The First Victim of a Chinese Currency War: the Chinese People

flagmadeinchina The news is reporting on a Chinese currency war as if the key to economic prosperity is found in debasing the currency. The Chinese people need stuff so they have to buy stuff. In order to do this as efficiently as possible, they need to use money when they buy stuff. Unhappily, rather than use a real commodity for money, the government banking system has commandeered the social institution of money and replaced the commodities with paper symbols (or computer figures). So now China has begun Read more [...] Continue reading →

How Does the War on Women Explain Trump?

War on Women Badge If the war on women is such a big deal, then why are women not turning against Donald Trump? I’m not quite sure why anyone expected Donald Trump to suffer badly for what he said about Megyn Kelly. If the President can get cheers by telling women to vote with their “lady parts” then there is no telling how people respond to anything anymore. Nevertheless, Reuters reports this as if we should find it surprising: “Trump's female fans shrug off 'blood' comment about TV host.” It's easy Read more [...] Continue reading →

Jefferson and Jackson Exiled from Democrat Party in the Name of Inclusiveness

Democrats Praying Is the Democrat Party showing it is inclusive or that it wants to pretend that it has no questionable past? Our ancestors sinned. Duh. I don’t mean the ones who were losers and whom history has forgotten. Even our great forefathers who built us a legacy that we enjoy committed serious sins. Does that mean we should reject them and claim they contributed nothing to us? Or does that mean we should forget them and pretend they never existed? I ask because the Democrat Party has decided Read more [...] Continue reading →

A Stupid Way for Republicans to Attack a Democrat: IRS Troubles

little house on the prairie IRS troubles could possibly indicate a character flaw, but not necessarily. Attacking someone for being behind in their taxes is not going to work well. As you may have heard, Melissa Gilbert is running for the House of Representatives to represent a district in Michigan. Gilbert was the actress who in her younger days played Laura Ingalls Wilder in the TV series, “The Little House on the Prairie.” The TV series was based on a book series by the real Laura Ingalls Wilder with a lot of editorial Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Reason Politicians Hate Uber: Bernie Sanders Explains

uber_logo Bernie Sanders articulates what every politician feels about ridesharing operations: they are free and therefore wrong. Remember when we were told that the terrorists from the Middle East hate us for our freedoms? It was half true. There are people who hate us for our freedoms. But they are from the United States. They are politicians. Bernie Sanders was recently interviewed at He mentioned Uber, the rideshare company. Asked about his proposal to phase out the “tip credit,” Read more [...] Continue reading →

Journalist Asks the Right Question: Did the Federal Government Support ISIS?

syria iraq isis How could anyone following the news over the last few years claim the government did not support ISIS? Of course they have to call it ISIL, and then speak the letters rather than simply pronouncing it as a name: I - S - I - L. But it is great to see a government bureaucrat start to squirm. This video is, as far as I can tell, floating around without any written commentary. The reference to Bashar al-Assad's "lack of legitimacy" is insane. The main reason for his "lack of legitimacy" Read more [...] Continue reading →

Report: Top Secret Information Found on Clinton Emails

top secret "Top Secret" is the highest possible security ranking. I have already mentioned that we have good reason to believe that the Clinton emails contain classified information. The State Department had to slow down the release of the emails to make sure they did not release classified information on them. But now the Miami Herald reports an even more serious breach: "'Top Secret' emails found as Clinton probe expands to key aides." As pressure builds on Hillary Clinton to explain her official use Read more [...] Continue reading →

Ferguson is Sick

Ferguson protest Jesus We are barraged again by war in our midst, a war over something as nonsensical as skin color.  This war has been with us since the creation of man in God’s own image, and its root is an innate hatred towards God, best reflected in the discriminatory destruction of our fellow man due to any quality, as seen in the case of Cain and Abel.  This hatred is a sickness we bring upon ourselves when we agree with the enemy of God that men are not created equal, nor endowed by that Creator with unalienable Read more [...] Continue reading →

Sometimes Ending Child Labor Is Cruel to Children

Pelosi and Children Advocates of ending child labor need to gain some respect for unintended consequences. Milton Friedman famously suggested that government programs should be measured by results, not their intentions. I’m sure he said also, or would have said, that moral crusades should be judged by their consequences, not by the intentions of the moral crusaders. For whatever reason the New York Times Editorial Board decided late last month to pass judgment on at what age and how much children in India work Read more [...] Continue reading →

Chris Christie Stiffs New Jersey Taxpayers and Gets Privacy for Expenses

christie obama Chris Christie was allowed to use “secret evidence” to get a judge to rule his security expenses are secret. Here is an interesting story: “Court allows Christie to hide $1 million in Amex charges.” Based on secret evidence, a New Jersey court is allowing Gov. Chris Christie to hide American Express bills that show how his state police security team charged more than $1 million to pay for out-of-state travel. Judge Mary C. Jacobson dismissed a public records suit by New Jersey Watchdog Read more [...] Continue reading →

Minnesota High-Speed Rail Is Welfare Handout to Crony "Capitalists"

cronyism The proposed Minnesota high-speed rail system is supposed to connect Rochester and the Twin Cities. If people really need a fast connection between Rochester and the Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, then someone would invest in the land purchases or easement rights, build the rail, and profit from the sale of tickets. If there isn’t enough money to be made to support such a venture, then there is not enough demand for the high-speed rail to justify its construction. More importantly, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Black Lies Matter More Than Truth on Ferguson Anniversary

fergusonAnniversary And here we go again with another state of emergency in Ferguson, Missouri. In case you have blessedly forgotten what all the fuss was about, Ferguson was the scene a year ago of the shooting of black teen Michael Brown by a white police officer, what's-his-face. I don't say that to be disrespectful to Officer Darren Wilson, who has had his life ruined for doing the right thing. But the majority of the media stories on the anniversary of that shooting focus on Brown and seem to have forgotten Read more [...] Continue reading →