Here Comes the Birth Control "Implant Your Daughter" Crusade

birth control implant The media is pumping up results of using a birth control implant or IUD on teen girls as government policy. They claim it reduced abortions. I love fewer homicides. But there are more civilized ways to reduce abortions. Protecting life from the point of its beginning, offering women help, holding fathers responsible, and raising people into adulthood so that they don’t have sex outside of marriage are not strategies that secular bureaucrats appreciate. The plan we are seeing unfold as an Read more [...] Continue reading →

The GOP Candidate Who Scares Dems the Most?

rand paul cspan Rand Paul is the GOP candidate who has been attacked more times by DNC social media than any other Republican candidate. The Hill reports, The Democratic National Committee has unleashed relentless attacks on a handful of GOP candidates in the ever-widening 2016 presidential field, while virtually ignoring others. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush have emerged as the DNC’s top punching bags, while the committee has mostly disregarded other Read more [...] Continue reading →

A Meditation on the Fourth of July

Declaration of Independence This was written the day before the Fourth of July but it is still worth reflecting upon after the holiday weekend is over. We are nearing the 4th of July. It is a time of joy and celebration. And we hope to satiate our hunger tomorrow with good drinks, good food, and good friends. But beyond all the fireworks, parades, and the good and healthy national festivities, we will also remember that in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress, setting the 13 colonies Read more [...] Continue reading →

Better to Die Childless than Breed White Privilege?

white-privilege-wristbands A University of Pennsylvania professor writes she will never have children because she doesn’t want to pass on White privilege. If you wonder why activists think that, just because sociopath Dylann Roof committed mass murder, you should want the government to disarm you, you might find that Ali Michael can help you understand the mindset. Michael wrote in the Huffington Post in response to the Rachel Dolezal trans racial weirdness, “I Sometimes Don’t Want to Be White Either.” She writes Read more [...] Continue reading →

JPMorgan and Citigroup Give Themselves a Monopoly

citi logo JPMorgan and Citigroup are acting on the principle that they are too big to jail and the government is going along with it. Example #53 that the Rule of Law is dead and buried in America. From Zero Hedge: So to summarize: as we reported first (and we would be delighted if other so called financial experts dedicated as much effort to digging through the primary data as they have to desperately try to disprove our article), JPM [i.e. JPMorgan] has indeed cornered the OTC commodity market, with Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Supreme Court’s Gay Fashion Disaster

dolce gabbana The SCOTUS marriage decision is being claimed as an influence on gay fashion — which means the general fashion industry for men — despite two notorious homosexual heretics. I never thought I’d end up blogging about fashion on this website (or anywhere else), but this article at the Wall Street Journal caught my eye: “Men’s Labels Show Swagger on European Runways.” After mentioning a couple of sports stars who are being used as PR for this year’s male fashion industry, the article Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Marriage Debate is Battle of Two Different Religions

Gay marriage Patrick Deneen, writing for Georgetown University's Berkley Center, in many ways, nails it. As he points out, the debate over same-sex "marriage" should always have been seen as a battle of two different religions. Many times I have pointed to Liberalism's flawed anthropology as a root of its painful failures and conflicts, and Deneen sees it, too: "Liberalism... was never 'contentless,' and its toleration was always limited to specific kinds of belief that would conform to deeper liberal anthropological Read more [...] Continue reading →

ISIS Murders POWs Using Children

isis child killers Be prepared to hear vehement denials that ISIS murders are in any way related to Islam. The Religion of Peace doing what Muhammad did. Here is the report in the Daily Mail: “Slaughter in the Roman amphitheatre: Horrific moment ISIS child executioners brutally shoot dead 25 Syrian regime soldiers in front of bloodthirsty crowds at ancient Palmyra ruin.” Child executioners are shown in the video being forced to brutally slaughter a group of more than 25 regime soldiers.  The video shows Read more [...] Continue reading →

Happy Presbyterian Rebellion Day!

declaration of Independence_02 Yes, many observers have described the movement we celebrate on July 4 as a Presbyterian rebellion. Looking for someone to blame for the demise of freedom in America? Perhaps you need look no further than your local Presbyterian elder who has completely neglected the application of God's truth for the civil realm. "John Calvin was the virtual founder of America" -- influential German historian, Leopold Von Ranke (1795-1886) Don't like taking the word of an historian? Then consider the statement Read more [...] Continue reading →

Our Great Country where Schools Can Give 11-Year-Old Girls IUDs without Parental Notification

iud gun The Daily Mail is reporting that thirteen schools in Washington State are distributing IUDs to girls as young as eleven. Here’s a story to help you celebrate your freedoms and your right to self-government this Independence Day: The Daily Mail reports, “Seattle high school sparks outrage over policy which allows it to give IUD contraceptives to girls as young as ELEVEN - without seeking permission from parents.” A public school in Washington State is offering taxpayer-funded intrauterine Read more [...] Continue reading →

Bitter Irony: Washington Instructs Us How to Promote Obamacare during Fourth of July

obamacare crash burn blimp We’re supposed to promote Obamacare to our friends and family while celebrating freedom and independence. Right. The Hill reports, “White House: Have you talked to your family about ObamaCare lately?” The Obama administration wants you to bring a side of healthcare politics to your family picnic this weekend. After ObamaCare’s big win at the Supreme Court last week, federal health officials are serving up some tips about talking to family members who may be less-than-enthused that ObamaCare Read more [...] Continue reading →

Supreme Court or Supreme Being – Who Will You Obey? Something To Think About

supremecourt Since the Supreme Court rendered its irrelevant and irreverent opinion approving homosexual marriage, the mainstream media has been gleefully declaring that it is now “the law of the land.”  Is it?  Several “conservative” organizations are calling for political action:  “Call your Congressman and get a Constitutional Amendment passed that defends/defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.”  Should you? Though their sentiments may be sincere, this is NOT the right Read more [...] Continue reading →