Don’t Threaten the Wife of a Competitive Shooter

hoodie gunpoint If the thugs had merely robbed the competitive shooter of money, one might still be alive. I assume they didn’t know they were abducting a competitive shooter. Here is the story from a blog about Jackson, Mississippi, where the event took place: “Thugs try to rob a competitive shooter and gravely pay for it.” A doctor was leaving home to compete in a shooting competition held at Magnolia Pistol Range in Byram at approximately 7:45 AM today. He made several trips from the house to his Read more [...]
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Benghazi Shows What Debauched Leaders We Have

Benghazi Deaths Benghazi is not just a scandal and a crime but a warning of more to come if we keep voting sociopaths into office. In late September of 2012, my investigation into the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi led me to conclude this was a planned assault, and involved a weapons-running operation from Benghazi to Syria by way of Turkey. Turns out my sources were dead-on correct, yet it's taken nearly three years for anyone in a major media organization to focus upon it. You can Read more [...]
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How Should Christian CEOs Treat their Employees?

ceo-worker While freely admitting that the reasoning in this essay at Christianity Today is sloppy, and the basis of the argument is not well grounded—non-sequiturs and misapplication aboundeth—I do think the overall concept is more than worthy of discussion. It is discussing the CEO who is paying all employees $70,000 a year and is reducing his own salary to that amount. CEOs have come to see their often grossly over-sized compensation as almost a “divine right”—no matter the impact on the overall Read more [...]
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Judge Upholds Second Amendment for D.C.

gun_control The Second Amendment does not allow an infringement on the right to bear arms on the basis of “wise policy.” The Washington Post reports, “Federal judge again rules key part of new D.C. gun law unconstitutional.” Ten months after striking down the District’s long-standing ban on carrying firearms in public as unconstitutional, a federal judge Monday ordered the city to halt enforcing a key provision of the new gun-permitting system it adapted in response. As passed by the D.C. Council, Read more [...]
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The Socialist Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Ben Franklin sheep wolves "Social Justice" dispenses with real liberty and justice in order to enforce a socialist ideal. In my previous article on “Social Justice”, I began to expose the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”  I am referring to noble sounding, but ill-conceived government initiatives that insidiously displace individual rights and freedoms with collectivist goals.   This can be expected as evidenced by the fact the insignia for the Fabian Socialists is a wolf-in-sheep’s clothing. Certainly, everyone Read more [...]
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SOCIAL JUSTICE - The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...

Social Justice The buzzword in government these days is "Social Justice." At a recent government event, a new caucus was established, proudly proclaiming their goal is to promote Social Justice. A real estate agent recently sent me a letter requesting contributions for a new group she established for purposes of promoting Social Justice. Seems like all you have to do these days is proclaim you are advocating Social Justice, and magically, everyone in the room applauds. Isn't this politician wonderful? She's Read more [...]
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The Pretense of Impartiality

scales There is no impartiality in our journalists or our judges; often they don’t even pretend to not be committed to a cause. Rod Dreher at the American Conservative pulls together several instances that demonstrate a complete lack of impartiality. Worse, they demonstrate that progressives don’t often even pretend anymore, though sometimes neither do conservatives. The first instance he mentions is George Stephanopoulos, who has donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, while working as an Read more [...]
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Confirmed: US Funneled Arms from Libya to Jihadist Syrian Rebels

benghazi coverup The White House denied it. Congress denied it. The Pentagon denied it. They were lying. You probably guessed that already because you saw their lips move. Good call. From World Magazine: “U.S. aided arms flow from Benghazi to Syria.” Documents released today confirm the Obama administration knew weapons were flowing out of Benghazi, Libya, to Syrian rebels in 2012 even though the rebels had well-publicized ties to al-Qaeda and other extremist groups. Previous reports, including one by WORLD Read more [...]
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The Asset Forfeiture Police Station Shows Why Taxpayers Allow It

police corrupt Richland, Mississippi, sports a new asset forfeiture police station and demonstrates why it is tolerated. I remember when I was a young child watching a lot of animal shows. They would often show a predator—typically some kind of big cat like a lion or cheetah—sneak up on a heard of grazing herbivores like antelopes, deer, or cattle of some kind. When they charged, the grazers scattered and fled. Usually, the grazers then went a little distance away, calmed down, and started grazing again. It Read more [...]
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Girl Shot in Head for Following Singing Dream

turkishGirl A Turkish teen was sent to the hospital after being shot in the head just for following her ambition to sing in her country's version of "The Voice" TV show. Nineteen-year-old Mutlu Kaya was in critical condition Tuesday after being shot by someone who snuck into her backyard and shot her through a window while she was rehearsing. The teen had reportedly been mentored by Sibel Can, a Turkish female folk singing star, and the family said that Can was helping with Kaya's treatment. Kaya is Read more [...]
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How Silicon Valley Pays Off Hillary Clinton

hillary oligarchy Silicon Valley both fundraises for Hillary Clinton and “pays” her millions for short speeches. For awhile now I have written about how Hillary Clinton is essentially being lobbied, bribed, and/or paid off through insanely lucrative speaking gigs. Wall Street has been spending lots of money to buy her good will. Naturally, Silicon Valley is also bidding for her favor. As the Washington Post reports, “Hillary Clinton was paid millions by tech industry for speeches.” In one of her last Read more [...]
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Joe Biden: Religious Condemnation Is a Violation of LGBT Rights

biden-jester The Vice President listed religious condemnation along with violence and mistreatment by police as threats that homosexuals face. Just like Hillary Clinton promised to change Christianity, Joe Biden has officially equated believing the Bible with violence against “gays.” Here is Biden’s official statement for the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia: My father taught me the simple notion that everyone, everywhere is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. When Read more [...]
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