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Was Barack Obama Ever Really Going to Enforce Immigration Laws?

marco rubio us flags The promise to enforce immigration laws was key to the campaign for “comprehensive immigration reform.” But it was a lie. As you may have heard, deportations are way down. Not only are general deportations not happening, but even criminals are getting to stay in the country rather than face deportation. Mark Krikorian writes at the National Review, The operational reason for the collapse in deportations is the Obama administration’s enforcement-suppression policies, which it has labeled Read more [...] Continue reading →

Gun Control is NOT Love, Mr. Obama

Declaration of Independence with Gun The natural and God-given right of self-defense is perfectly summed up by this exposition found in America’s fundamental law which regulates all our civil government institutions: “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Definitive, bright, unequivocal, and by no stretch of the imagination is the Second Amendment confusing. Let’s look at the words of Jesus on this topic…“Then said He unto them…he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and Read more [...] Continue reading →

Barack Obama Doubles Down on Arrogance

ObamaThrone The mainstream media is admitting that Barack Obama is a self-adoring scoffer who thinks advertising his arrogance is a winning strategy. It is easy to feel ambiguous about the President’s way of speaking and the media’s reporting of it. On the one hand, overwhelming arrogance is obviously bad. On the other hand, it is somewhat refreshing to see the President stop pretending and the media to stop covering for him. reports, “Obama’s Trash Talk.” It’s not just the fourth Read more [...] Continue reading →

Is Barack Obama Threatening to Support Terrorists with More Weapons and Money?

obama putin 2 Didn’t we support terrorists in Afghanistan (or people who became terrorists) in order to create a “quagmire” for Russian troops? Here is CNN’s headline: “Obama: Russia heading for 'quagmire' in Syria.” When I read that headline I don’t see how any Russian could hear these words and not think about U.S. policy in Afghanistan. In other words, they sound like Barack Obama is warning Putin that he will support terrorists in Syria (or support more of them, or give them more support) Read more [...] Continue reading →

Democrat Debate Organizers Cooperating with Obama Administration to Defeat Hillary

Biden tech Even though Joe Biden is not campaigning yet, the Democrat debate organizers are saving a place for him. A headline in the Washington Post makes the argument that the Obama Administration is working to defeat (or destroy) Hillary Clinton much more plausible. If you remember, several think that the Obama wing of the Democrats want to use Biden as their champion against Clinton. Now we find out that Biden has a “reserved” place waiting for him: “Debate organizers to Biden: We’ll keep the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Does Anyone Remember When the Roman Catholic Church Used to Oppose Abortion?

PopeFrancisWarming If only the Roman Catholic Church had a leader who could confront the White House over dismembering babies and trafficking their organs. The Roman Catholic Church was once the pillar of anti-abortion advocacy. What happened to that? Here is the headline from Bloomberg: “Obama to Bask in Pope's Aura, But Francis Wants Planned Parenthood Defunded.” Just kidding. The real headline: “Obama to Bask in Pope's Aura, But Francis Wants Economic Justice.” The pope wouldn’t recognize “Economic Read more [...] Continue reading →

White House Eulogizes Staffer and Depersonalizes His Unborn Child

ham brewer daughter An unborn child must not be referred to by a White House prepared to veto any law protecting even born babies from murder. Here’s the headline from the Washington Post a couple of days ago: “White House staffer killed on charity bike ride remembered as ‘epitome of a public servant’” A day after a White House staffer died in a cycling accident while raising money for cancer, his wife released a heart-felt tribute to her husband on Instagram that recalled his optimism and selflessness. “I Read more [...] Continue reading →

Why Should Trump Defend The Truthfulness of a Proven Liar?

trump face How could Trump defend Obama on the basis of what he has claimed about himself when he has made false claims? So, a guy at one of Trump’s events claimed that Obama is a Muslim and Trump didn’t get into a fight with the man on Obama’s behalf. I’ve heard the media pointing out how great it was that John McCain wouldn’t stand for such behavior. Yeah, I’m sure the media would love to browbeat Donald Trump into following the playbook of a Republican loser. No one who respected McCain’s Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Executive Order: Government Must Use Behavioral Science

09052012ObamaHandOverMouth Barack Obama has issued an executive order for agencies to use behavioral science to make policies. If you have ever felt that the government was trying to manipulate you… well, it might get worse. Barack Obama believes so strongly in the power of the behavioral sciences to reach us that he has made its use official. reports, A new executive order from President Obama directs all government agencies to use psychological science and data to help connect more Americans to government Read more [...] Continue reading →

Mega-Arrogance: Barack Obama Warns Vladimir Putin against Arming Syria’s Government

syria iraq isis When Barack Obama warns Vladimir Putin against arming Bashar al-Assad, does he realize how hypocritical he is being? When I read this story the shameless hypocrisy and arrogance left me breathless. I can’t decide if Barack Obama is being openly cynical, saying garbage that he knows everyone recognizes as garbage, or if he has convinced himself that he has any standing to warn anyone about arming anyone. How can anyone read this Associated Press headline and not laugh?—“ Obama warns Russia Read more [...] Continue reading →

300,000 Federal Contractors Just Became More Expensive for Taxpayers

obamaPen Barack Obama signed an executive order requiring Federal contractors to get paid sick leave. I know the Associated Press is biased, but their description of President Obama as “showing solidarity with workers on Labor Day” by signing the executive order was more sickening than usual. The President didn’t give up one of his family’s lavish vacations to help any workers. The president simply ordered contractors to spend more money on each employee, money that will ultimately come from Federal Read more [...] Continue reading →

Labor Participation Lowest Since Carter Administration

soviet laborer This Labor Day marked three months of a 38-year record low labor participation rate. CNS News reports, “Record 94,031,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Stuck at 38-Year Low for 3rd Straight Month.” A record 94,031,000 Americans were not in the American labor force last month -- 261,000 more than July -- and the labor force participation rate stayed stuck at 62.6 percent, a 38-year low, for a third straight month in August, the Labor Department reported on Friday, as the Read more [...] Continue reading →