What Exactly Was the 9-11 Commission For?

911 commission report So, if you haven’t heard the news yet, new documents “have been released” by the Justice Department concerning the 9-11 2001 terrorist attacks. From the Miami Herald: The Justice Department Friday made public four new, heavily censored documents confirming that by 2002 the FBI had found “many connections” between 9/11 terrorist figures and the Florida family of “an allegedly wealthy international businessman” with ties to the Saudi Royal family. “On or about 8/27/01 his family Read more [...]
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Who Cares How Many People Bike to Work?

biking to work In the past, I’ve spoken out against cities targeting bikers for special punitive taxes. But that doesn’t mean I think it makes sense for politicians to try to make people use bikes more often. Consider this story from USA Today: The number of people who commute to work by bicycle increased about 60% over the past decade, while the number of people walking to their jobs remained stable, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. During the years 2008-12, about 786,000 Americans commuted Read more [...]
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Woman Blames Walmart for Her Poverty; Why Walmart?

wal-mart If this woman who wrote for Slate is being truthful, then she is in a very bad situation. She can’t afford her own place and has to sleep on the floor at her son’s house. She also may have colon cancer but can’t afford to go to the doctor. These are really bad things but why should her employer be singled out as the responsible party? When I woke up to see the news, I could hardly believe it: President Obama is planning a visit to the Mountain View Wal-Mart where I work. But the excitement Read more [...]
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Pope Advocates Theft as Public Policy: “Legitimate Redistribution”

theft I don’t know what the Pope thinks he is doing. But I know what he is doing, objectively, no matter how many wonderful rationalizations he may have spinning inside his brain. The Pope is claiming that God will bless the current corruptocracy that is ruining the nations of the world and wants everyone to submit to it as a righteous social order. Here’s the quote from South Carolina’s The State: He said a more equal form of economic progress can be had through "the legitimate redistribution Read more [...]
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China Is Contemplating a “New Silk Road” That Doesn't Involve the U.S.

new silk roads Here is a very interesting look into how China sees itself as the 21st Century progresses: “China's 'New Silk Road' Vision Revealed.” On Thursday, China’s state-owned Xinhua News Agency unveiled an ongoing feature entitled “New Silk Road, New Dreams.” The series promises to “dig up the historical and cultural meaning of the Silk Road, and spread awareness of China’s friendly policies towards neighboring countries.” The first article [Chinese] was titled  “How Can the World Read more [...]
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The Alternative to Monogamy is Sickness

CDC About that recent article I posted, responding to people saying monogamy should be scrapped... um... From CNS News: “Chlamydia Sets U.S. Record For Most Cases of Reportable Disease.” A total of 1,422,976 new cases of Chlamydia trachomatis were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2012, “the largest number of reported cases for any notifiable disease in the U.S.," a CDC spokeswoman told CNSNews.com. A list of the National Notifiable Infectious Conditions that Read more [...]
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Why The Left Replaces Facts With Arguments: A Popular Strategy For Attacking Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Pistol Debating guns in our society is one of the hottest topics in any media outlet.  There is a notable pattern I've noticed, one that's all too common.  Those who oppose guns can't dispute the facts, so they use scare tactics and a list of 'what-ifs' to make their scary points.  Most of the time it works on uneducated citizens, including the younger college students who are easily influenced by emotional content.  Once we can remove the argument and look at only the facts, there are some surprising Read more [...]
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Common Core “Leaders” Get Defeated in Indiana

Apple Chalk Board Encouraging developments in the battle against the Bushes, Gates, Soros, etc,, and their corporate and big-government Common Core education abomination. Michelle Malkin writes at Townhall.com, “Good Riddance: Common Core Backlash Claims New Political Casualties.” All politics is local. So Republican politicians with national ambitions better pay attention to what grassroots parents are saying and doing about the federal education racket known as Common Core. In bellwether Indiana this week, Read more [...]
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Boko Haram Another Terror Group Legitimized by Obama Administration

FlotusNigerianGirls When the State Department finally got around to designating the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram as a terrorist organization last November, it still dithered and diddled and implied that other motivations were driving the Islamic savages of Nigeria to wage war against Christians. "These designations are an important and appropriate step," a State Department statement read, "but only one tool in what must be a comprehensive approach by the Nigerian government to counter these groups through a Read more [...]
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DOJ Covers Up Sinaloa Cartel Involvement in Torture Case in Minneapolis-St. Paul

holder-guns You can read a summary of what happened at the Fox Latino website. Basically, the Sinaloa Cartel (yes, as in Mexico) had a stash house in St. Paul, Minnesota where someone stole thirty pounds of Methamphetamine and $200,000 in cash. They found a couple of teenagers (at least one was an adult) and tortured them, threatening to massacre their families if they didn't come up with $300,000 to repay the cartel. But while the details are available via Fox News, a more interesting aspect of what happened Read more [...]
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IRS Used Tea Party Donor Lists to Select Targets to Punish with Audits

bureaucracy If lots of people don’t go to jail over this, then the Republic is dead. And lots of people are probably never even going to see a court room, let alone go to jail. No, Lois Lerner going to jail for contempt won’t count (if that happens). I mean people need to go to prison for gross abuse of power. The only other solution would be to defund the IRS in order to defend the First and Fourth Amendments. Here’s the story in the Washington Times: Despite assurances to the contrary, the Read more [...]
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A Policeman Shows He Is a True Peace Officer

peace officer More Andy Griffith, less Rambo. Kudos to Officer Gaetano Acerra of Sumter, SC... well done. From Officer.com: A Sumter, S.C. police officer recently went above and beyond the call of duty for a 13-year-old boy. Last month, Cameron Simmons called police because he was upset after fighting with his mother and didn't want to live in the house with his family, according to WIS-TV. Officer Gaetano Acerra responded to the call and tried to talk to him. "I said, 'You have it good, you have a roof Read more [...]
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