The Guatemala Failed State Is a Failed Society

fredieric bastiat spontaneous order This horrible story seems to be about a Guatemala Failed State, though it doesn’t use that term: Exhaust fumes from the old, poorly maintained cars traveling beside us infuse our cab. We pass shanty towns — settlements of poorly constructed, one-room houses; often nothing more than crumbling, lopsided walls with tin roofs. There are guns everywhere: Soldiers on the sidewalks, civilians guarding storefronts, young men in the backs of old pickup trucks. Everything is behind walls, protected, isolated. We Read more [...]
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Minimum Wage Reality: Restaurant Charges Extra to Cover Expense

minimum wage When a business starts losing more money to its employees, it must charge more for goods and services or else cut the number of employees. Politicians increase the minimum wage knowing this, but also hoping that the changes will be hidden. They want the people who get extra money to thank the government without asking why prices are now higher. They also want the people who lose a job or who can’t find a new job to not consider that this is a “government benefit.” Minimum wage law depends Read more [...]
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Colorado Government Civil Rights Fascists Hunt Bear

vito dressed as woman This is kind of a putrid story, but it needs to be told. There are, among homo- or bisexuals, a group often dubbed “bears.” There is a picture here that gives you an idea. It is safe for work but I still find it too disgusting to want to reproduce on this blog. Even G-rated pictures of “comic book” male homosexuals make me vomit in my mouth. These are men who hate effeminacy in men or in women (depending on what degree they range from bi- to homosexual, I would guess). Naturally, there Read more [...]
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Justin Amash to GOP Establishment: Glad We Could Hand You Another Defeat

justin amash OK, I’m slightly exaggerating to say that Justin Amash said it to the entire GOP establishment. He was speaking specifically to a retired congressman, Pete Hoekstra, who backed his opponent in the primary. Hoekstra lost the 2012 gubernatorial primary and a 2010 Senate race in Michigan before that. “You are a disgrace. And I'm glad we could hand you one more loss before you fade into total obscurity and irrelevance.” As Aaron Blake and Wesley Lowery write for the Washington Post: Politicians who Read more [...]
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Yet Again Republicans Fight Grassroot Conservatives Harder Than They Fight The Democrats

RINOs We have become a nation of two Americas, with two dramatically different value systems attempting to fly the same flag simultaneously. Similarly, there are now also two Republican Parties, each claiming the same branding but with two dramatically different visions. For the Republican Party establishment, the focus remains on the immediate: the next news cycle. The next election is their idea of long-term thinking. For those of us out here in the grassroots, we don’t have that luxury, because Read more [...]
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The Republican Establishment Fought Justin Amash and Justin Amash Won!

anti justin amash ad I reported about Justin Amash last November: “GOP Corruptocrats Working to Oust Justin Amash.” Justin Amash is the standard bearer for Ron Paul Republicanism in the House of Representatives. He almost got the NSA’s illegal spy program defunded. He stands against big government. He joined the effort to defund Obamacare, something we now all see was worth attempting at any cost. So naturally the deep pockets of the Republican Party are out to destroy him. Now it is time for an update. War Read more [...]
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Even Washington Post Fears Barack Obama Dictatorship

obama dictator When the mainstream media starts warning us against a Barack Obama dictatorship, we have reason to be concerned. I argued that the Supreme Court’s consensus demonstrated that the President was a radical. Now I can augment my argument. The Washington Post also demonstrates the same thing. Of course, they try to cover themselves by attacking Congressional Republicans and demanding “immigration reform.” The president’s frustration is understandable. Faced with a genuine humanitarian crisis, Read more [...]
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Two Problems with Capital Punishment in One Story

deathpenalty reports, A Missouri inmate was put to death just after midnight for raping and killing a college student in 1995, making him the first US prisoner put to death since an Arizona lethal injection went awry last month. The Missouri Department of Corrections says Michael Worthington was executed by lethal injection at the state prison. He is the seventh Missouri inmate executed this year. Worthington had been sentenced to death for the attack on the 24-year-old woman during a burglary of Read more [...]
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Another Crony Capitalist Lobbies for the Ex-Im Bank

cronyism Why did GE CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, join the Obama Administration as part of the government's "Economic Recovery Advisory Board"? To help protect the gravy train for his company, and to keep favors going for friends. Thus, the Campaign for Liberty: General Electric’s Chief Executive Jeff Immelt recently claimed that closing the Export-Import bank would mean that “we are basically making a statement as a country that we do not think that exports are important.” Is that true? If we close the Read more [...]
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The State Never Has Compassion

Friedrich Nietzsche state lie Here is the side of the border crisis story that the moralists who harangue you for a lack of compassion conveniently ignore: Consuming our resources to care for all of these illegal immigrants costs money that must be plundered from other programs that assist people here at home. Thus, the Daily Signal headline, “A Governor’s Dilemma: Illegal Immigrants Divert Resources From State’s Own Citizens”—an opinion piece from Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin. These children are not bad people. Read more [...]
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Conflict of Interest? NSA Chief Working on Cybersecurity Patents

keith alexander A report on what looks like a conflict of interest from Associated Press:  Even in an era when former officials routinely profit from business ventures linked to their public service, recently retired National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander raised eyebrows when he disclosed he is working on patents for what he calls a game-changing cybersecurity model. How about a law that anyone paid by a government entity who leaves their position—for any reason—is prohibited from doing any business Read more [...]
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University President Gives $90k of Salary for Raise for Lowest-Paid Employees

minimum wage When Raymond Burse became interim University President of Kentucky State, he inquired about how many employees were making minimum wage. Then he did some math and figured they could be paid $10.25 an hour if his own annual compensation was reduced from $349,869 to $259,745. On the face of it, this is a great act of charity. But it is also a teachable moment. There are a few complications in this story that it would be profitable (no pun intended) to contemplate. Production v. Consumption First, Read more [...]
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