Auto Loans: The Entire Subprime Crisis is About to Happen Again

Grand-Theft-Auto-V When the mortgage crisis hit, many people thought that it couldn’t take down the entire economy and bring about recession. They were wrong. So I have no way of knowing just how much damage the subprime bubble in used car loans is going to do. It could be less traumatic than the crash of 2008. But it could also be much worse as far as I know. Dealbook reports, Auto loans to people with tarnished credit have risen more than 130 percent in the five years since the immediate aftermath of the Read more [...]
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How Does Crony Capitalism Improve the Economy? It Doesn't, but It Makes Cronies Richer

cronyism The most commonly offered alternative to capitalism is not socialism, but corruption, otherwise known as “crony capitalism.” That is when the government gives businesses special favors so that they get either a captive market or subsidies at taxpayer expense, or both. One brand of this economic theory was known as mercantilism. Adam Smith wrote against it. The theory that justifies crony capitalism is that the market won’t work unless it is “stimulated” or otherwise helped by government. Read more [...]
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Socialism HAD to Fail, in Europe and Everywhere Else

socialism_02 Have the Dutch finally confessed that a socialist model is unsustainable, and slowly begun to eye a path away from what has driven Europe and much of the world to the brink of economic Armageddon? We see this question raised in the Social Europe Journal. The writer—who clearly disagrees with this possibility—does a masterful job of unpacking the ideals supporting a socialist model. No doubt many will read his three point ideals of the "social contract" and say, "Yes, that sounds reasonable." Read more [...]
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How Much Information Does the Government Keep About Us?

SpyNeighbor An editor at Ars Technica, Cyrus Farivar, finally shook loose from the government their dossier on him. As far as we know none of this information was retrieved by hacking a computer system or wiretapping (or the digital equivalent of wiretapping) a phone call. Nor was this editor, as far as we know, a suspect in any crime. This information was collected simply because he traveled out of the country. He writes, “I wanted my Passenger Name Records (PNR), data created by airlines, hotels, and cruise Read more [...]
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McDonald’s Owners Are As Pessimistic as Ever, So Let’s Double Their Labor Costs

ronald mcdonald sad You would have to be living under a rock in this country to not realize that there are a shipload of fools who think that it is self evident that McDonald’s restaurants should be paying no less than fifteen dollars an hour to their employees. The assumption is that the restaurants have swimming pools full of cash in which the owners are frolicking like Scrooge McDuck. Here’s a little tip from CNBC: “McDonald’s franchisees most pessimistic in a decade.” McDonald's franchisees' sales outlook Read more [...]
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UPDATE: "Investigation" Reportedly Covers Up EPA's IRS-like Targeting of Conservative Groups

epa logo As you may (or may not) remember, we wrote back in May 2013 about how the Environmental Protection Agency was targeting conservative groups. According to David Jolly, The committee of legislators obtained information that indicated that since January 2012, 21 of 26 requests for Freedom of Information Act fee waivers from conservative groups were denied.  During the same period 75 of 82 FOIA fee waiver requests from environmental groups that shared many of the same agendas of the current administration Read more [...]
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Bradley Manning to Get Meds in Army Prison as "Gender Treatment"

cake TRANSGENDER I still call him Bradley Manning, though he has legally changed his name. And I still call him a “him.” As far as I can tell, it is an assault on women to pretend that a man even knows what he is talking about when he claims he “feels like” a woman, or that he is “really” a woman. I also find it bizarre that he had to change his name. Are you telling me that he can have a female gender but that his name, “Bradley,” has a fixed gender that can’t be changed? If Bradley can claim to Read more [...]
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Elizabeth Warren Comes Out in Favor of Wall Street Loot

elizabeth warren The U.S. government’s Export-Import bank is being condemned both by liberals and by conservatives right now. You would think with liberal critics like Ralph Nader and others, Elizabeth Warren would be leading the charge. But no. Far from condemning the mechanism for giving public subsidies to businesses, Elizabeth Warren says it is a great idea. Bloomberg reports: The Tea Party-aligned group sent a letter today to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat known for taking populist stands Read more [...]
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Big Brother is Watching What You Eat... And Encouraging You Through a Talking Grocery Cart?

Grocery store prepared food With the claimed interest in making sure we eat allegedly “sustainable” food, you would think that these food dictators would want to make sure that they used economical means to promote good food. But you would be wrong if you thought that. Instead, our food masters want to make us vegetarians through extravagant technological innovations. The concept is bizarre since it is being widely acknowledged that people resent and resist attempts to dictate to them what they should eat. Even children Read more [...]
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Theocracies Come in Many Flavors: Islam and Liberal/Progressivism are Two

08242012islamic_rage Modern followers of Muhammad show their true colors when given the reins of power. "Convert" (imagine the mockery... a god who allegedly accepts a profession of allegiance at the threat of death!), be extorted to pay for things one does not believe, or be crucified or beheaded. Consider this Reuters headline: “Convert, pay tax, or die, Islamic State warns Christians.” Islamist insurgents have issued an ultimatum to northern Iraq's dwindling Christian population to either convert to Islam, Read more [...]
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The Government Is Pushing Us Toward Vegetarianism Allegedly for the Sake of the Environment

USDA-logo I should have realized, when Richard Branson publicly claimed he would no longer eat beef, that there was a government push coming. Sure enough, our government overlords are doing all they can to turn us into vegetarians. As the Daily Beacon reports, The federal committee drafting nutrition guidelines continued to stress the importance of moving Americans towards plant-based diets on Friday, arguing that eating less meat and fewer snacks can save the planet.  The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Read more [...]
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Only In Portland: Ice Cream Parlor Names Flavor for Planned Parenthood

ice scream skull We live in a time when the populace is obviously getting sick of legalized baby-killing, as is reflected by what is happening in many states to restrict it (not nearly enough, but it’s better than nothing). Even pro-abortion liberals are finding themselves targeted by Planned Parenthood merely for trying to prevent the deaths of women at the hands of abortionists (ignoring, of course, that many girl babies are slaughtered). But, of course, Portland, Oregon, is way too hard-hearted to soften Read more [...]
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