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If Only We Had a Dictator Who Loves America!

Samuel Johnson - Patriotism

Rudy Giuliani says he doesn’t know if Barack Obama loves America. That is big government propaganda. I assume that everyone has heard the ruckus about Rudy Giuliani, the media’s favorite pseudo-conservative, say that… Well, here is the quotation reproduced by

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President Doubles Down: No Islamic Terrorists

islamic state

There are no Islamic terrorists according to Barack Obama. I understand how any president would face a political problem because we need Muslim countries to fight the terrorists. I don’t think anything Barack Obama says on this matter is worse

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Barack Obama’s War against the Islamic State

Obama's War_cropped

President Proposes War against the Islamic State: What Has U.S. Been Doing For Last 6 Months? The Islamic State is evil. The killing of American hostage Kayla Mueller highlighted the obvious. But that’s no reason for America to go to

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Silicon Valley Snubs Barack Obama

CyberSecurity Image Number 2

Major CEOs of Silicon Valley are upset about how Obama has refused to reform the NSA. As most readers will be aware, Silicon Valley has major left-wing, pro-Obama credentials. On gender and biology, many tech companies want to replace reality

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Obama to Congress: Please Share Blame for New Iraq War

caesar obama

Obama wants to start a new Iraq war and wants cover from Congress. Obama is going to Congress in order to get authorization for war. On the face of it, this move honors the Constitution. I would certainly hate it

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King Obama v. Queen Esther on the Crusades


Well, Barack Hussein Obama has done it again. He has stirred up a hornets nest with another ill-advised and ill-informed comment in his speech at the national prayer breakfast. “Unless we get on our high horse and think this is

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Franklin Graham Compares Jesus and Muhammad

islamic state

If you look at Jesus and Muhammad, the correct use for the President’s “Death Cult” label becomes obvious. Talk about inconvenient truth! From CNS News: “Rev. Graham to Obama: Unlike Christ, Mohammad ‘Killed Many Innocent People’ – His ‘True Followers’ Emulate

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Afghanistan Blackout: Obama Veils “Ended” War in Secrecy

top secret

The Obama administration has imposed an Afghanistan blackout on how many tens of billions of dollars are spent. I have already posted about Barack Obama’s de facto policy of Afghan War Forever. We have seen him secretly authorize more fighting

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There Are No Spending Cuts in Barack Obama’s Budget

fiscal cliff_02

Barack Obama’s budget is being described as lowering the deficit through spending cuts. All lies. As the budget gets unveiled, we need to remember that stupid “victory lap” that Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew took back in October, claiming

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Barack Obama Lobbies for More Economic Damage

wasting taxpayer money

The President demands that we charge into more debt, as if that won’t produce more economic damage. I distinctly remember, when Barack Obama was campaigning for porkulous, that he said over and over we must spend more money in order

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The Humiliating Public Loss of Barack Obama

crash and burn cash

Taking back his “free” community college scheme was a public loss for President Obama. A couple of days ago I asked if the President was happy that he no longer had to worry about the Democrat majority in the Senate.

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Drone Crash Is an Excuse for More Federal Regulation


Barack Obama is using the drone crash in order to propagandize for the FAA. No one should be surprised by this. Time magazine has the video posted on their website: “Obama Calls for Drone Regulation After White House Crash.” President

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