Democrats Want Ban on Online Ammo Purchases

watsonColeman Scratch a Democrat, find a pro-government, anti-citizen gun grabber. How many times have we heard the false mantra that restricting legal sales of guns or ammunition will "save lives"? They're at it again. After the recent defeat of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' attempt to reclassify common ammunition for the AR-15 as "armor piercing," Democrats have regrouped and are rallying around the Stop Online Ammunition Sales act, proposed by Bonnie Watson Coleman. The Read more [...] Continue reading →

Kirsten Powers on Christina Hoff Sommers and the Violent Campus Cult

censorship reality Christina Hoff Sommers remembers when professors and students would argue with her; now they try to ban her. I’m not a big fan of Christina Hoff Sommers or Kirsten Powers. But they both have their good points and those points are emphasized in Kirstin Powers’ column, “'Safe-space' America dangerous to dissenters.” Christina Hoff Sommers has been speaking on college campuses for two decades challenging students to embrace what she calls "equity feminism" over "gender feminism." In her Read more [...] Continue reading →

Pro-Life Rand Paul Distinguishes Himself on Opposing Abortion

rand paul Some other Republican candidates would hold to the same views, but pro-life Rand Paul is making them central to his campaign. I saw this on Rand Paul’s Facebook page. Here is a version I found on I strongly believe in the sanctity of life and that an abortion takes the life of an innocent human being. As a physician, one of the first things we learn is to ‘do no harm.’ Since the Roe v. Wade decision, over 50 million children have been killed in abortion procedures. This Read more [...] Continue reading →

Howard Dean Doesn’t Know Jesus

Howard_Dean Howard Dean doesn’t know Jesus even by the truncated standard of the red-letter part of the Bible. It is pretty clear that Liberals are strategizing to pretend that the First Amendment doesn’t even apply to Christians because “real” Christianity is identical to liberalism and anything else is a fraud. We see this strategy in action when Barack Obama claims that all violence in Islam is not true Islam. As I wrote about his claims: this is posed as if Barack Obama is defending Islam. But Read more [...] Continue reading →

TSA Spits on Congress… because They Know They Can

tsa-badge The acting administrator of the TSA refuses Congressional request to answer questions about security problems. We don’t elect the head of the TSA or any other Federal Agency or Department. They don’t run for office. No one campaigns to get votes to become a TSA boss. But the decision-makers and managers at the TSA have the power to make decisions that massively impact our lives. They receive their paychecks from our taxes (or, at least, we are used as collateral for massive borrowing in Read more [...] Continue reading →

Harvard Religious Bigotry Can’t Count

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard. The mainstream media is biased, so they have no problem posturing with some Harvard religious bigotry. When you hear an "expert" prattling on about something, remember: He may be a totally ignorant, bigoted, and biased yahoo popping off about his own pet cause and ideology—and be totally and completely wrong. Robert D. Putnam is Malkin Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University. Sounds like an amazing title, and a smart guy, right? Well, he was quoted in the Washington Post saying Christian Read more [...] Continue reading →

Not Face of a Rapist; Face of a Hero

This Aug. 22, 2013 photo provided by the Virginia Deptment of Corrections shows Michael Kenneth McAlister. Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, pardoned a Virginia man who has spent 29 years in prison for an attempted rape that authorities now say he did not commit. (Virginia Deptment of Corrections via AP) Where will you find the face of a hero? In prison facing life incarceration for refusing to lie. I know this is not exactly a political post. Or maybe it is slightly. The idea that people who are convicted of a crime and completely serve their sentence can still be incarcerated forever for refusing to agree that they are guilty seems insane. We are bombarded with news about people who were executed or faced execution on a false verdict. While those get all the attention, the problems aren’t Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Missouri House Speaker: Just another Sleazy Politician

john diehl To talk about a sleazy politician is almost always to be guilty of redundancy. What kind of person gets ambitious for public office? What kind of person wants to have that power so much that they are willing to invest themselves in winning the population contests required to acquire it? I don’t believe every politician is a worthless human being—but I think the vast majority are and the headlines substantiate that belief almost every day. In general, the Democrats have an easier Read more [...] Continue reading →

Electronic Currency Recommended to “Help Economy”; Just Say No!

credit cards Forcing us to exclusively use electronic currency and banning cash is an insane proposal. The mind boggles that anyone could seriously think this is a good idea, but here is Jim Leavis advocating it in the Telegraph: A proposed new law in Denmark could be the first step towards an economic revolution that sees physical currencies and normal bank accounts abolished and gives governments futuristic new tools to fight the cycle of “boom and bust”. The Danish proposal sounds innocuous enough Read more [...] Continue reading →

After $205 Million, the Hawaii Obamacare Exchange Shutting Down

obamacare crash burn blimp Yet another state Obamacare exchange has sucked up Federal dollars and then disintegrated. Hawaii is a state that couldn’t be more sympathetic to Barack Obama or his promises regarding healthcare. Yet they could not keep their exchange going. It is shutting down. As Americans for Tax Reform report, Despite over $205 million in federal taxpayer funding, Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange website will soon shut down.  Since its implementation, the exchange has somehow failed to become financially Read more [...] Continue reading →

French Legislature: Stores May Only Hold 2 Sales a Year

french socialism Stores have been forbidden by the French legislature from having more than 2 sales a year. The sales must not last more than six weeks. The news is bad but it is even worse when you learn that the only reason French stores have had “floating sales” in the last few years is because the French government gave them permission to do so in 2008. Imagine living in a country that is so hyper-regulated. According to this French (though written in English) news site: “France tells shops: No more Read more [...] Continue reading →

Downgraded Chicago: The City Is Officially Junk

key-ring-chicago Moody’s has officially downgraded Chicago bonds to the status of junk bonds. Regular readers might remember that back at the end of February I wrote about how Moody’s downgraded Chicago’s bonds to two steps above junk. Nothing has really changed since then except that Chicago’s insane, corrupt finances are appearing more and more for what they are: beyond hope of recovery. I was amazed when I wrote that earlier post that an establishment source like Reuters would acknowledge Chicago’s Read more [...] Continue reading →