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Jonathan Gruber: Killing Babies Makes Life Better for Survivors


So now it turns out that Jonathan Gruber has written rationalizations for killing babies—a.k.a. “abortions.” The Blaze reports: “More Surprising Jonathan Gruber Comments Surface…and This Time They Have to Do With Abortion.” I’m not sure they are really that surprising.

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Barack Obama Restrained? The President on Executive Action

obama pen

In his own imagination Barack Obama restrained himself in the use of executive power. But he doesn’t want any future president to follow his example. As shocking as it sounded, no one should be surprised by what the President said.

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Barack Obama Secretly Authorizes More Afghanistan Fighting

caesar obama

It isn’t just Iraq; the President has ensured more Afghanistan fighting as well. We already know that Barack Obama is intent on sending Americans back to fight in Iraq, and the Pentagon is encouraging him to do so. But now

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Barack Obama and the Bible on Immigration

obama mexican flag

President Obama and the Bible seem to have a relationship of convenience. I hear the President consulted and quoted from the Bible in making his royal fiat Thursday night. Associated Press reported: President Barack Obama appealed to the Good Book

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Unfortunate Boss: Bruce Springsteen & His Real Problem

bruce springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is one of my favorite songwriters. He and the E Street Band have been a musical inspiration to me for a number of years now. This doesn’t mean I like all of his material – in fact, there’s

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Could Obama’s Illegal Actions Strengthen the Constitution?

washington praying

Could it be that Obama’s Illegal Actions will Really Strengthen the Constitution? Many are wringing their hands over the fact that President Barack Obama will destroy the Constitution with his anticipated amnesty of illegal aliens. I think in fact his

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More Evidence Obama & Pelosi Are Pathological Liars

Obama Pelosi

Pathological. There is no other conclusion that can be honestly and fairly reached. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are pathological liars, and there is no legitimate reason to trust a word either of them says. The case of Jonathan Gruber

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The Law of First Mention


Those who study the Bible are aware of a principle called The Law of First Mention.  We could have saved America some serious headaches had we simply followed this law. “The “law of first-mention” is the principle in the interpretation

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Rand Paul on Barack Obama, War Criminal

rand paul cspan

Rand Paul does not directly call the President a war criminal, but he does say that his war is illegal. So I don’t know what else we can deduce from the Kentucky Senator’s argument in the Daily Beast: “Obama’s ISIS

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Barack Obama’s Excuse for Ignoring Election

2014 election

The new Senator-elect from West Virginia points out Barack Obama’s excuse which he is using to ignore the election. As the Washington Times reports, “Obama didn’t get the message from voters, says new GOP senator.” Sen.-elect Shelley Moore Capito said

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Is The Man In the White House Mentally Ill?

obama cowboy

Admit it: if he is mentally ill that would explain a lot. I am not asking this with my tongue in my cheek. I am as serious as a judge. As I sit here and write, I am listening to

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Barack Obama Prefers Working Mothers

matrix baby

Better to have working mothers with uninterrupted careers than stay-at-home moms, according to the President. The President is simply living on a different planet from mine. According to, the above footage comes from a speech that Obama gave in

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