Paul Ryan and Barack Obama Working Together on an Unread Trade Bill

Paul-Ryan Since everyone knows that Paul Ryan and the President are allied, CNN reports it as if it is an irony. No, it is business as usual. This CNN story says it all, “Paul Ryan's new partner: Obama.” If things had gone differently in the 2012 presidential election, Paul Ryan would be vice president right now. Instead, he's allied with the President he tried to defeat. As chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, he's muscling a controversial trade bill through the House that could Read more [...] Continue reading →

Tennessee Republican Politicians Force Higher Milk Prices

corruption Because Tennessee Republican politicians are a bunch of socialists and corruptocrats. If you want to know why the response to Obamacare by Republicans has been so weak, the answer is easy to find. Republican politicians agree with Obama’s overall economic and political philosophy and they disagree with the economic and political philosophy that is prominent among Republican voters. They don’t believe in freedom; they don’t understand freedom beyond a jingle that they use to win votes, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Every Tomboy and “Sissy” Male is a Target for the Transgender Industry

tomboy The Transgender Industry is revving up to feed off mandated insurance and the lives of children. Yesterday I spotted this article in the Dallas News about a clinic at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. It reminded me of seeing Camille Paglia interviewed where she talked about what kind of girl she was. She said she was always extravagantly “gender non-conforming.” She gave as examples her Halloween costumes: a Roman soldier, a Matador, Napolean, and Hamlet. But Camille Paglia has no Read more [...] Continue reading →

A State Senate Wants Drone Use to Require a Warrant

drone In Connecticut the state senate thinks the Fourth-Amendment-type rules should apply to drone use. Not every issue is cleared up by the Constitution. While the Fourth Amendment states that we should be secure in our persons, property, and effects, etc, it doesn’t limit government agents on public property. If I drive from my house to the grocery store, the Fourth Amendment doesn’t necessarily apply to a decision by a police officer to follow me for whatever reason. That’s why drone use Read more [...] Continue reading →

Does the War on Drugs Turn Adults into Monsters?

marijuana plants When you suspend a student for a year for NOT possessing or using drugs, you have allowed the war on drugs to make you insane and dangerous. We keep getting more and more bizarre stories about how public schools act when students are accused of possession or use of drugs. For example, when a school came into possession of a student's private journal, and read it, and found she wrote that she had used marijuana, I thought their response was insane and possibly criminal. But at least in that case, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Dennis Hastert Shows Us Why Robert Gates is Wrong about the Boy Scouts

boy scouts Robert Gates should listen to the sister of (one of?) Dennis Hastert’s victims when considering the Boy Scouts. Since I have recently posted about Dennis Hastert (also here) and about Robert Gates and the Boy Scouts, it seemed appropriate to show you this story from NBC Chicago, which, in my mind, brings them both together. A Montana woman says the FBI interviewed her last month about her allegations that her brother had a sexual relationship while in high school with Dennis Hastert, the wrestling Read more [...] Continue reading →

Freedom of Information Act Is a Suggestion, not a Law

SpyNeighbor The Freedom of Information Act is ignored at will. Because who is going to make the government obey it? Sixteen thousand unanswered Freedom Of Information Act requests! From Real Clear Politics: JOYCE BARR, CHIEF FOIA OFFICER, U.S. STATE DEPT.: The State Department is committed to openness, it is critical to ensuring the public trust and to promoting public collaboration with the U.S. government. However, meeting our commitment to openness is very challenging. We have a large backlog of Read more [...] Continue reading →

Republicans Want to Pass Obamatrade to Find Out What’s in Obamatrade

Obama_Boehner The Obamatrade bill is even more secret than it is supposed to be since key supporters have not bothered to read it. As far as I know, Breitbart News dubbed the Trans Pacific Partnership Bill the Obamatrade bill. It is a good name. While the Senate Democrats saved us from Repubican-Obama collusion once, the Senate is certainly going to vote again on giving the President special authority to push the “trade deal.” And in this case, major Republican proponents are pushing the bill without Read more [...] Continue reading →

The US Arms ISIS by Arming Iraq

UStentsISIS By giving weapons to a nation’s army that cannot keep them, effectively, the US arms ISIS. If we make a mistake once, and then fix it, or change policy, then the mistake is not that sinister. But when we make it over and over, and no one seems to be trying to fix it, we have to wonder if it is a mistake or a plan. We already know that the US arms ISIS. One way they did it is by taking weapons from Libya. But another one of the ongoing ways in which ISIS gets US arms is through Iraq. The Iraqi Read more [...] Continue reading →

Who Owns the Family?

 This week I had a bit of an unnerving experience. Just having new tires put on the car, Neil, Joe and I were driving back from a speech I gave in Northern Baltimore County. It seemed like there was some additional noise from the rear of the car and it seemed at certain speeds to vibrate more than normal. I got to wondering if perhaps they didn’t balance the tires properly or if there was some other mechanical problem. It never entered my thoughts that it could be more serious than that. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Would Jesus Officiate at a Homosexual Marriage?

Illinois gay marriage This is written for the Believer as the secular mind will not be able to follow this logic. Confusion is the ‘flavor of the day’.  How else can you explain the fact that churches are capitulating to the concept that Christianity and Homo-Matrimony are somehow compatible? The devil’s kids are highly skilled masters of confusion.  In fact, the Scriptures tell us that Satan is “the author of confusion.”  He doesn’t just practice and spread confusion, he is the one who comes up with Read more [...] Continue reading →

Transgender America Wants Your Kids to Drink the Kool-Aid

ugly parent in drag Yes, Transgender America deserves the Jim Jones reference because we are in the power of a seriously delusional and dangerous cult. A father needs to model many things to his son, including a basic confidence in himself, a proper attitude of respect for his health, and a concern for others rather than an obsessive focus on himself. And yes, he needs to be the masculine parent for the sakes of both his sons and daughters. So now the media is pushing life with a transgender father and son… Read more [...] Continue reading →