Swiss Franc Decoupled Euro; Screams Ensue

By ending the practice of pegging the Swiss franc to the Euro, the Swiss National Bank have enraged our financial elites. The New York Sun published a nice succinct editorial on Friday about the Swiss National Bank’s decision to de-peg their currency from the Euro. An excerpt: All other virtues of this drama aside, what a paroxysm of panic it has produced at the Financial Times, which has declared that “Thursday’s action in the Swiss franc defies the reach of hyperbole.” We haven’t Read more [...]
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What Is the Federal Reserve Hiding?

fed spider Ron Paul’s editorial on auditing the Federal Reserve was published in the Daily Bell yesterday: “If the Fed Has Nothing to Hide, It Has Nothing to Fear.” Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the dollar has lost over 97 percent of its purchasing power, the US economy has been subjected to a series of painful Federal Reserve-created recessions and depressions, and government has grown to dangerous levels thanks to the Fed's policy of monetizing the debt. Yet the Federal Reserve Read more [...]
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More, Who Can Afford To, Are Leaving Public School

School bus_02 New Report Says a Majority of Public School Students Are Poor. Why Else Would They Be There? I’m not sure I understand why anyone would be surprised at the news reported by Bloomberg: “Majority of U.S. Public-School Children Are Living in Poverty.” A majority of U.S. public-school children are living in poverty for the first time in half a century. Fifty-one percent of public-school students qualified for free or reduced-price lunch in 2013, the Southern Education Foundation said in Read more [...]
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Sexual Conduct with Prostitute Legal for Cop if He Arrests Her

Vice Squad When a police officer reported that a fellow member of the force had used a prostitute, the bosses found an excuse to fire him. I have argued that no cop has a right to a job at taxpayer expense. Some might think that I am contradicting myself when I state that, if this report is at all accurate, Sergeant Don Paul Bales should be given his job back at the Fort Smith, Arkansas, Police Department. But I am not arguing that he should get his job back simply because the people firing him didn’t Read more [...]
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Kidnap Children over Dad’s Unapproved Supplement

kidnapping You can’t call the police when they are the ones who kidnap children. Imagine having your seven children kidnapped—it's exactly the situation wherein you would expect to turn to the civil authorities for quick response, and a safe return of your entire family. Now imagine that it is those same authorities, who are ordained by God to protect you, who are the very ones guilty of the kidnapping. When your society reaches this point you're in serious trouble. From the Medical Kidnap Read more [...]
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Transgender Lying to Kids: “Sometimes Men Have Babies”

truth lies What happens to education when transgender lying becomes policy? Let me just cut to the punch line of this perverse, sickening joke of a story from the CNS News blog: When asked what they will tell their children one day about “who Mommy and Daddy are,” Nick said, “Gradually, and in ways that they can understand. I mean eventually the questions will come about. Schools calling us and saying, ‘Your child said that his mommy has a penis’ and things like that.” “I mean, that’s Read more [...]
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Could President Romney Lift People out of Poverty?

091712_romney_640 Mitt Romney wants to run a campaign promising to lift people out of poverty. Could he do it? I’ve already expressed my disbelief that Mitt Romney wants to run for President again. But his attempt to change “tone” is interesting. According to the New York Times, Speaking below deck on the Midway, an aircraft carrier converted to a floating museum in the San Diego harbor, Mr. Romney criticized President Obama and sketched out a three-pronged campaign platform should he seek the presidency Read more [...]
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Did Eric Holder Just End Asset Forfeiture?

Eric_Holder_official_portrait It looks like the Department of Justice has put the brakes on Federal involvement in asset forfeiture. Here is the Guardian’s report: “Attorney general Eric Holder puts halt to warrantless 'stop and seize' tactics.” State and local police will no longer be allowed to seize citizens’ property without evidence that a crime has occurred, following an action by the attorney general, Eric Holder, to effectively end the program. Holder on Friday announced a new policy that, with a few Read more [...]
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Homosexual Families Are Stalinist Reeducation Camps

children of homosexual parents As a court considers same-sex “marriage,” children are testifying about what it is like in homosexual families. Testimony in the Louisiana court case has brought to light some interesting perspectives on what it is like to be raised by a same-sex couple. I’m not talking about how bad it could possibly get. I’m talking about being raised in ideal circumstances. [See also, "Transgender Lying to Kids: 'Sometimes Men Have Babies.'"] Lifesite News reports, “‘Quartet of Truth’: Read more [...]
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Feinstein Family Set to Make Millions from Government Favor

feinstein gun The Feinstein family is doing very well in “public service.” As a Democrat Senator, Dianne Feinstein is on the team that pretends to be concerned about income inequality.  But she and her husband also give us a window into the ongoing saga of how politicians suddenly become much wealthier after a time in office. Richard Johnson writes for Page Six at the New York Post, The US Postal Service plans to sell 56 buildings — so it can lease space more expensively — and the real estate Read more [...]
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Scientists Call a Halt to Overselling Calamities

stranded polar bear Respected scientists are complaining about reports that are overselling calamities. When Nature magazine runs an editorial about it, the problem has to be growing to an embarrassing size. Bob Tisdale guest posted about the problem at the climate change skeptic website, Watts Up with That. He quotes Nature: The state of the world’s seas is often painted as verging on catastrophe. But although some challenges are very real, others have been vastly overstated, researchers claim in a review Read more [...]
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The Ultimate Counter-Terrorism: No Soft Targets

concealed carry A crime story shows how the U.S. can fight terrorism by providing no soft targets. When terrorism takes the form of shooting people in an office or gunning down shoppers at a store, it becomes even more obvious where the true Homeland Security is found in the United States. You can see it in this story of the robbery of a liquor store that did not succeed. A Tulsa liquor store clerk took on four masked men during an attempted robbery earlier this week, shooting and killing two and helping Read more [...]
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