Adam Lanza Is the Fault of Homeschoolers

SandyHook Beware the homeschoolers! Worse than robbing us blind, homeschoolers will kill us all! From World Net Daily: Adam Lanza, 20, has been described as being “dark and disturbed” before his death. He coldly murdered his own mother in their expensive home near Newtown, Connecticut. Then he took her legally registered guns to the nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School and shot and killed 20 children and six adults. Then he took a handgun and shot himself. Reports say he suffered from Asperger’s Read more [...]
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Are Republicans Sticking Us with Higher Taxes?

war obama It seems that Republicans now consider higher taxes beyond real reform., being a statist rag, tried to make the headline as biased as possible: “Republicans shift away from tax cutting mania.” Something is missing from this year’s midterm elections. Republicans are talking about ISIL and President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act and Harry Reid. But what they aren’t talking about? Slashing tax rates. Though tax cuts have been a mainstay of their campaigns since at Read more [...]
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Public Land: Government Hijacks Un-owned Property

forest service Of course, the government claims that public land is owned because the government claims to own the land in trust for the “public.” But holding the land for “everyone” turns out to be the same as owning it for one’s own selfish interests. In order to claim ownership of land, people normally have to do something with it. This is commonly called “homesteading.” Governments have never recognized this limitation. When the Spanish explorer who reached the Pacific Ocean claimed the Read more [...]
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Eric Holder’s Replacement: Janet Napolitano?

eric-holder As we all know, the Obama Administration is now looking for Eric Holder’s replacement. I originally thought that the best thing about the replacement would be that he or she will only be in office for a couple of years. But then it occurred to me that, if Hillary wins, she might keep whoever it is. Even if she doesn’t keep Obama’s appointment, she will probably pick someone as bad or worse. So that’s a reminder to us all to get a different president in office. This article at Read more [...]
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Obama Bombed Made-Up Terrorists

mccain Syrian terrorists When we all suddenly heard about the bombing of the Khorosan group, it sounded like these were made-up terrorists. Now the National Review has gone public with the suspicion in Andrew McCarthy’s editorial, “The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist.” And he adds that the Sunni Muslim partnership that is supposed to assist the U.S. in fighting ISIS does not really exist either. Finally, the story goes, Sunni governments were acting decisively to take Islam back from the “un-Islamic” elements Read more [...]
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When Opposing Censorship Is Cover for Unions?

rotten_apple_core When I wrote “When Opposing Censorship Is Cover for It,” I took the story at face value that there was a huge dispute over curriculum. The school board voted to teach a certain way and the students objected.litle However, it now looks like the most important comment I made in that post was about the students following cool teachers. This is a protest? I don’t think so. This is a bunch of students siding with the cool teachers against the stodgy ones. This isn’t rebellion against Read more [...]
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The Perfect Police Story

police_line I think this has to be the perfect police story because it exemplifies how they affect society. In this case, two police officers came upon a scene in El Paso, Texas, in which a woman was in distress. Somehow she had driven her car into the canal. Several men were in the water trying to rescue the 64-year-old woman. So the police immediately joined in and, together, the volunteers and the police saved this woman’s life. Except that didn’t happen in reality. That was just me imagining Read more [...]
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De Blasio Advisor Dating a Convicted Killer

de blasio 2 A “top” Bill de Blasio advisor is living with a man who was convicted of homicide, has a record for cocaine trafficking, and was charged with disorderly conduct for trying to run over a police officer—whom, the evidence shows, he likes to call “pigs.” Why does this make perfect sense? Here are the facts reported by the New York Post: “Top adviser to de Blasio dates a cop-bashing killer.” A top adviser to Mayor Bill de Blasio is in a live-in relationship with a convicted killer Read more [...]
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FBI Attacks Apple for Offering Privacy to Customers

bigbrother is watching Why would we see a story about how the FBI attacks Apple and Google? Quite simply, because they hate the fact that the public is rebelling against their own lawlessness (if not the FBI’s, then at least the NSA’s). Thanks to for posting this video: I appreciate that the news anchor is worried that people will get away with crimes with these encrypted iPhones—and, eventually, Google phones. But doesn’t the fact that we don’t have police cameras monitoring every Read more [...]
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First ISIS Beheading in the United States?

alton nolen Looks like ISIS has their first beheading on U.S. soil. Thankfully an armed citizen took down the assailant before he could add to his total. Here is the web headline from News Channel 4: “911 calls released: FBI investigating claims Oklahoma beheading suspect tried to convert others to Islam.” Officials with the Moore Police Department say the FBI is now involved in the investigation related to a brutal attack of workers at a food distribution plant. Sgt. Jeremy Lewis says the Read more [...]
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Whistleblower Exposes Federal Reserve Goldman Sachs Cooperation

boardroom Recent audio of the Federal Reserve Goldman Sachs combine should surprise no one. What do you call a meeting between regulators from the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, or any other big Wall Street bank? A job interview. Thus, we read in the New York Post: “Tapes showing meek oversight of Goldman are about to rock Wall Street.” Wall Street is about to be rocked by secretly recorded audio tapes that purport to show a too-cozy relationship between the New York Federal Read more [...]
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Does Iraq War 2014 Make any More Sense than Iraq War 2003?

Iraq map When the first earlier Iraq war was being pumped up in the press, we were told that the war would be easily affordable, that it would pay for itself, that our troops would be welcomed as liberators, that we could bring democracy to the Middle East by invading Iraq and toppling its government. I remember vividly Condoleezza Rice being quoted as accusing anyone who didn’t think democracy would work in Baghdad being no different than people who opposed civil rights in Birmingham, Alabama. It was Read more [...]
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