Eternal Life at Yard-Sale Prices

cross “And the king said unto Araunah, “Nay; but I will surely buy it from thee at a price; neither will I offer burnt offerings unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing.”  -2 Samuel 24:24. Cheap grace: just another way of describing the Gospel that is being peddled by the neo-evangelicals. A costless Christianity. Eternal life at wholesale-club prices. Jesus loves everybody, don’t you know?  The churches are full of “saved” people.  Folks who have tipped-their-toe Read more [...]
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The Politics of Covetousness

debt It is widely known that Americans are spending themselves into debt slavery. For example, Bloomberg business reported last September that consumer debt was at an all time high of $3.2 trillion with credit cards and auto loans leading the pack. “Spending on repairs and net used cars has barely budged… But the fact that spending seems to be coming at the expense of more debt suggests Americans are putting themselves in a riskier financial position… an increasing share of that debt finances Read more [...]
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Using Power of the Purse against Operation Choke Point

Payday Loans The Second Amendment can be upheld and defended using the power of the purse, according to one Senator. I asked, at one point, if the FDIC and other groups were backing down on Operation Choke Point—a system of using intimidation to make banks stop working with businesses that the Obama Administration doesn’t like. There were hopeful signs, but Choke Point continues. Now a Senator has revealed that he will be inviting his colleagues to put an end to Choke Point, using the power of the Read more [...]
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Republicans Working on Deal to Increase the Deficit

medicare_02 Republicans are ready to join Democrats and increase Medicare repayments in a way that will increase the deficit $130 billion in a decade. Is there some political manual somewhere that explains to elected officials that, if they are going to betray the voters, they need to do it in a big way in order to demoralize them? I won’t repeat the litany of 2015 Congressional Republican sins in this post. As one example, however, I’ll remind you that they have already expressed openness to raising Read more [...]
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National Economy Run by an Unelected Committee?

yellen What kind of democracy is supposed to have a national economy completely at the mercy of an unelected committee? Last night, this story at was featured in the Drudge Report, under the headline “Confusion,” with a pretty unflattering picture of Janet Yellen looking quite confused. The Federal Reserve opened the door to an interest-rate increase as soon as June, while also indicating it will go slow once it gets started. The new signals were contained in a policy statement Read more [...]
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Will Conservatives Listen to Pat Buchanan?

Buchanan Pat Buchanan has issued a much-needed warning for Republicans, but it also applies to conservatives. On Wednesday, Pat Buchanan published a Jeremiad to the Republican Party at “Will the GOP Kick It Away?” Why, then, would the Republican Party, with a chance to sweep it all in 2016, want to return us to the nightmare days of George W., which caused America to rise up and throw the party out in 2006 and 2008? Do Republicans really believe that America wants a return to the Read more [...]
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Is Glenn Beck Overreacting against the GOP?

glenn beck Glenn Beck says he is “done with” the Republican Party. Dylan Byers at posted the headline yesterday: “Glenn Beck 'done' with Republican Party.” "I’ve made my decision – I’m out. I’m out of the Republican Party," Beck said on his radio show. "I am not a Republican; I will not give a dime to the Republican Party. I’m out. I highly recommend – run from the Republican Party. They are not good." Beck's apparent frustration lies with the GOP's inability to defeat Read more [...]
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Why It Is a Big Deal that Presbyterians Redefined Marriage

pcusa collapse Because Presbyterians redefined marriage we are going to see more ignorance of the Bible Basically, when people want to learn something, they look it up on the internet. And, all too often, what they really want to learn is “Why I am right.” The news story about the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) endorsing “gay marriage” will feed that lust for misinformation. If you have a child or grandchild struggling with same sex temptations, you had better pray they talk to you about it before Read more [...]
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Dick Cheney Provides Candy for Conservatives: Don’t Swallow

bush obama men in black Dick Cheney attacks President Obama in a way designed to make us forget about the kill list, indefinite detention, and NSA spying. Please think about this before you applaud Dick Cheney: You already knew that Barack Obama was the worst President in Cheney's lifetime. Cheney knows you want to hear it and is happy to provide the affirmation. So yesterday we saw headlines about Cheney’s statements about Barack Obama when he was interviewed by Playboy. The quotations are going to make many Read more [...]
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Obama, Media Foiled as Netanyahu Pulls Off Stunning Win

benjaminNetanyahu The fat lady is singin' in Israel today, loud and clear. Despite recent snubs by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the majority of the Democratic Party; despite predictions by the media of a tight race and possible loss; despite endless invective by pro-Palestinian groups; despite the rise in global anti-Semitism that has inspired Progressive types to call for a "softer" Israel -- Bibi pulled it out of his hat. Not only was Israel's election a win for Netanyahu's Likud Party, it was a sweeping Read more [...]
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Rand Paul Called It: US Weapons Sent to Syria Go to Al Qaeda

al nusra pointing to us insignia US Weapons were sent to Syria to support “the good guys.” What happened next was predictable. The basic facts are as follows. Rand Paul has been warning anyone who would listen that it is insane to send US weapons into Syria because we don’t really know who we are giving them to and who will end up taking them. Naturally, the US Government went ahead and sent weapons to “moderates” in Syria. The “moderates” quit being moderates and joined up with the Al Qaeda affiliate, Al Read more [...]
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Our Fiscal Gap Is Large Enough to Swallow Us

money vortex We have been warned yet again about the fiscal gap that is widening every second as this country continues to borrow and promise. You've been reading about the financial crisis in Greece. Get it clear: the United States is very likely in worse shape than Greece. Leaders will extend and pretend as long as they can, but once reality sets in... history says the speed of the financial collapse will catch almost everyone by surprise. I posted about this based on reporting from CNS News, but Read more [...]
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