Microsoft Takes a Stand against U.S. Federal Government

microsoft It should surprise no one that Microsoft takes a stand. They are fighting for their life as a company. I know some people who really despise Microsoft due to their use of intellectual property. They will insist the company is untrustworthy. But their opinion is based on specific knowledge that many others never bother to acquire. No matter what betrayals they have gotten away with, if any, they cannot afford to appear untrustworthy to their customer base. The Federal Government is directly Read more [...]
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British Independence Party Set Up for Unprecedented Victory

UKIP The British independence party is UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party. Back in May they won 24 seats on the European Parliament out of 73. This is was a significant message because UKIP hates the European Union. Now it looks like UKIP is about to win an unprecedented victory over Prime Minister David Cameron. According to the Daily Mail: “Cameron faces Ukip by-election bloodbath: Party set to win first Commons seat after shock poll reveals Farage's staggering 44-point lead over the Tories.” Ukip Read more [...]
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Planned Parenthood Fraud Case Reinstated by Court

planned parenthood sign When thinking about the possibility of Planned Parenthood fraud, perhaps it is best to ask yourself: If someone openly promotes baby-killing, what else are they willing to do? That doesn’t prove anything specific, of course. But it is interesting that, according to, judges have ruled to allow a lawsuit go forward against Planned Parenthood. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit reinstated a case brought against Planned Parenthood of the Heartland in Iowa by one of Read more [...]
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To No One’s Surprise Obamacare Death Panels Are Back

death panel reaper obama Obamacare death panels are stupid paranoia. No intelligent person believes in them. Except that they are real. There is still plausible deniability, I suppose, because this isn’t a direct edict from the Affordable Care Act. But that is a ruse. The New York Times reports: “Coverage for End-of-Life Talks Gaining Ground.”  Five years after it exploded into a political conflagration over “death panels,” the issue of paying doctors to talk to patients about end-of-life care is making Read more [...]
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Al Gore’s Disappearing Ice Cap Thicker and Bigger

frozen al gore For years we have heard about Al Gore’s disappearing ice cap. Can we please put him out to pasture now, never to be heard from again? Yeah, global warming is settled, alright. A settled fraud, designed only to make politicians more powerful, and their crony business friends richer. Here is the Daily Mail headline: “Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago...despite Al Gore's prediction Read more [...]
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Fort Hood Shooter Asks Islamic State to Make Him a Citizen

Nadal Hasan As far as I know, the authorities are still calling the murderous actions of Foot Hood Shooter, Nidal Malik Hasan, “workplace violence” rather than terrorism. I understand that he hasn’t been identified as part of a group. But so what? It might still turn out that the Tsarnaev brothers weren’t part of a larger conspiracy. Does that make the Boston Marathon bombing any less an act of terrorism? (Perhaps the fact that Hasan murdered military people and thus did not really hit a civilian Read more [...]
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Hollywood Corporate Welfare - California Steals From Poor to Give to Film Industry

Hollywood Sign Movie industry Liberals act like they are such productive people, ignoring the reality of Hollywood corporate welfare. They sneer at anyone who might be described as conservative or traditionalist. They talk about their “work” as if  it is some kind of hard task. They sit in judgment over “flyover country” in their own minds. And they feed off a taxed population. Thus, the New York Times reports: Lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown  of California on Wednesday said they had reached Read more [...]
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Obamacare Success – Employed Work Fewer Hours to Keep Subsidies

Obamacare chains I call this an Obamacare success because I can’t believe that the people who designed it were unaware of this consequence.  They chose it. We already knew that Liberals were aware of the problem because they admitted to it. They claimed that it was a good thing that we might get a shorter work week. They blamed Republicans for being harsh taskmasters, wanting us to work all the time. But their theory was that, once people no longer needed a job to get health benefits, they would be happy Read more [...]
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Christianity in the Classroom?

Thomas Jefferson_God Eternal_cropped We’re told by progressives and many public educators Christianity in the classroom is wrong--that God, specifically the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible, has no place in the classroom.  Not only, they say, is this a bad idea, but it’s actually breaking the law - a violation of students’ religious liberties.  Really? I was recently invited to teach a 12-week Constitution course using a room at a local public high school in Springboro, Ohio.  The class was open to the public – parents, Read more [...]
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Financial Collapse? JPMorgan Wants to Scapegoat Russia

dollare airplane crash While seeing our financial elite try to scapegoat Russia, I recall a movie about forced honesty. Remember the 1997 Jim Carrey movie "Liar, Liar," where an attorney was "cursed" with the inability to lie for an entire day? I wish we could see the same thing in the actual halls of finance and political power for at least 24 hours—I bet if we could do it for a week we'd have massive popular revolutions all over the globe. Speaking of global conflagrations, here is a JPMorgan prediction about Read more [...]
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If Men Were Angels They Wouldn’t Be Perverts in Government

david brin quote If men were angels, we wouldn't need governments. If men were angels, centralized government wouldn't be a problem. Men are not angels. Timothy DeFoggi "solicited child porn images from other members [of his child porn site], viewed images and exchanged private messages with other members expressing interest in raping, beating and murdering infants and toddlers." So who is Timothy DeFoggi? He was only the former head of computer security for the Department of Health and Human Services—you Read more [...]
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Ferguson Sniper Coming to Your Neighborhood Unless God Spares Us

ferguson sniper Now that cooler heads have finally prevailed in Ferguson, Missouri, I want to step back a couple of weeks and address the Ferguson sniper pictured below. Imagine those who rationalized there was any possible excuse for this level of police response. We should never... never... ever... see something like this in America again, unless we are under attack from a foreign power. Never. He is looking through the sight of a weapon-of-war at innocent American citizens. What is wrong with him? This Read more [...]
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