A Third of Americans Have No Savings for Emergencies

Broken piggy bank Far too many of us have no savings, or inadequate savings, for a financial crisis. Our political and economic leaders have encouraged a culture of spending, as if that was the key to economic growth. They have encouraged consumer debt and consumers have mostly fallen for their message. Thus, the present mess we are in. CNBC reports, “Look who's living on the financial edge.” According to a newly released report from Bankrate, 24 percent of Americans have more credit card debt than Read more [...]
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Healthcare.gov Still Not Finished and Costing Money

healthcaregov Why is Healthcare.gov still not finished when we have spent so much money on it? Way back in December 2013, Bob Allen pointed to the Wall Street Journal’s report on the White House claim to have fixed Healthcare.gov: This weekend miracle defies other evidence, such as the recent admission by an HHS official that 30% to 40% of the exchanges are still unfinished. Much of this involves the “back end” of the exchange operation that provides information to insurers but that consumers don’t Read more [...]
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Jails Not Full Enough so Lets Ban Machetes

machete Anti-Second-Amendment thinking makes an attempt to ban machetes look intelligent. Once you have accepted the premise that people must be disarmed for their own good, then you really have no way of stopping where that thinking leads you. Thus, the New York Daily News headline: “State Sen. Tony Avella wants to ban machete possession in New York.” The sale of machetes should be outlawed after several recent attacks, a Queens pol said Wednesday. State Sen. Tony Avella plans to introduce Read more [...]
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Big Brother Food Controllers Want Higher Taxes

fat-kid Tax-feeding “scientists” want us to pay higher taxes on sugary foods and drinks. From Bloomberg Business: “Tax on Sugary Foods Proposed by U.S. Panel to Fight Obesity.” Americans should pay taxes on sugary sodas and snacks as a way to cut down on sweets, though they no longer need to worry about cholesterol, according to scientists helping to revamp dietary guidelines as U.S. obesity levels surge. The recommendations Thursday from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee also call Read more [...]
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Judge Admits He Just Followed Orders

prison Judge gave a man essentially a life sentence because “the system forced me to do it.” It has been awhile since we have mentioned Albert Jay Nock on this blog. But the infamous “Tory Anarchist” once wrote a true story about a judge that bears repeating in light of recent events: Once, I remember, I ran across the case of a boy who had been sentenced to prison, a poor, scared little brat, who had intended something no worse than mischief, and it turned out to be a crime. The judge said Read more [...]
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Another State Persecutes Tesla

Tesla-Model-S-Side Iowa tries to hamper Tesla from reaching potential customers. The Iowa Department of Transportation has made another move against Tesla. I say “another” move because the Iowa state government has already forbidden Teslas to be sold at stores in Iowa. In order to get some idea of the kind of insanity that has gripped the nation, and the power-games that the states are playing, I direct you, dear reader, to this post about New Jersey’s adventure in marketplace fascism—sponsored by Read more [...]
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Homosexual Propaganda as Norman Rockwell Biography

gruber meme Imagine what would happen if Jonathan Gruber wrote a Norman Rockwell biography... Many great and upstanding figures from American history have had their reputations tarnished by modern biographers. While it is true that no life can measure up to a standard of perfection, it is also tragically clear that a huge number of moderns love to justify their own debauchery by finding it (even when they have to make it all up!) in respected icons of years gone by. As this story from Norman Rockwell's Read more [...]
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Yet another White House Cover-up: IRS Spying Scandal

keeping secrets no An investigation into how the IRS shared private information about Conservatives has run into another White House cover-up. Once again we have an Administration that promised transparency refusing to cooperate with any attempt to learn the truth. In this case the White House has not officially claimed privilege; they have simply lied about what is going on. The Washington Times reports: The White House told Congress last week it refused to dig into its computers for emails that could shed light Read more [...]
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Greek People Expect Greek Government to Represent Them

Austerity Ahead What happens when the Greek government sets policy according to the dictates of foreign creditors, not the wishes of Greek voters? The new left-wing government now has power in Greece for one reason only: they promised to end austerity. The entire point of democracy is that a nation’s people are sovereign. They vote for people who are supposed to represent their interests and make laws accordingly. But that is not what is happening in Greece because the concept of national sovereignty Read more [...]
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Income Tax Refunds Messed Up for almost a Million by Obamacare

obamacare death star The Affordable Care Act is interfering with the income tax refunds of about a million people. The first number reported is 800,000. So reports the Associated Press: About 800,000 HealthCare.gov customers got the wrong tax information from the government, the Obama administration said Friday, and officials are asking those affected to delay filing their 2014 returns. But as you follow the story, you learn that another hundred thousand were messed up by the California insurance exchange. Then Read more [...]
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Should Conservatives Panic about Republicans Losing Texas?

voter_id_texas_Cropped Polls seem to show Republicans losing Texas. But there is no reason for Conservatives to lose hope. How worried should we be? I certainly don’t want to lose the help of the Texas electoral college! According to the Houston Chronicle, Despite Texas’ reputation as a Republican bulwark and a stronghold for conservatism, the state’s electorate doesn’t lean as hard to the right you’d think. Not by a long shot. Data from Gallup Daily tracking interviews in 2014 – which interviewed Read more [...]
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Business Owner Turns Prize into Bonus for Workers

burger king Owner of Burger Kings who won “Franchisee of the Year” award, sold it to give money to employees as a bonus. For those who want to think that no generosity ever comes to workers except by government mandate, perhaps this story can restore some sanity to your thinking. It was posted in the Consumerist: When the Arizona-based owners of two dozen Burger Kings was given the “Franchisee of the Year” award from the folks at BK HQ for his restaurants’ high marks on service and cleanliness, Read more [...]
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