Republicans Want Millennials, Then Defy Them on Abortion

millennials If Republicans want Millennials, then why did they betray a majority of them? I have to add this footnote to my post about the horrible Republican betrayal of the pro-life cause. An excuse made for the sudden about-face, where the GOP Congress dropped a bill they had already passed and replaced it with another one was explained as a need to placate Millennials. This was a fraud. As CNS News reports, “Millennials Protest Ellmers' Efforts to Delay and Dilute Pro-Life Bill.” A Read more [...]
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TSA Covered Up Security Lapses by Classifying Them as Secret

tsa-badge By claiming they were “Sensitive Security Information,” the TSA covered up failures by abusing their authority. As we all know, the Transportation Security Administration trumpets its own accomplishments, or its claims to have significant accomplishments. They want the newspaper to publish these accomplishments and then for the public to read and believe what they say about these accomplishments. The TSA expects us to praise and value the TSA on the basis of these accomplishments… …which Read more [...]
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Police State in Mississippi… because Bulldogs

stop bsl The Mississippi legislature is set to create a police state to monitor people with the wrong dogs or thought to have such dogs. As far as I can tell the Stop BSL website stands for stopping “Breed-Specific Laws.” You can find a list of their principles here, including: Stop BSL does not support dog fighting in any way, shape, or form, and the author personally wishes all dog fighters would drop dead. Stop BSL does not support dog breeders. Stop BSL does not support irresponsible Read more [...]
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Better to End Civil Marriage than Pervert It?

todd russ An Oklahoma legislator isn’t exactly proposing to end civil marriage, but he wants the state to stop issuing marriage licenses. The problem with homosexual marriage isn’t simply the question of the morality of homosexual couples, but that people who know homosexual marriage is an oxymoron—like a square triangle or dry water—are required to lie and affirm that such a self-contradiction exists. This means that county clerks who sign marriage licenses are being told to lie as a condition Read more [...]
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This is Where Freedom Dies: In Your Driveway

wake up smell fascism Fascism begins at home, in your neighborhood, and even in your driveway. Technically, the Orlandos don’t own their driveway. According to The Orlandos have lived in Kimry Moor, which has 84 single-family homes off Mott Road near the village of Fayetteville, for about six years. The residents in the development own their homes, but the common areas, which include the driveways, are owned by the homeowners' association, according to the bylaws. Every lot has a driveway and Read more [...]
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Government Wants Citizens Disarmored as Well as Disarmed.

armoredpolice Politician makes new attempt to leave Americans disarmed — by banning body armor. Back in the beginning of 2013, Gary DeMar wrote an astute post entitled, “It’s OK to Kill When You’re the Government.” Among other things, he said: In 1992, the government went after Randy Weaver on trumped up charges. The story is long and involved. You can read a fair account of it here and here. In the end, Vicki Weaver was shot dead as was the Weaver’s son. Fourteen-year-old Sammy Weaver was shot Read more [...]
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Why Teach Young Kids about How to Give Sexual Consent?

sex offenders Sexual consent must be taught “at the very earliest stages” in school, according to some. [Note: I originally wrote "toddlers" in the headline, because "very earliest stages" seems really young. But in the context of school you are probably talking about kindergarten at earliest. Still pretty young, but not toddler-age. Sorry for the mistake.] I’m not sure why public schools feel it necessary to teach about sexual practices. I know they keep claiming there is widespread misinformation. Read more [...]
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Republicans Showing Respect for the Constitution, Finally

battle_of_naseby Peggy Noonan claims Congress is disrespecting the President, but they are really showing respect for the Constitution. In an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, A Republic of Disrespect, Peggy Noonan castigates the Congress for inviting Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session. She sees it as in bad form. In her words: The United States has an elected president who serves a four-year term, and in that time he gets to conduct the nation’s formal diplomatic efforts Read more [...]
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Liberals Outraged at Fewer Down Syndrome Corpses in Trash

down syndrome A state tries to protect the lives of Down syndrome babies and others from selective abortions. Liberals want them wiped out. It is really good to talk about Down syndrome children and abortion because it causes Liberals to show what sociopathic Nazis they really are. A Down syndrome child used to be an understood fixture of a few families. Now, a Down syndrome child causes shaking of the head. “What kind of parents don’t get tested these days?” And: “Surely they would have gotten Read more [...]
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What Does the GOP Betrayal on Abortion Mean?

RINOs The refusal to pass the abortion bill for preventing pain for babies was a GOP betrayal, nothing less. Recently, the Republican-dominated Congress suddenly changed their minds about an abortion bill they had already passed. As the Federalist notes, this cannot be excused. It means the Republican Party is deliberately destroying the wishes of a majority of voters—especially in their own party: “Why Everyone Should Be Terrified By The GOP’s Abortion Bill Debacle.” Pro-lifers were promised Read more [...]
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Democrat Billionaire Lectures Americans to Live with Less

Greenes A Democrat billionaire politician has demanded that the middle class “have less things”? Why the outrage? This editorial in the Denver Post seems really outraged: “Jeff Greene's patronizing twaddle from Davos.” Sounds like a rather dismissive title. But the first thing I thought when I read the piece was, “Why are they so mad? The mainstream media is constantly endorsing super-rich liberals who advocate higher energy costs and other expenses that would be devastating to the Read more [...]
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Political Privilege on Display in Kentucky

no rule of law You see political privilege when a state senator claims to be exempt from DUI laws the rest of us must obey. There is an argument some will make that DUI laws are too strict and somewhat arbitrary. Others will disagree. I can respect both sides of the argument. What I can’t respect is someone who wants the laws to stay in place for everyone except himself because he is so special. So now we have this report from WKYT: “State senator wants DUI charge dismissed based on 1891 rule.” A Read more [...]
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