Right of Conscience? Depends on the Cake

AzucarCakes Consider the following proof -- as if it was needed -- that "tolerance" and religious "freedom" are a one-way street. Everyone remembers back in 2012, when Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, refused to bake a "wedding" cake for a homosexual couple. The ACLU got involved, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled that Phillips had violated anti-discrimination laws. Phillips is currently appealing. Fast forward to March 2014. A guy named Bill Jack from Castle Read more [...] Continue reading →

MO GOP: Stop Buying Good Food with Food Stamps

FoodStamps If we are going to have food stamps, why tell recipients to stop buying good food? Why are MO Republicans imitating Michelle Obama’s lunch program with food stamps? I hate food stamps. I wish they would be abolished. I don’t believe they actually help people but that they make it easy to become people who need help. Those who really needed help could be helped by voluntary gifts, especially if the state was not busy plundering the populace through taxation. But  none of the Missouri Read more [...] Continue reading →

Obamacare Taxes Are Going to Cost $800 Billion over a Decade

obamacare tax chart In the period 2013-2022 Obamacare taxes (18 of them) are going to shake down taxpayers for almost a trillion dollars You know, every time you hear about the necessary and much-promised Obamacare subsidies, that someone must be forced to pay a boatload of money to pay for them. Of course, in terms of debt, I wouldn’t be surprised if much of it is going to our children on the supposition that they will pay for it in taxes (wrong: they will pay for it by going through a devastating financial collapse, Read more [...] Continue reading →

How to Answer Liberal Myths about Freedom

Politics and Religion Badge_Cropped If you can get a liberal to talk to you, you should be able to free them from some liberal myths about religious freedom and homosexuals. The "question and answer" section of this article (“How to Talk About the Indiana Law With Your Liberal Relatives at Easter.”) at the Daily Signal is a must-read—very helpful for discussions and fair to the issues involved. If you're really after tolerance, you should be in support of the Religious Freedom acts, as originally passed. So let’s be honest Read more [...] Continue reading →

NYT Editorial: Eliminate Christianity and Replace

homocracy Not sure which is worse: an editorial that wants to eliminate Christianity or one that doesn’t realize that it has done so. Let me just get to the punchline: Creech and Mitchell Gold, a prominent furniture maker and gay philanthropist, founded an advocacy group, Faith in America, which aims to mitigate the damage done to L.G.B.T. people by what it calls “religion-based bigotry.” Gold told me that church leaders must be made “to take homosexuality off the sin list.” His commandment Read more [...] Continue reading →

Rick Santorum Asks Question about Religious Freedom

rick santorum Rick Santorum: Should a Homosexual Baker Be Legally Required to Make a Cake Specified by Westboro Baptist Church? The Liberal answer is that there is no First Amendment and government censorship is self-explaining. That’s not what they want to admit, but it is their obvious logic. Rick Santorum asked his question on CBS Face the Nation: “Santorum on Indiana law: Tolerance is ‘two-way street.’” If I had seen it at first on TV or on the CBS website I would probably not have bothered Read more [...] Continue reading →

FBI Perpetrates False Flag Attack on Free Society

1st amendment It wasn’t that long ago that we conservatives were talking about “the false flag attack on the Second Amendment”—referring to one aspect of Fast and Furious among its many other sins. Up until the news broke, the Obama Administration had been blaming the (relatively) free trade in firearms for the gun violence perpetuated by Mexican drug cartels. But it turned out that the government, via the BATFE, was the one making sure that guns were sold to gangsters and taken south of the border to Read more [...] Continue reading →

Is Jeb Bush Transethnic?

jeb bush Jeb Bush identified himself as Hispanic on a voter registration form; perhaps showing he should be diagnosed as a transethnic. Obviously, as the recognition of a basic human right, Jeb Bush should not have to spend any of his personal fortune on the necessary “corrective” surgery. But he should get taxpayer dollars in order to get some changes to his appearance to match his identification as a Latino, right? After all, if men can demand taxpayer money to be women because that’s how they Read more [...] Continue reading →

Senate Suddenly Wants Prohibition Back

chuck schumer Defying the FDA, a bill before the Senate would institute prohibition for a new version of alcohol. Naturally, Chuck Schumer, the omni-prohibitionist control freak New York Senator is at the center of the push to prohibit this new type of alcohol for beverages. Forbes reports, “I am in total disbelief that our federal government has approved such an obviously dangerous product, and so, Congress must take matters into its own hands and make powdered alcohol illegal,” he said in a statement. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Indiana Pizzeria Gets Support from Everyone!

lesbian wedding cake The Indiana pizzeria is closed down right now, but it is supported by Christians and homosexuals. We have posted earlier about an Indiana pizza business that is being accused of “discrimination” against homosexuals. As is well explained in this video, the issue is being intentionally confused. The business has never discriminated against its customers; it has simply elected not to participate in a ceremony that the owners regard as a fictional mockery of a wedding. There is no other way Read more [...] Continue reading →

Who Wants to Work for the NSA?

nsa listens While Congress and the President are covering for the agency, many of those who are qualified don’t want to work for the NSA. The struggle with the NSA has been extremely frustrating. When a whistleblower exposes their spying, they get to stay in the United States and keep operating while the whistleblower has to flee to Russia. The President refuses to do anything to stop the NSA’s activities, even when its actions expose the United States to the hatred of the world. The NSA has compromised Read more [...] Continue reading →

Keeping Roads Safe from Chapstick and Raking In Money

cop drives by This news story about police keeping roads safe from “distracted driving” shows how the populace is trained to be exploited. I once read a science fiction story where a steak restaurant used modified cows that could talk. The cows were trained to want to be killed and eaten. In fact, they actually came to the customers’ tables, showed off their portions, and then, after getting an order, went back to the kitchen to slaughter themselves “humanely.” That’s pretty much a perfect picture Read more [...] Continue reading →