Crispy or Original Recipe? Solar Power Test Fries Birds in Flight

burnedOwl Every time I think about "green energy," a little voice in my head that sounds like Katharine McPhee starts singing "Over the Rainbow." (Sorry, Judy Garland fans, but this is the 21st century, and Kat's got it all over the erstwhile Dorothy Gale.) It's not that I'm seeing Munchkins, but the wistful, dreamy, pie-in-the-sky yearning expressed in the song seems to me to capture the whole alternative energy movement. Whether it's corn-powered cars, high-tech windmills or solar panels, the stuff Read more [...] Continue reading →

John Boehner Caves; Funds DHS

boehner And the winner of "Worst House Speaker in United States History" goes to... John Boehner! The New York Times headline says it all: “House Approves Homeland Security Budget, Without Strings.” The fight over funding the Department of Homeland Security that began with Republicans thundering about a lawless president abusing power to change immigration policy ended with a quiet capitulation Tuesday when the House voted to fund the agency and avert a partial shutdown. In the end, Speaker Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Obama FBI Threatens and Punishes Whistleblowers

FBI-Logo In the Obama FBI punishments for whistleblowers are acknowledged in writing. Maybe it would be simpler to list all the agencies under the Obama Administration that don’t punish whistleblowers. We know the TSA does so. So does Veterans Affairs. And now new evidence of how the FBI treats whistleblowers has come to light. According to the Washington Times: “FBI email warns whistleblower of retaliation if surveillance program concerns reported.” The Senate Judiciary Committee is planning Read more [...] Continue reading →

Billionaires and Billions of Food Stamps

Food Stamps reported this week that, “A record 290 newcomers joined the Forbes billionaires list in the last year as world markets defied international turmoil. While wars, diseases and currency crises made headlines, tycoons from every continent but Antarctica managed to mint new 10-figure fortunes.” The United States ranked second, contributing 57 new billionaires. Who is the most famous rookie on the billionaires list? Michael Jordan, just doing it! Just under 23 million households Read more [...] Continue reading →

Private Security Makes Neighborhood Safer and Reduces Crime

seal security A Houston neighborhood decided to not renew a contract with a constable, and instead got better service for less money from a private security company. I’ve written in the past about private companies and individuals supplying security for communities that could no longer afford their police departments. We’ve seen this in Oakland, California, Detroit, Clackamas County, Oregon, and even in Mexico with armed residents fending off drug cartels when the police and military weren’t available Read more [...] Continue reading →

Barack Obama Will Raise Taxes through Executive Order

taxes Barack Obama has already been rebuffed by his own party, so he will try to raise taxes through executive order. Bernie Sanders is a self-described “socialist.” Even though he caucuses with the Democrats, he refuses to join them, running as an independent. He is at least as left-wing as anyone else in Congress. Guess who is listening to him. Sanders wrote a letter to Jack Lew at the Treasury Department claiming that the executive branch could, in various ways, unilaterally raise taxes. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Parents Responsible for Unsubstantiated Neglect. Really.

neglected For letting their children walk outside together, CPS has ruled parents are responsible for unsubstantiated neglect. Those were the words officially released by Maryland Child Services. Thus the Washington Post headline: “‘Unsubstantiated’ child neglect finding for free-range parents.” The Maryland parents investigated for letting their young children walk home by themselves from a park were found responsible for “unsubstantiated” child neglect in a decision that has not fully Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Illegal, Off-the-Record, Hillary Clinton Email Account

Hillary Rodham Clinton When people sent Hillary Clinton email, they sent it to a private account when she was Secretary of State. Does anyone remember the big controversy back during the McCain campaign when it was discovered that Sarah Palin had a private email account as well as her official one as governor? This demonstrates that those who are firmly embedded in the ruling class don’t even worry about the rules that other people are supposed to follow (and be punished for violating). Hillary Clinton not Read more [...] Continue reading →

Google Wants to be Internet Pope

google watching you What makes Google as Internet pope scary is that they are claiming a much wider area of infallibility than the Pope does. I hope Roman Catholics will forgive me if my understanding of Papal infallibility is a little muddled. But I do know that the Pope does not intercept thousands of communications and direct people to his own conception of the truth. But that is what Google wants to do. Their papacy will cover the globe. As New Scientist reports, “Google wants to rank websites based Read more [...] Continue reading →

IRS Gouges Citizens and Gives Tax Refunds to Illegals

IRS sign 2 How can people who never paid taxes get tax refunds? They can and the IRS is not backing down. Yet another consequence of President Barack Obama’s executive order for amnesty has come to light. According to the Washington Times: “IRS defends paying refunds to illegals who never filed taxes.” The IRS is defending its decision to let illegal immigrants claim up to three years’ refunds on income even if they never paid income taxes, telling Congress in a new letter last week that Read more [...] Continue reading →

Second Amendment Can be Disregarded for Officer Safety?

armoredpolice The Obama Administration invokes officer safety to justify banning bullets. As Bob Allen reported on Friday, the Obama Administration has devised a way to effectively ban certain guns by banning their ammunition via the BATFE. Since there are such things as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and—more specifically—the Second Amendment, naturally many Americans are outraged. Thus, we get to hear a big fib put out by the White House. As the Washington Times reports, “White House Read more [...] Continue reading →

Politicians Don’t Believe in Free Exercise of Religion

First Amendment The free exercise of religion means that religious schools get to teach their religion. Here is an interesting story from the Daily Signal: “Why Are Lawmakers Attacking This Archbishop for Requiring Catholic Teachers to Not Slam Catholicism?” San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is under fire for adding new clauses to archdiocese’s high school teachers contract that require “Catholic teachers in their professional and public lives uphold Catholic teaching,” according to Read more [...] Continue reading →