AARP Admits Homosexuality Not Immutable

Eich homosex scapegoat Is homosexuality not immutable? Robert Gagnon, the faithful Bible scholar recently observed, “I guess homosexual orientation is not immutable like race and gender after all.” He was referring to this article in the AARP magazine’s website, “Can Sexual Preference Change With Age?” The short answer to the title’s question is yes. Sometimes a person's life undergoes such a radical transformation that the change was inconceivable before it occurred. One such gobsmacking event happens Read more [...]
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Police Bayonets – Whose Idea Was That?

bayonet Have you already heard about police bayonets? I have written about the militarization of police so much that sometimes I simply ignore the stories and look for other fare. So I almost missed NPR’s revelation that, along with the grenade launchers, and the armored vehicles, the military is giving police bayonets (and combat knives too). I have seen footage from other countries of riot police using all sorts of gear to put down a mob. Greece under austerity comes to mind. But I have never Read more [...]
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HHS Gives Arkansas Obamacare a Boatload of “Free” Money

obamacare The news about Arkansas Obamacare should not surprise us since falsehoods at every level were involved in selling the Affordable Care Act. What is one more in that long list? According to the Daily Caller, “Federal Report Slams Obama Admin For Underestimating Cost Of Arkansas Medicaid Expansion.” The General Accountability Office report castigated the Department of Health and Human Services for bucking its own rules of ensuring that Arkansas’s version of a Medicaid expansion doesn’t Read more [...]
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Pentagon Incompetence on Display (but We Can Totally Trust Them to Lead Us into Middle East War)

pentagon Sometimes Pentagon incompetence can take such bizarre forms it is difficult to know what to say about it. For example, the Pentagon hired a contractor to evaluate the education they were paying for their servicemen and -women to use, and the contractor was never required to produce any useful information! The Daily Caller reports, The GAO’s report, politely titled “Action Is Needed to Ensure Evaluations of Postsecondary Schools Are Useful,” explains that the evaluations “did not provide Read more [...]
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Florida City Council: Mexican Flag OK, Gadsden Flag Must Go

GadsdenFlag The city of Ocala, Florida, is going after a local small-business man, threatening to fine him $250 to $500 per day if he doesn't remove a Gadsden flag from the front of his knife business. Gear Barrel owner Keith Greenberg told The Blaze, "This is a shock. Honestly, I feel like this is Russia. I’ve been around the world … this is what you expect in really closed countries where there is no freedom of expression. Not here — so it’s shocking." Greenberg said he was told by city Read more [...]
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Ralph Nader Shows Bipartisanship that Conservatives Can Join

ralph nader 2 How often does the Heritage Foundation publish that Ralph Nader shows bipartisanship that is good for conservatives? But the Daily Signal basically promoted Ralph Nader’s HuffPo editorial about Left and Right working together to terminate the Export-Import Bank. I have recently traveled from New York to California talking to audiences from the left, right and middle about my new book, Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State. The topic has been how Read more [...]
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Michelle Obama Food Plan Threatens Tutoring Program

michelle obama lets move The Michelle Obama food plan bars “junk food” from being sold at school events. I’m sure the FLOTUS did not set up a system to eliminate the tutoring of students. (If they had actually aimed for such a goal they would have failed somehow.) Nevertheless, because of her interference with the various local school systems, by her Federal rules, all sorts of cascading consequences are still playing out. One such consequence is being felt at a school in South Carolina. The Daily Caller reports, A Read more [...]
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Diversity Enforced: University Excommunicates Christians

no cross You would think that diversity enforced would result in the protection of diversity. But no, it results in what Christians call “excommunication” meaning “to be put out of fellowship.” Jesus gave instructions about excommunication as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 18:15-20. “Excommunicated” is a Latin term and one could argue that one possible translation of that term would be “derecognized.” Which brings us to the California State University and its sixteen campuses. Read more [...]
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911 Caller Now Says Police Shooting Victim Never Aimed Toy Weapon

john crawford Less than a month ago I posted about a police shooting victim at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio. Allegedly he was pointing a firearm at people, but some insisted that he was merely carrying an airgun that Walmart sells. The person who originally called 911 in Walmart and reported that a man was aiming a gun at bystanders made different statements to the Guardian. When Ronald Ritchie called 911 from the aisles of a Walmart in western Ohio last month to report that a black man was “walking Read more [...]
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While Conservatives Feel Beaten Up, They See George W. Bush and Bill Clinton Palling Around

dead-gop-elephant If you want to see the problem with the Republican Party notice the relationship between George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Consider how their leadership acts while conservatives feel beaten up by the current Democrat regime. Here’s lighthearted piece from Associated Press posted at Fox News: Political opposites turned friends, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush launched a new scholars program at four presidential centers with an opening act that might have been mistaken for Read more [...]
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Should Threats to Rare Languages Worry Us?

babel An eye-catching headline at about rare languages leads to this story in Science Magazine: “Languages are being wiped out by economic growth.” The world's roughly 7000 known languages are disappearing faster than species, with a different tongue dying approximately every 2 weeks. Now, by borrowing methods used in ecology to track endangered species, researchers have identified the primary threat to linguistic diversity: economic development. Though such growth has been shown to wipe Read more [...]
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The Hypocrisy of the War Against the Lemonade Stand

lemonade Kudos to the city leadership of Dunedin, Florida for exercising common-sense in regards to a young man's lemonade stand. And kudos to T.J. Guerrero's parents for doing an obviously great job of rearing a wise and responsible young man. The Daily Signal reported, “War on Kids: Neighbor Begs Government to Shut Child’s Lemonade Stand.” In a scenario reminiscent of the relationship between fictional characters Dennis the Menace and Mr. Wilson, an older neighbor became increasingly upset Read more [...]
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