Operation Chokepoint still Choking Businesses

Kramer family Federal tax-feeders are using their powers for choking businesses, still! “I’m an American, and when the government does something like this to its own citizens, it has to be stopped,” said Georgia business owner, Andy Kramer. I agree, Mr. Kramer. So... how do we stop it? [See also, “Justice Department Harasses, Punishes, and Tries to Destroy Legal Businesses Through Banks.”] The quotation comes from a story at The Daily Signal: “Small Business Owner Questions Why Justice Read more [...] Continue reading →

Independent Bookstore Closes Due to Minimum Wage Hike

minimum wage How is minimum wage going to help people when it takes away their jobs? Here is the website of one of those glorious independent bookstores. From the store’s About web page: We love books. They're our friends. Good books and bad books, 1st editions and beat up paperbacks. We love how they smell, how they feel, and the way they sound when you open them (A customer once said that he liked how they tasted. . . we watch him very carefully when he's in the store).  We read voraciously. We Read more [...] Continue reading →

College Students Refuse Meatless Monday Propaganda

 Meatless Monday is propaganda to make you feel guilty for eating real food. The fundamental lie that is used to make Meatless Monday seem like a good idea is anthropogenic global warming. I don’t know if the college students who pushed back hard against the Meatless Monday campaign are outright skeptics about man-made climate change, or if they simply refuse to believe meatlessness is an essential part of dealing with that claim. But they did push back. According to Omaha.com: “Promote Read more [...] Continue reading →

Christian College at Risk behind the Blue State Iron Curtain

Gordon_College Gordon College shows us how politically dominant homosexual orthodoxy will make the Red State Blue State divide into an Iron Curtain. People talk about the division of the country into red states and blue states, but recent use of homosexuality as if it were a civil rights issue and not a sexual ethics issue will make that division into a knife cut. We are going to see a legal Iron Curtain of sorts descend across the country as Christian Institutions are terminated or forced to relocate to Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Man with the Pen and Phone “weighs in on deflate-a-bowl”

obamaPen Are a pen and phone more important than the Constitution? I know many of you still recall the deflated New England Patriots footballs and how important that is to patriotism. When Barack Obama was asked if it was cheating, the president said, “If you break the rules then you break the rules.” Apparently our current Executive Branch and concurring Congress take this same mentality. Congress are the ones who write the check to underwrite executive policies. And what exactly are Read more [...] Continue reading →

Chris Christie Demands Hillary Clinton Level Luxury

corruption Chris Christie’s demand that hosts pay for luxury travel and accommodations isn’t unique. It is impossible to read the Newser.com headline without laughing a bit: “Christie Travels Like a Rock Star —on Others' Dime.” I laugh because it wasn’t that long ago when we heard stories about Hillary Clinton, which I summed up under the post headline: “Hillary Clinton Makes Rock Star-Level Demands for Those Hiring Her to Speak.” Several times we have found stories about “Queen” Read more [...] Continue reading →

Walmart Greeter Allowed to Bless Again

walmart worker A Walmart greeter had been barred from saying, “Have a blessed day,” based on one complaint. This story isn’t about politics in the narrow sense, but it demonstrates some problems in our culture in expectation inculcated into us by the media. According to WSBTV, it only took one complaint for Walmart to ban a greeter from wishing customers to “have a blessed day,” though James Phillips had been doing so for years without any objection. Just think about that. Here is a town Read more [...] Continue reading →

Bergdahl Makes His Way Home

bergdahl home The Bergdahl swap will no doubt go down in history as one of America’s darkest hours. We traded so much more than men. We traded our integrity as a nation. We put the entire globe at greater risk by emboldening our enemy. How can we afford to place any further confidence in this administration when they have let us down so desperately? And now adding insult to injury we learn that at least one of the swapped Taliban commanders has made contact with terrorist networks in Qatar. God help us. Bowe Read more [...] Continue reading →

Obama Wants $6,461 More Taxes Per Person

President Obama And Vice President Biden Meet With Members Of Congress On Foreign Policy The budget calls for more taxes... and more debt! Get ready to open your wallets a little wider. President Obama dropped his new Progressive budget plan to transform America on Congress, and all it will cost you is $6,461 more than you're paying in taxes already. That would add up to about $2.1 trillion more in revenue for the government. Naturally, Obama's budget calls for increasing spending by $2.4 trillion. That gap of $300 billion or so? Fuggeddaboutit. That's for your kids and Read more [...] Continue reading →

Illegal Immigration Shadow System Has Operated since 2009

obama amnesty announced Long before President Obama’s executive order a shadow system was set up to give illegal immigrants work visas. We all remember in November of last year that President Obama issued an executive order granting status to millions of illegal immigrants. But recent information raises the question of why he bothered. According to Breitbart.com the executive branch had been granting amnesty long before then: “Report: 5.5 Million Additional Work Permits Issued Since 2009 in ‘Shadow’ Authorization Read more [...] Continue reading →

Jailed Transgender Immigrants Get Free Hormone “Therapy”

cake TRANSGENDER Illegal transgender immigrants who are taken into custody have “a right to hormone therapy.” In a world where men sometimes have babies and citizens have a right to have their genitals carved away, illegal immigrants also get their “fair share.” CNS News reports, “ICE: Transgender Illegals Guaranteed ‘Right to Hormone Therapy’ in Detention.” An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement testified Friday during a discussion on immigration detention facilities, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Afghanistan Blackout: Obama Veils “Ended” War in Secrecy

top secret The Obama administration has imposed an Afghanistan blackout on how many tens of billions of dollars are spent. I have already posted about Barack Obama’s de facto policy of Afghan War Forever. We have seen him secretly authorize more fighting with U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Now he has gone a step further. Bonnie Kristian asks at Rare.us, “Why is Obama suddenly so secretive about the war in Afghanistan?” Even though information on how our tax dollars are spent in Afghanistan has Read more [...] Continue reading →