Global Warming Cred: Are Rockefellers Stupid or Frauds?

john d rockefeller This is such transparent foolishness that I want to think the Rockefellers have to be following a crafty plan designed to fool people.  But it is hard to be certain. People deceive themselves and make stupid decisions all the time. Here’s how the New York Times begins their version of the story: John D. Rockefeller built a vast fortune on oil. Now his heirs are abandoning fossil fuels. The family whose legendary wealth flowed from Standard Oil is planning to announce on Monday that its Read more [...]
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Is Barack Obama Even Trying to Defeat ISIS?

samantha power For years Barack Obama has wanted to get more heavily involved in Syria, and not to defeat ISIS. While the Obama Administration is still claiming they will not send American ground troops to engage in combat, they have obviously wanted to increase the government efforts to drive away the secular dictator who protects religious minorities in Syria—Bashar al-Assad. Thanks go to for posting this exchange with Samantha Powers on Meet the Press. I’m not an admirer of Chuck Todd, Read more [...]
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Obamacare Will Consume Some Tax Refunds

irs scandal Awhile back, Bob Allen posted about the government confiscating tax refunds without warning for old debts that no one knew about except the government. Now it looks like the government will have a new reason to make tax refunds disappear: Obamacare.   According to USA Today:  A significant benefit of the Affordable Care Act is the opportunity to receive money-saving tax credits up front to cut the overall cost of health insurance, but now hundreds of thousands of consumers could Read more [...]
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Joe Biden Reminds Us Who Owns the Country

Oligarchy 2 Here is just another piece of evidence showing who owns the country--the wealthy. From the local Aspen Daily News out of Colorado we read, Vice President Joe Biden is in town through this evening for an event sponsored by the private equity firm Forstmann Little & Co. The invite-only gathering is an annual autumn affair in Aspen, and typically attracts big names from the worlds of politics, business and entertainment for off-the-record discussions. A sitting vice president would be one Read more [...]
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More Income, More Debt, Less Wealth: Student Loan Poverty

student loan bubble In case you missed it reported at the end of last week on student loan poverty: “College Debt Leaves Generation X Grads Less Wealthy Than Parents.” Most college-educated 30- and 40-somethings earn more than their parents did at the same age, yet they’re saving less. Student debt is partly to blame. While 82 percent of Generation X Americans with at least a bachelor’s degree earn more than their parents did, just 30 percent have greater wealth. A smaller share of workers Read more [...]
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Why Are Local Crimes Now Under Federal Jurisdiction?

ar15homeland Here's an all-too common story of one of many local crimes: the sinful heart of man leads to murder (apparently fueled by the sexual tensions unleashed when a wayward society sees "consent" as the approval for sex, not "covenant"). As reported at, “South S.F. gym member kills another with bar, police say.” A member of a South San Francisco gym has been arrested on suspicion of killing another gym member with a steel bar used for lifting weights, police said Thursday. Kenneth Read more [...]
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So-Called Moderate Syrian Rebels Cooperate with ISIS

obama syria Oh, wow; this news about the moderate Syrian rebels is such a massive surprise. Who would have ever guessed? I mean, the United States has a glowing record in picking the right jihadists to support, train, and equip (See: Osama Bin Laden—seems that worked out smashingly for the people in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon!). The "moderate" Islamists our President and Congress just voted to arm in order to fight ISIS have now signed a non-aggression pact with ISIS! From the Global Post, Read more [...]
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The National Security State Provides Tyranny but Not Security

secret service TSA, DHS, FBI, Secret Service... list as many parts of the national security state as you want. Here is a reminder: The government cannot ensure your safety--nor were they ever supposed to (hence, the Second Amendment). Heck, as the story below clearly demonstrates, they can't even guarantee a man can't jump the White House fence and get all the way inside. Today’s evidence for our insecurity comes from The Associated Press over the weekend: “Secret Service Boosts Security Outside White Read more [...]
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Free Our Marine from His Mexican Jail!

free tahmooressi Millions of Mexicans have violated our borders, and our nation gives them housing, food, clothing, and (according to recent reports) voter registration cards; but one U.S. Marine crosses the border and he is kept in a Mexican jail for six months... and counting. Oh, but he had guns, you say. Yes, I see. And Eric Holder sent thousands of assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels—weapons which have been used to kill countless Mexican citizens, and U.S. Federal Agents. How many months has he spent Read more [...]
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Cheerleader Rebellion Defies Ban on Pre-Game Prayers

CheerleadersOneida Lean to the left. Lean to the right. Stand up. Sit down. Fight, fight, fight. Go, Oneida High School cheerleaders! In an uncommon and inspiring display of courage and integrity by young people, the Tennessee high school's cheerleaders defied a ban on pre-game prayers  during a recent football game -- an act that had the crowd in the stadium chanting along and cheering. The high school recently banned a nearly 80-year tradition of saying a prayer over the PA system before games, after some Read more [...]
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Pray For and Actively Support Local Servicemen against ISIS

gun cultrue You need to support local servicemen. Here’s why: From Fox News: “Law enforcement bulletin warned of ISIS urging jihad attacks on US soil.” A law enforcement bulletin obtained by warned that Islamic State fighters have increased calls for "lone wolves" to attack U.S. soldiers in America in recent months, citing one tweet that called for jihadists to find service members' addresses online and then "show up and slaughter them." There will be “a continued call - by Western fighters Read more [...]
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The First Casualty of War is the Budget

pentagon cash shredder The saying you commonly hear is that “the first casualty of war is the truth.” The saying might have originated with Samuel Johnson in 1758: Among the calamities of war may be jointly numbered the diminution of the love of truth, by the falsehoods which interest dictates and credulity encourages. A version of the saying is then ascribed to Senator Hiram Warren when the U.S. entered what we now know as World War I: “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” In 1928, Arthur Ponsonby wrote, Read more [...]
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