Why Does Islam Produce Totalitarian Governments?

ColsonsLaw Totalitarian governments become inevitable if people won’t restrain themselves. The Gospel Coalition posted some social wisdom that Peter Kreeft gained from Chuck Colson, the founder of Prison Fellowship. Reading Kreeft’s words made me think of the question: Why are self-consciously Islamic nations almost invariably totalitarian? Kreeft writes: Colson’s Law is named for the man I learned it from: Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries. It is one of the fundamental Read more [...]
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Police Militarization: How Conservatives Justify Weaponization

Police The missing component in this discussion of police militarization and related issues is the responsibility of law enforcement to educate the citizenry, and not simply take upon themselves prerogatives they were never intended to have within the American system. The discussion is published by the Daily Signal: “Police Beefed Up Capabilities Because a Crime-Weary Nation Wanted Them To.” The demands of a weary public compelled state and local law enforcement to challenge more conventional Read more [...]
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CDC Authority is Not Prophetic

cdc seal We claim to be intelligent and scientific, so why do we invoke CDC authority? Who died and made the Centers for Disease Control God? When I saw this story about sleep requirements for optimal health and functioning, I didn’t expect to post about it. But the way the story ended reminded me of how the media often assumes that centralized authority somehow determines truth. I posted yesterday about how, contrary to media assumptions, the Ebola emergency is not an argument for increased centralized Read more [...]
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Elizabeth Warren, Hypocrite and Crony Capitalist

elizabeth warren The Elizabeth Warren attack on Barack Obama for protecting the finance industry is a con job. Yes, Barack Obama was bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs and the rest of the finance industry, so her criticisms are true enough in that area. But she is claiming that the Democrats aren’t really like that and that the Republicans are worse. Thus, the Daily Caller reports: Obama’s economic team “protected Wall Street,” Sen. Warren told Salon. “Not families who were losing their homes. Read more [...]
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Andrew Cuomo Wants NY to Have Its Own Export-Import Bank

cronyism As Congress seems about to end the Export-Import Bank, Governor Cuomo wants NY Taxpayers to Fund Corporate Welfare. In one of the rare triumphs of reason over corruption in the Federal government, it looks as if a government office of crony corruption might finally be put down. Left and Right agree that the Export-Import Bank needs to end. But a group of politicos are horrified by the end of the taxpayer-finance corporate welfare. One of them is Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. According Read more [...]
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Ebola Is Not a Reason for Increased Centralized Power

cdc logo The spread of the disease might be halted by increased centralized power, but it also might be spread faster. The assumptions in this USA Today story are rather obvious: As Thomas Eric Duncan's family mourns the USA's first Ebola death in Dallas, one question reverberates over a series of apparent missteps in the case: Who is in charge of the response to Ebola? The answer seems to be — there really isn't one person or agency. There is not a single national response. […] "One of the Read more [...]
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U.S. Bombing of ISIS Leading to Defeat of Iraq?

syria iraq isis Some are claiming the defeat of Iraq, through the capture of Baghdad, is a real and near possibility. I asked earlier if Barack Obama is even trying to defeat ISIS (or ISIL, or the Islamic State, etc). Whether he is trying or not, it doesn’t look like he is succeeding. Perhaps he only means to “manage” ISIS, not to defeat them. Promising to slowly “degrade” ISIS, it seems possible that the Shiite population of Baghdad could fall into their hands. As the Washington Times reports, Read more [...]
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Russia against the Sex Pervert Nation

homosex propaganda obamacare Our bureaucracies have quietly turned us into the sex pervert nation of the world. Sometimes I see news stories that seem so far-fetched I think I must be reading dystopian science fiction. But, no; it is real news. I’ve already written on how the U.S. State Department is insisting on imposing homosexual marriage on all the nations of the world by forcing them to change their customs and laws to accommodate homosexual “marriages” (as they pretend to be) among State Department employees Read more [...]
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Why the Government Can’t Keep Ebola Facts Straight

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard. The President’s Ebola Facts Contradict Other Government Sources. There are theoretical reasons to expect the government to hide the truth and even put out contradictory information. In theory, one duty of the modern state is to protect the population from diseases or plagues. But, given the needs of government, this translates into three drives or agendas of the state: Protect people from disease by informing them how to protect themselves. Prevent the people from panicking by misinforming Read more [...]
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Hollywood Hypocrites Produce Extreme Income Inequality

Hollywood Sign Celebrity Leftists plugging Democrat slogans about income inequality are the worst offenders! Ever wondered how much people in the lower echelons of the movie credits make? Well, here you go! From the belly of the beast—The Hollywood Reporter—you can see what a "Best Boy," a "Gaffer," and a stuntman take home. “Hollywood Salaries Revealed, From Movie Stars to Agents (and Even Their Assitants)” How bad is the decline in actor salaries over the past decade? Despite the huge sums Read more [...]
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Our Economic Masters Are Afraid of Low Prices!

Crashing Europe Graphic Our elites profit as long as we are kept from enjoying low prices! The economic house of cards continues to wobble. A collapse is inevitable. Evan Ambrose-Pritchard writes in the Telegraph: “Dam breaks in Europe as deflation fears wash over ECB rhetoric.” A key gauge of deflation risk in Europe is flashing red, dropping to record lows on fears of fresh recession and lack of decisive action by the European Central Bank. The sudden lurch downwards came as Bank of America warned that Read more [...]
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School Turns Kids Into Little 'B-Words'

GenderBread "OK, Purple Penguins, it's almost time for lunch, so let's line up like good little Milkers and Juicers. ..." If the above makes you exclaim out loud, "What the? ..." then join the club. Apparently, it makes sense in Lincoln, Nebraska, where middle school teachers were given training handouts on how to create "gender-inclusive" classrooms. The first advice is to not use phrases like "boys and girls," "ladies and gentlemen" or even "you guys." Instead, teachers are told to use gender-neutral Read more [...]
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