Christians and Torture: What Should You Know?

wtccross In the wake of the declassified summary of the Senate Intelligence Report (or the report of the Democrats on that committee), Joe Carter has written  about Christians and torture: “7 Things that Christians Should Know about Torture.” Carter is Director of Communications for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission which is “an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention”—also known as the Southern Baptist Church. He is a Christian writing to other Christians. His seven points Read more [...]
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GOP Money Already Choosing our Next Republican Candidate

Bush boys Is GOP money going to be able to buy the next president or do we get to vote for him? Despite the fact that Republicans have been handed a huge victory on an anti-Obamacare platform, and despite the fact that we have seen amazing Tea Party victories against the establishment, running an anti-crony-“capitalism” campaign, the Big Money Republicans think they can control the next election. And they are absolutely shameless about it. To these people, the only reasonable options are Jeb Bush, Read more [...]
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Teen Girl Denied Use of Boys Restroom; Duh

transgender restroom Why is it news that a fifteen-year-old young lady cannot use the school’s boys restroom? Look, I know that Liberals claim to be intelligent. And they have so captured what were once places of higher learning and study that they can make a case by association. You probably sometime wonder if you are right when liberal opinion is so uniformly against you. But just meditate on this story and realize that it is beyond question: Liberals are deeply delusional and stupid. They are also disgusting. This Read more [...]
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Ted Cruz on Establishment Republicans and Climate Change

Ted Cruz_02 Cruz says Hell will freeze over before Establishment Republicans will listen. I sit here imagining Lindsay Graham and John McCain spewing coffee (and cursing, in McCain's case), and Mitch McConnell choking on his Geritol, as they see this headline from “Ted Cruz: ‘Hell Will Freeze Over’ before Establishment GOP Listens to American People.” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told conservative radio host Mark Levin on Thursday evening that establishment GOP politicians will “never” Read more [...]
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U.S. Congresswoman’s Husband Killed by Obamacare Incentives

obama-death Obamacare incentives helped a beloved husband die and they are doing the same to many more now. Back in October, I posted about the story that people were avoiding needed medical care because the Obamacare plans involved high deductibles or co-pays. Under Obamacare as it exists now, Americans are basically paying insurance premiums and not getting anything in return. If they avoid the doctor to avoid paying their deductible then they will probably never reach the point that the insurance company Read more [...]
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Is Belief in God Required to Hold Office in America?

Declaration of Independence with Gun Belief in God is more important to civil government than many people will admit. There are seven states including Maryland with language in their constitutions that prohibits people who do not believe in God from holding public office. And now, according to a recent New York Times article by Laurie Goodstein, a coalition of nonbelievers including atheists, agnostics, humanists and freethinkers, led and primarily funded by atheist Todd Stiefel, says it is time to get rid of these atheist Read more [...]
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A Prayer regarding Trey Gowdy

trey goudy Lord, please protect and keep me from ever being in the exceedingly unfortunate position of being cross-examined by Trey Gowdy. When you watch this, realize that Jonathan Gruber is simply doing what he does best: Boldly lying in order to achieve a desired outcome. This man is not stupid, and he is not sorry about a word he said—he believes every single one of them, and he is consummately happy about the millions of taxpayer dollars he has plundered for acting as the Devil's mouthpiece. Mr. Gruber Read more [...]
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Big Brother Is Watching You Eat

smart vending We have another technology that will enable a more intrusive Big Brother surveillance system “for your own good.” The Michelle Obamas of the world must be salivating over this opportunity. Those who are absolutely convinced they "know what is best" for us—in everything—love every new opportunity to rule our lives. The Telegraph reports: “The vending machine of the future is here, and it knows who you are.” The vending machine brought an element of anonymity to snacking: you Read more [...]
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Galileo versus the Environmental Protection Agency

galileo Why the Environmental Protection Agency is not the proper stage for a debate about science. The year was 1616. The year prior, Galileo Galilei’s works on heliocentrism and his Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina, arguing that heliocentrism was not contrary to biblical texts, were submitted to the Roman Inquisition. But in 1616 the Inquisition enjoined Galileo “… to abandon completely… the opinion that the sun stands still at the center of the world and the earth moves, and henceforth Read more [...]
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Political Fraud in Kansas

electionfraud Harry Reid set up a total political fraud on Kansas voters and has no fear of voters making him pay. The most disappointing thing about current American "leadership" is not simply that none of them will do things in the light—from lying about campaign support to hiding budget proposals—but that American voters tolerate such malfeasance, and never take liars and thieves to task by kicking them out. I would rather have honest, hard-working, transparent, and less polished representatives Read more [...]
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Torture Is Just another Failed Government Program

waterboarding illustration Full-disclosure, even though I think torture is a failure as a routine program, I don’t know that it is sinful in all circumstances. (See more below.) The Senate’s torture report is out. Here is the interpretation pushed by the regime mouthpiece (I mean the New York Times, of course). Also note this NYT story about the internal fights inside the CIA over the torture. I’ve heard noise that the report is an attack on the Bush Administration, but that is not so clear from what I read Read more [...]
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The Gold-Plated Obamacare Plan You Don't Get

ObamacareAmbulance With so much going on around the world and here at home, it's easy to overlook a minor story about the president having a sore throat, but President Obama's doctor visit is illustrative of some of the problems with the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare was sold to the American public as a panacea for all the nation's health care difficulties. It was going to enroll millions of people who allegedly couldn't afford health insurance, it was going to make care more affordable, it was going to guarantee Read more [...]
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