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Is Race Politics Corrupting Justice?

Embrace Diversity People

Eric Holder takes race politics to a new low when he refuses to allow the death penalty for a black-on-white murder. Some of us really don’t care about the color of skin involved. A human is a human is a

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Allen West May Challenge Marco Rubio In GOP Primary

Rubio West

Former congressman Allen West had an unfortunately short-lived career in the US House of Representatives, to which he was elected in 2010 but lost his reelection bid just two years later. Shame, because I would have bet money that he

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Allen West, Mitt Romney and the Massive Voter Fraud Machine


A funny thing is happening after Democrats thought they won the elections. Not only are there rampant stories of voter fraud, but it appears that this time, oddly enough, some people seem inclined to do something about it. Congressman Allen

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Is Voter Fraud Responsible for Removing a GOP Representative?

LTC Allen West

Allen West was (and is!) running in Florida for re-election to the House of Representatives. That race is not over. Or rather, the counting of the votes is not over. West is trying to get an honest count of the

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