Will Congress Resist the FCC or Not?

Matthew Berry The FCC is making partisan war and Congress needs to respond! FCC leadership now trying to block Commissioner Pai's press releases from FCC website. So much for Open Internet! — Matthew Berry (@matthewberryfcc) February 18, 2015 If this is true, Congress needs to get off their rear ends and take action. I think defunding the entire FCC budget might get their attention. Does anyone see a problem with such secrecy in a government agency that is making decisions impacting private commerce? Read more [...]
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Larceny Isn’t So Grand

theft I had the privilege of participating in the Reasons for Hope Conference this week as one of their panelists. There were many excellent presentations given, but one statistic grabbed my attention because of its critical importance to where we are headed as a country. Of all the children raised in church in our land, 70% leave the church when they graduate from high school, and that number is a few years old. Dan Smithwick of the Nehemiah Institute, whose group tests students regarding their Read more [...]
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Politicians Have No Skill or Honor to Manage the Economy

Broken piggy bank Asking the state to manage the economy through central Banking is a case study in what happens when the fox guards the henhouse. Why is the euro destined to fail, and why will the dollar and United States financial system collapse, if we do not change course? Once again, Charles Hugh Smith provides the answers in this superb piece. When you put major economic power in the hands of government, rather than a free market, you inevitably turn financial decisions into political decisions and Read more [...]
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President Doubles Down: No Islamic Terrorists

islamic state There are no Islamic terrorists according to Barack Obama. I understand how any president would face a political problem because we need Muslim countries to fight the terrorists. I don’t think anything Barack Obama says on this matter is worse than leading a worship service to the “god” who is both Christian and Muslim—as happened under George W. Bush at the National Cathedral shortly after 9-11. But his statements are still nonsense and they are actually threatening to the integrity Read more [...]
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Man Jailed Three Months for Vitamin Powder

police_line Unless you can afford a lawyer and bail money, don’t let cops find your vitamin powder. Fifty-eight days in jail for nothing. The headlines say three months but that seems to be a count of the months on the calendar. Still, 58 days is enough! KMSP-TV For the cops, it was a slam dunk. The guy had a record. He was caught driving without his headlights on, which allowed them to find an excuse to search his car. A “field test” told the officers that the powder they found was an amphetamine. Read more [...]
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Science and Government Standards: Both Overrated

big pharma Government standards are supposed to protect us from bad science. But it often doesn’t work that way. There are many areas in which we are told to do things or not do things in the name of science. How we eat, what we are allowed (or required) to inject into our bodies, and what we may use for energy are all at stake. In that last sentence I was thinking first of Michelle Obama’s lunch program, as well as many government nutrition statements, then of the arguments about measles vaccines, Read more [...]
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Crony GOP Politicians Attack Private Business for Government

space station We have at least three GOP politicians who want to obstruct a private space travel company in order to give more business to NASA. You really know the world is twisted, not when you have Republican Congressman promoting a state agency by trying to use the law to hamper a private business (that probably happens more often than we realize), but when you have a defense of the free market posted at Slate: "Three Congressmen Are Using Red Tape to Bind SpaceX to Earth." Hey, remember Sen. Richard Read more [...]
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Wesley Clark Admits Allies Created Islamic State

Terrorism Video was recently posted of Wesley Clark on CNN admitting that the Islamic State was the result of funding terrorists. Here is the video. I recommend that you watch and listen to Wesley Clark explain the origins of ISIS. I’m not great at taking dictation, but here is what I got from Wesley Clark: ISIS got started with funding from friends and allies because, as people will tell you in the region, if you want someone who will fight to the death against Hezbollah, you don't put up a recruiting Read more [...]
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The Collapse of Greece Might Bring Collapse to Us

eu greece The Collapse of Greece threatens to bring ruin to our banks, which will then be bailed out by our government at our expense. Why is the current debate over the future of Greece important to you? Yes, you, on Main Street, USA. This short article provides answers—read it. The brilliant Charles Hugh Smith is the author: “The Catastrophic Costs of Extend-and-Pretend Are about to Crush Europe.” Like a star which has expanded and now cannot maintain its grand state, Europe's extend-and-pretend Read more [...]
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Are All Hate Crimes Equal?

coke pepsi hate Hate crimes, if they mean anything, have to be assigned in an equal manner. Will that happen for a case of arson against a church? A church experienced some vandalism and arson. According to WKMG channel 6, “Vandals set fire at Florida church, write 'Allahu Akbar,' draw swastika.” A possible hate crime is under investigation after a fire was set at a Central Florida church, where vandals also spray-painted “Allahu Akbar.” The incident happened around 3 a.m. Monday at the New Shiloh Read more [...]
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Refugees Welcomed Despite Terrorist Risk

obama syria Syrian refugees will be welcomed in our country despite the threat that some might be undercover terrorists. We get this interesting tidbit from ABC News: “US Officials Admit Concern Over Syrian Refugee Effort.” Top U.S. counterterrorism officials say they worry a potential terrorist could be hiding among refugees who are looking to come to the United States after escaping the brutal war in Syria. "It's clearly a population of concern,” the director of the National Counterterrorism Read more [...]
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Government Extremism Summit Refuses to Admit Reality

Gadsden Flag Terrorism What is the point of an extremism summit that won’t identify the problem? The Federal government is hosting an "extremism summit" this week, and looking at ways to crack down on "extremists" who use social media to recruit others, and encourage violence. [See also, “Terror and Islam: Yes, There Is a Link.”] As the headline reads at the Financial Times website: “Expectations Low for U.S. Extremism Summit.” Sadly, the story is behind a paywall. Unless you have purchased a subscription Read more [...]
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