Are Immigrant Women Being Abused by Guards?

bridenstine ft sill Some immigrant women say they have been abused. According to CNN: Women detained at an immigrant holding facility in southern Texas allege workers there have sexually abused them, including by removing them from their cells at night for sex as well as fondling them in front of others, lawyers wrote in a letter to federal officials this week. Some guards or other workers at the Karnes County Residential Center also asked sexual favors of female detainees in exchange for money or promises of assistance Read more [...]
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Liability Insanity Stripping U.S. Playgrounds

swing set I wish I could blame this on a specific government agency or authority, but the problem is widespread cultural liability insanity. Here’s the way KEPR reported it: “Richland School District Is Saying Goodbye to Swings.” Many playgrounds have replaced cement with cedar or rubber surfacing. The cement was just too dangerous. Now, swings are in the line of fire. Swings are being phased out of Richland schools. The district says pressure from insurance companies  over the liability is part Read more [...]
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Charitable Giving - Red States, Middle-, Lower-Class Do More

red state blue state 2 When it comes to charitable giving, the rich get richer while the poor help others. The headline of this piece on a recent report put out by the Chronicle of Philanthropy emphasized the religious angle and geography (“Report: Which states give most to charity? The ones with the most church-goers.”). But there is another interesting angle on data that is also included in the story. It starts with an observation on income levels. According to an analysis of IRS data, in the years spanning Read more [...]
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Why Women Passing Combat Endurance Test Doesn’t Matter

women marines The Problem with the Combat Endurance Test Is That It Doesn’t Provide Feminist Results From “3 Women Pass Marines' Endurance Test.” Three women have a chance at making history in the US military after passing the Marines' grueling endurance test for infantry officers, reports the Washington Post. This was just the first step, however, explains the Christian Science Monitor. Their passing grade in the Combat Endurance Test merely allows the women to move on and try to complete Read more [...]
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New York Times Admits Government Cocaine Connection

Gary Webb The government cocaine connection is real, but the reporter who publicized the story must still be attacked, after already being driven to suicide. As I’ve noted, Hollywood is about to vindicate the marginalized and reviled reporter, Gary Webb, in a feature movie starring Jeremy Renner. This means many in the media must do some serious spin, since they acted to discredit and destroy the career of Gary Webb. Thus, the New York Times movie review: If someone told you today that there was Read more [...]
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Confirmation: We Bombed Syria over Made-up Terrorists

khorasan not exist The government has saved us from made-up terrorists. I’ve already posted how the National Review has noted that the story about “the Khorasan Group” looks quite bogus. This was interpreted as an attempt to not admit failure in the war on terror. Barack Obama needed “new” terrorists to avoid discussion of why he was now dealing with the same al-Qaeda-linked terrorists that he claimed he had defeated. But there might be another explanation for making up bogus terrorist groups. Perhaps Read more [...]
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Centralized Power Is a Corruption Magnet

central power corruption The reason we have so much corruption is that centralized power makes such corruption possible and profitable. From the Of Two Minds blog: I confess that reading Francis Fukuyama's latest cri du coeur in Foreign Affairs,America in Decay: The Sources of Political Dysfunction made me think Mr. Fukuyama has either been reading or channeling Of Two , as his brutal assessment of America's terminal political dysfunction reflects many of the themes I've been hammering on for the past Read more [...]
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Federal Addiction to Short-Term Debt Will Not End Well

money swirl Short-Term Debt Means a Sudden Rise in Interest Rates Will Crush Us. The short-term picture looks deceptively stable. The long-term picture is not so good. On David Stockman’s website: “Uncle Sam’s $8 Trillion Annual Debt Churn: Why Washington Is Pertrified Of Honest Interest Rates.” When discussing the national debt, most people tend to only focus on the amount that it increases each 12 months.  And as I wrote about recently, the U.S. national debt has increased by more than Read more [...]
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Barack Obama's Needless War Puts Americans at Risk

caesar obama Obama's Needless War Against The Islamic State Puts Americans At Risk: Washington Should Let ISIL's Neighbors Defeat The Caliphate-Wannabe President Barack Obama is channeling George W. Bush.  The former has assembled a grand coalition to fight a new Middle Eastern war.  Only President Obama acted without legal authority and stuck the U.S. with most of the work.  Why is Washington involved at all? The Islamic State is evil, but the organization’s raison d’etre is establishing a Middle Read more [...]
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The Market Ticker on Ebola Quarantine

Karl Denninger Market Ticker Can Ebola Quarantine Possibly Work? Karl Denninger is a popular economics blogger (and one who will never be invited to advise the Federal Reserve). Last week he provided some analysis of the proposal to use quarantine procedures to deal with Ebola risk: “On Ebola, Quarantines, and Similar.” I'm sure you've heard that the Dallas Ebola patient's family has been forcibly quarantined. I've been pinged repeatedly since this story first broke on my views with regard to armed quarantines Read more [...]
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The Transgender Insanity Comes to High School Sports

transgender restroom If transgender insanity will make it seem reasonable to expose a female state worker to a violent male in what is supposed to be an all girls’ facility, then I suppose it is no surprise that it has also infected normal high schools. Here is an amazing story from the Washington Post: More than 100 community members flooded a meeting this week near Minneapolis, and thousands more sent e-mails. In response, the quasi-public body governing high school sports in Minnesota decided to delay a Read more [...]
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Don’t Believe We’re Losing the Culture War

red state blue state The New York Times editorial board wants us to believe we are losing the culture war, but do they have evidence? Under the headline, “The Tide of the Culture War Shifts,” The New York Times Editorial Board writes, Not long ago, it would have been unusual for a Democratic senatorial candidate in Iowa to run a powerful abortion-rights television ad like the one recently broadcast by Representative Bruce Braley. The ad lists in detail the anti-abortion positions taken by Mr. Braley’s Read more [...]
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