EPA Awards Employee Who Spent 2 to 6 Hours a Day Viewing Porn at Work

engorged tick In a normal business, when you hire someone, you really need them to produce. Federal agencies, however, don’t experience such a need. Rather than an employee being a liability who must perform in order to compensate for the pay he receives, for a tax-fed bureaucracy a large number of employees are needed to justify a higher budget. While, in theory, the employee is supposed to be producing a good in exchange for his pay, outside the context of the market the relationship can often become the reverse—the Read more [...]
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Hillary Clinton Makes Anti-Second-Amendment Essential to Her Campaign

glock laser When Barack Obama was running in 2008 he didn’t say too much about the Second Amendment (though nothing he said on the topic was good). He also promised he had no agenda regarding guns—a claim that disappeared with Sandy Hook. Hillary Clinton is not officially running yet, but she has now gone out of her way to begin with a far more aggressive approach to the Second Amendment. From the Washington Times: Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday the nation’s gun culture has gotten “way out Read more [...]
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Tea Party Has Not Yet Begun To Fight

07202012TeaParty The Washington Times ran a discouraging story last night, “GOP establishment defeats tea partyers in Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana primaries.” We knew that the establishment GOP was at war with the Tea Party; this shouldn't surprise us. But we shouldn't let our failure to win these primaries make us think we are defeated. The fact is that the war has not begun yet. Heading into the night, several of the Republican races had been cast as the first of a series of high-profile primary battles Read more [...]
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Unlawful Acts Of Congress Are Not Binding On Your County

Declaration signing More than 40 years ago, the Congress of these united States enacted something called the Federal Water Pollution Control Amendments of 1972.  These amendments to previous enactments and their progeny have come to be known as the federal “Clean Water Act.” Under this act, and later refinements and fine-tuning, these enactments have led the various states, including my state of Maryland, to enact measures which enforce the standards and requirements of this Act.  The enforcement of these Read more [...]
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Face It: Public Schools Are Our Overlords

jodi picoult As the Blaze describes it, a man went to a school meeting because the school had assigned a book to his daughter with a scorching sex scene in it. The police came and arrested him at that meeting for violating a two minute rule. Here’s how it shakes down. Tell parents you are assigning an important book for their children to read. Assign book with graphic description of a rough sexual encounter to which parents do not expect the school to expose their child. Hold school meeting. Treat Read more [...]
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The Courts Are Fine With Imprisoning Americans Without Trial

ndaa A brief extract from a post at the Acting-Man blog: A law suit filed by journalists and academics (including Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg, and Noam Chomsky) against the NDAA statute that provides for the secret detention of 'terrorism suspects' by the military on the president's say-so, while subsequently denying them any judicial review or recourse, initially ended with the lower court siding with the journalists. The journalists complained because the law obviously has a chilling effect on Read more [...]
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Florida Haters Bar Man From Marrying Porn-Loaded Laptop

homo wedding cake Obviously, just like Massachusetts, Florida is run by a bunch of Christian haters. Why else would they forbid a man from marrying the love of his life—his porn-loaded MacBook? It all started with a “gay marriage” court case that argued the Florida government is obligated to recognize so-called “gay marriages” that are legal in other states. According to Broward Palm Beach New Times this allowed additional arguments: Enter Chris Sevier, "a former Judge Advocate and combat veteran" who Read more [...]
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Relatives of Killed Armed Robber Considering "Legal Action" against Shooter

waffle house shooting FOX Carolina 21God forbid any of us have to face the test of choosing to side with the Law (I don’t mean legislation; I mean the difference between right and wrong) or side with our blood relations. Throughout human history many people have taken the wrong path when faced with such a decision giving us a legacy of tribalism and blood feuds.In this case there is nothing so dramatic, but the principle is the same. According to the Guns Save Lives blog,The family of an armed robber is speaking out Read more [...]
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Opposing CO2 Means Wanting Africans to Keep Dying in Poverty

Africa in globe Caleb Rossiter writes in the Wall Street Journal: I've spent my life on the foreign-policy left. I opposed the Vietnam War, U.S. intervention in Central America in the 1980s and our invasion of Iraq. I have headed a group trying to block U.S. arms and training for "friendly" dictators, and I have written books about how U.S. policy in the developing world is neocolonial. But I oppose my allies' well-meaning campaign for "climate justice." More than 230 organizations, including Africa Action and Read more [...]
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Sky to Fall After Supreme Court Ruling on Public Prayer

freaked_out With one ruling in favor of public sectarian prayer on Monday, the Supreme Court has destroyed the country so many people thought they lived in, where Christians are sent to the corner and told to shut up, like the Founding Fathers intended. "We are really angry," said Rob Boston, a spokesman for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which litigated the lawsuit against Greece, New York. "I mean really, really, really angry. Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster are we angry." "I mean, Read more [...]
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Computer Simulator Helps Grand Juries be "Objective" about Police Shootings

jury I have mentioned at least one grand jury that made an inexplicable decision to not prosecute a police officer who killed a person who was not committing a crime. But in Harris County Texas, the decisions may be easier to understand. According to Reuters, The armed carjacker projected on a large screen threatens to kill you if you don't give up your keys. Holding a modified gun that emits a beam, you pull the trigger when he draws his weapon, and seconds later fire again at another person who Read more [...]
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Heritage Foundation Comes Out Against Police State

video record police Perhaps the Heritage Foundation has covered this issue before and I missed it. But I was pleasantly surprised to see them sound the alarm over a man who was arrested in Florida for videotaping police. According to CBS Miami: The charge against freelance disc jockey Lazaro Estrada is obstruction of justice.  He was arrested on St. Patrick’s Day after using his cell phone to record a video of an arrest at a Southwest Miami-Dade store where he was spinning records for a promotional gig. Miami-Dade Read more [...]
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