support so many people and collapses. I have already posted a great picture that illustrates the nature of what is happening. One Read more [...]
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If You Think Babies Are Expensive, Wait Until You Pay the Price of All the Missing Ones

expecting How many news stories can be written to tell us that babies are expensive? Here’s a new one: “Report: Raising Today's Child Tops $245K.” Naturally, it is based on a Federal Department that wants to remind us all of how expensive children are. A child born in 2013 will cost a middle-income American family an average of $245,340 until he or she becomes an adult, with families living in the Northeast taking on a greater burden, according to a report out today. Those costs—food, housing, childcare, Read more [...]
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