The Murderous Anarchy of Drone Strikes

drone-obama Drone strikes are supposed to be done as military operations against enemy forces, not random acts of murder. But Barack Obama doesn’t seem too worried… Obviously wars depend on killing. Contrary to many on the Right and the Left, Barack Obama has had no qualms about killing and killing many. But sometimes, when the press gets hold of information about just how many people are getting killed by drones whom we have no reason to target, the Administration gets embarrassed. So what do they Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Bill for Allowing Open Trans in the Military

transgender restroom Trans in the military means letting men wear women’s uniforms and vice versa. Our children are not going to understand the TV show M.A.S.H. anymore. They are going to want to know why Clinger thought dressing as a women might allow him to return home. According to the Washington Times headline, “Estimated 15,500 troops could serve openly as transgenders under Speier’s House bill.” Notice the word “openly.” People who claim to be transgenders are probably already in the military. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Another Kind of Police Asset Forfeiture

civil forfeiture Asset forfeiture is bad when the police take your stuff; it is also bad when police destroy your stuff. I often write about asset forfeiture where a law enforcement group simply takes assets they “suspect” were used in a crime. They never have to prove the guilt of the person whose assets they grab. Often, they don’t even charge him. Police departments can then afford new “toys” and even sometimes an entirely new police station. But there are other ways law enforcement personnel can Read more [...] Continue reading →

President Barack Obama Attacked Speech as if It Is Violence

liberal-tolerance-tolerance-politics-1314580225 In a speech that claimed to be about “tolerance” Obama attacked speech that “targets” people. The President is certainly entitled to express his opinion on what kind of messages are true or kind of helpful. But the way he handled differing views lead me to conclude that Barack Obama attacked speech as it is protected in the First Amendment. I conclude this from the way The Hill reported on his speech. Here are the opening lines of the article: President Obama stressed religious tolerance Read more [...] Continue reading →

Can Charleston’s Forgiveness Square with Justice and the Constitution?

blind justice Glenn Beck recently posted a story and video of an MSNBC anchor in tears as he witnessed a spontaneous outburst of church and community members singing Gospel songs and offering prayers of forgiveness at the Charleston Emanuel AME Church, the site of a recent horrific shooting.  The families and friends of the victims showed the most powerful demonstration of true love that we can experience or give on this earth, the absorbing of crimes against humanity with no retaliation. The man who has Read more [...] Continue reading →

Knives Don’t Kill; People Kill!

Kitchen knives While the news seems like it must be satire, the British police really are offering amnesty for people who turn in their knives. Only two days ago I wrote about a vicious attack on an unarmed young man by a group of four with a machete. I argued that since laws against carrying guns meant that people could be attacked by long knives, like a machete, that such laws naturally demanded another set of laws banning knives. Then yesterday I saw this story at Countercurrent News: “British Police Read more [...] Continue reading →

Thoughts on the Ten-Year Anniversary of Kelo

eminent_domain The tragic Supreme Court Kelo decision was a symptom of a much larger cultural and political and personal problem. Here is story that is not merely sad, but an example of the great evil enveloping America—a glaring indictment of the failure to love our neighbor seen in certain people's transformation of civil government into a tool of oppression and plunder, rather than a humble servant of the people. It was posted by the Daily Signal: “Dreams Demolished: 10 Years After the Government Took Read more [...] Continue reading →

EPA and Sierra Club Communicated through Private Email on How to Destroy Coal

coal is dead Hillary Clinton is not the only one in government who has been using an unofficial private email account for government work. Guess who “helped” the Environmental Protection Agency develop rules to destroy regulate coal? According to the Daily Beacon: “Top EPA Official Used Personal Email Address to Solicit Green Group’s Input.” A high-level official at the Environmental Protection Agency used a personal email address to collaborate with a left-wing environmental group on major greenhouse Read more [...] Continue reading →

War on Terror Report: You’re in More Danger than Ever!

mencken politics quote How can the failure of the War on Terror mean that we need more of it? The point of most politics is to make us afraid. As H. L. Mencken put it long ago, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” This explains everything from Climate Change to the war on terror—even though I would not say that all of the terrorists are imaginary. Still, after Read more [...] Continue reading →

For Once Conservative Justices Do the Right Thing… for Raisins?

scotus Why couldn’t the conservative justices (including Roberts) show this kind of judgment when it came to Obamacare? I am sorry if I seem ungrateful. I am truly happy about the Supreme Court decision to stop the Federal government from plundering raisin famers. The decision is everything I was hoping for. As Damon Root reports at the Hit & Run Blog at, “In Major Victory for Property Rights, SCOTUS Strikes Down USDA Seizure of California Raisins.” In a decision issued today Read more [...] Continue reading →

"Believe It or Not," Barney Frank Hired by Bank

Broken piggy bank Barney Frank has been given a position on a bank board and the media is acting like this is a surprise. How do you cover the most blatant signs of corruption in our banking regime? You simply report on them as surprising and inexplicable events. So when Barney Frank gets his payoff, you pretend it is a weird event that makes no sense. Thus, the Housing Wire blog: “Believe it or not…Barney Frank set to join a bank board.” And then the subhead: “Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!” Read more [...] Continue reading →

Greece Leaving Should Surprise No One

greece protesting With the possibility of Greece leaving the West finally being acknowledged, we ought to also acknowledge that it was predictable. Here is a headline from the Financial Times: “Washington fears losing Greece to Moscow.” Throughout the prolonged showdown between Greece and its creditors, the Obama administration has largely sat on the sidelines, issuing the occasional warning about the potential economic impact of a default. But with Greece now on the verge of bankruptcy, the US is also beginning Read more [...] Continue reading →