Roaches Scatter: BCFS Refuses Deal on Palm Aire Resort for Illegals

palm aire tennis Yowza! Shine the light, and the roaches run for cover!! Recapping: Baptist Child & Family Services were going to pay $3.8-mill for a property valued at just over $1.9-mill on the Hidalgo County, TX property records site, and the agent for the sellers was a big donor to a Democrat running for U.S. House in the district, and for another investment group with State Department contracts. From KRGV: “BCFS Walks Away from Palm Aire Hotel Project.” BCFS Health and Human Services on Wednesday Read more [...]
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Tracking Down the Palm Aire Child Immigration Deal

palm aire resort As you probably know by now, the Feds have given your tax money to Baptist Child & Family Services to buy and run a luxury resort hotel for illegal immigrant children. I immediately wondered if there was a crony bailout involved. We don’t know the answer to that question yet. But a few facts have surfaced thanks to a little digging by Bob Allen. Let me start with a basic Yelp page, establishing the property address: Palm Aire Hotel & Suites 415 S International Blvd Weslaco, TX 78596 If Read more [...]
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Refugee Children from Over our Southern Border Desperately Need You to Supply Them with… an Olympic Pool and Tennis Courts?

palm aire resort Are you kidding me? Here is a picture of their new “refuge” via Gateway Pundit. Welcome to America! The Obama administration has awarded a $50 million contract to a charitable group to buy a Texas resort hotel and transform it in to a 600 bed facility for juvenile illegal aliens. The beautiful Palm Aire resort and hotel has an indoor Olympic sized pool and an outdoor pool.  Free Wi-Fi and cable TV are included in the simply decorated guest rooms. The Palm Aire Hotel and Suites is Read more [...]
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Civil Rights or God-Given Rights?

declaration of Independence_02 Fifty years ago, when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressed a crowd of 250,000 people gathered in Washington, DC, he called on the people of the various states, and the government of these united States to live up to the principles espoused in the Declaration of Independence. But it was not, as many have falsely claimed, a call for “civil” rights. In fact, in my view, Dr. King was not a champion of “civil” rights. He was a champion of God-given rights. Dr. King made clear in his Read more [...]
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Mom Let Her 9-Year-Old Play in Park "for Hours at a Time" in the Summer... So Lock Her Up!

mug shot When I was nine years old, my family moved to Eau Gallie, Florida, near Melbourne. That summer my mother decided she needed to come up with something for my younger brother and me to do. She got some kind of deal buying a book of tickets to the local skating rink. Five days a week we would walk there in the morning and spend hours there before walking back home. There were no mobile phones back then. Our only way to contact home was to use a quarter in the pay phone that was there. The walk was about Read more [...]
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Authority from the Governed – Nowhere Else!

john locke All authority comes from the individuals and is provided to their representatives in government through an expressed powers document called a constitution. The understanding that all authority for government actions comes from the people individually is the fourth most important principle of freedom and the cornerstone of true freedom. This principle is set forth in the third sentence of the “Declaration” that reads, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving Read more [...]
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Non-Heterosexuals Make Up Less than 3% of U.S. Population

homoteen I remember back in the nineties, “experts” constantly claimed that one in ten people are gay. This was used to argue or imply that something so prevalent could not possibly be a deviation from a moral norm. Ten percent of people can’t be wrong, can they? It was always an invalid argument, but it is worth pointing out that the numbers were made up. The National Health Interview Survey has come out with its findings. According to the Washington Post, this survey is “the government’s premier Read more [...]
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“Social Justice” Is Often a Rationalization for Injustice

Social Justice The contemporary definition of "social justice" is that a self-selected elite chooses who gets robbed and who gets crumbs. Oh, and the self-selected elite always end up well-paid, like that destitute woman, Hillary Clinton. From Gary North, “A Dialogue on Social Justice.” What Is social justice? Economist Walter Williams has an answer. "I keep what I earn, and you keep what you earn. If you believe that you deserve some of what I earn, please explain why." Dr. Williams is skeptical about Read more [...]
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Fewer IRS Audits? Oh No! That Would Be Terrible!

end the irs Amazing how the story just came out that even with all of these alleged cuts, the IRS took in more than ever in history last quarter, and we still had a massive deficit! Kill the IRS, and then take the checkbook away from Congress. At that point, we might be getting somewhere. From Associated Press: “House Votes to Slash IRS Tax Enforcement Budget.” The GOP-controlled House has voted to slash the budget for the Internal Revenue Service's tax enforcement division by $1.2 billion, a 25 percent Read more [...]
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So It Begins: Christian College Loses City Contract; Accreditation Threatened

Gordon_College By putting the government or quasi-government entities in education and virtually every other aspect of society, the groundwork for a top-down anti-Christian regime has been in place for a long time. The Government doesn’t need to officially overturn the First Amendment (though it is trying to do so) to meet many of its goals. It can make it a dead letter. From the Christianity Today blog: “Gordon College Loses City Contract, Gets Accreditation Scrutiny.” The college had partnered with Read more [...]
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Senate Judicial Committee Repudiates & Attacks the Bill of Rights

First Amendment Here's one to keep an eye on... an attempt to gut and overturn the First Amendment with a "hey, we're only trying to address this..." while the hand behind their back has a much more expansive agenda or, at least, a boatload of unintended consequences (whether you want to believe supporters are evil or stupid—your choice). From Zac Morgan at National Review Online: “Does Religious Speech Threaten Democracy?” The Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday approved by a 10–8 vote a constitutional Read more [...]
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Chicago Blacks Turn on Obama

obama podium One of the greatest disappointments of the Obama presidency is the wasted opportunity to finally put racial divisions to an end in America. Instead of reaching out and changing hearts and minds, President Obama has proved himself a practitioner of the same tired racial politics the Left has always relied upon, multiplied by a factor of about 10. The great hope of achieving Martin Luther King's dream has been dashed to pieces by a man who is the most racially divisive president ever. Thus, Read more [...]
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