Tim Cook Attacks "Discrimination"; Mozilla CEO Unmentioned

Tim Cook According to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, discrimination is bad for business except when it is used against people he doesn’t like. Tim Cook’s Washington Post editorial is amazing. There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country. A wave of legislation, introduced in more than two dozen states, would allow people to discriminate against their neighbors. Some, such as the bill enacted in Indiana last week that drew a national outcry and one passed in Arkansas, say individuals Read more [...]
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Conservatives Find Liberal Allies for Justice Reform

prison A conservative website reports on justice reform and the bipartisan consensus. What makes this story notable is that the Washington Free Beacon is reporting on it. I’ve known for awhile of a growing movement of Liberals and Conservatives cooperating together to try to reform the way criminals are punished in the United States. But what I haven’t been sure of is how deeply it has been embraced by most conservatives. While I still don’t have an answer to that question, it does seem amazing Read more [...]
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To Fight Discrimination, Two Mayors Ban Indiana

lesbian wedding cake No one must be permitted to decide with whom they do business, so two mayors tell city employees they must ban Indiana from their travel. Indiana’s state affirmation of the First Amendment continues to be attacked as a bill legalizing “discrimination.” I guess this means that the people who attack Indiana in this inaccurate way must really hate discrimination. They must believe that you must never refuse to do business with someone or some group on the basis of any moral problems you Read more [...]
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DOJ Acts as Defense Attorney for Hillary Clinton

Hillary-Clinton Hillary Clinton gets the Federal government as her defense attorney. I guess there is no way to avoid the problem, but it still seems grossly unfair. How can we claim that people are equal before the law when some people get massive tax-funded resources for their defense in court, and other people have to use their own meager funds (meager, in part, because of how much the Federal government takes from them in the first place). I have in mind the way the Justice Department has come to play Read more [...]
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Black Churches Tell Presbyterians to Repent of Homosexuality

keep calm say no homosex Somehow black churches aren’t feeling compelled to help out another “minority.” I reported earlier that the Presbyterians have re-defined marriage (and mis-defined it) as a relationship between two “persons” rather than between a man and a woman. Another church group has responded. Charisma Magazine reports, “34,000 Black Churches Break Ties With Presbyterian Church USA.” The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations Read more [...]
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Three Armed Intruders, One Armed Homeowner and Wife

revolver pointed How many bullets does a man need in his handgun for multiple armed intruders? We should have “common-sense gun laws” like a limit of ten or even seven rounds in a magazine. Haven’t we heard that constantly for gun controllers? Why do you need those extra rounds? No one needs more! So save this story for those who are open to rational discussion. A husband and wife who live in Marshall County, Oklahoma, were invaded by at least three armed intruders. The news story mentions four suspects, Read more [...]
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This Cannot Be a Hate Crime, Comrades

coke pepsi hate Black men beating up a white man for failing to answer a question about Michael Brown correctly: definitely not a hate crime. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure (fight starts at about 1:40): According to my local Fox 2 Station: The video shows man seated at the front of the MetroLink train can be seen talking to several young men.  After a heated exchange the man wearing a red shirt and hat punches the seated man in the face.  The man puts up his fists to protect himself Read more [...]
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DEA Agents Bed Down Drug Cartel Prostitutes

DEALogo DEA agents used drug cartel prostitutes at the sex parties they sponsored. Just the kind of people we want working in law enforcement. It is not hard to find stories that allege that the Drug Enforcement Administration is in bed with one or more of the drug cartels in South America or Mexico. It now turns out that the allegations are more literally true. If drug cartel prostitutes can be considered the proxies for their employer, then we have a situation where DEA agents were quite literally in Read more [...]
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The NSA Hurts US Companies

nsa floor By spying through them, the NSA hurts US companies like Facebook. In the case of Facebook, I’m not that concerned. But I am sure it is going on with other US technology companies as well. Instead of exporting a trusted product that people in other nations want to use, they fear our companies and are suspicious of what the government is doing through them. When the company is one that reaches mass numbers of individual consumers overseas, each and every one of them can learn to resent Americans Read more [...]
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Admitted: Global Warming Means Anti-Technology Darkness

light bulb The global warming crowd chooses propaganda symbols that admit they are anti-technology and anti-civilization. There was a time when it got really dark at night. In the Bible you catch a glimpse of it (pun unintended) in the story of how Ruth came to Boaz at night and was completely unrecognizable to him at close range. Unless the sky was clear and the moon was full, the dark of the night was pitch black. But God blessed the human race with brains that could study, innovate and make life better. Read more [...]
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Indiana, Experimental Drugs, and Freedom

pills dollar sign In Indiana, experimental drugs may become legal for terminal patients. How does this comport with their “anti-homosexual” law? We all know that Indiana is a backwards state because they just moved to legalize discrimination against homosexuals, right? I mean, the headlines wouldn’t lie, would they? But then how does that same legislature turn around and loosen drug laws? According to the Chicago CBS affiliate, “Indiana ‘Right To Try’ Law Gives Terminally Ill Access To Experimental Drugs.” Imagine Read more [...]
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Abortion Consistency: No Murder Charge for Cutting Baby from Womb

Gosnell_0 Colorado is showing abortion consistency in how they treat a woman who stabbed a pregnant woman to remove the baby, and who caused the baby’s death. A woman had been pretending she was pregnant for months. Someone online heard about it and actually predicted that some harm might result (see this CNN video). But no one was able to stop the crime. The woman, Dynel Lane, advertised baby clothes on Craigslist.com. When Michelle Wilkins showed up, seven months pregnant, Lane beat her and stabbed Read more [...]
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