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Two Women Assault Cop; Warrant Issued for Their Arrest

cop being assaulted

Watch the video showing these two women assault cop and ask yourself what is wrong with the San Jose Police Department. This assault took place, allegedly, September. You would think that an assault on a police officer would involve immediate

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Ignore God’s Law and Get Headaches about What Counts as “Consent”

Behold the insanity wrought when men ignore God’s Law! From “California debates ‘yes means yes’ sex assault law.” College students have heard a similar refrain for years in campaigns to stop sexual assault: No means no. Now, as universities

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Federal Immigration Bureaucracy Treats Local Governments as Serfs


Gateway Pundit points out one of many disturbing features about the current immigration (manufactured?) crisis: local government is treated as if it did not exist. Mayor Alan Long, as you can see if you watch the video, claims that no

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Berkeley Pilots Brilliant Method for Building Permanent Caste System: Pot for the Poor

Marijuana & Cash

Berkeley, California, has, I think, revealed where the current wave of pot legalization is headed. I have to say, I’m impressed with the diabolical snare they have invented in order to maintain a caste system and ensure that the poor

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When the IRS Sins, We Suffer; When the IRS is Punished, We Suffer More but They Don’t

irs logo

Allow me to interpret this article and to unravel its terminal case of blind elitism, and mind-blowing ability to obscure the practical impact of what happened. First, here is an extract from the original article at the Daily Signal: “IRS

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Best Court Ruling Ever? Public School Teacher Tenure Ruled Unconstitutional!

teachers unions

I have never understood the idea of teacher tenure. At what other job does someone get to suddenly be free from the need to perform in order to keep one’s job? But at least with colleges and universities students usually

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Tea Party Candidate Trying to Protect Republican Brand from Major TARP Villain

neel kashkari

  I have no idea if Tim Donnelly has a chance of beating Jerry Brown or not. I don’t have much of an idea of how good a governor he would be. It is hard to imagine him being worse

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Enforcing the State Religion: Proposal That No Former Boy Scouts Allowed To Be Judges in CA


The idea that this is a free country isn’t just no longer true; we have some influential portion in the country that doesn’t even know what that means. As far as they are concerned, if one does not believe the

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Ninth Circuit Upholds Right to Carry a Gun


Against all odds and expectations, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, known far and wide for its extreme left opinions, this week actually struck down a key segment of California gun control laws and upheld the right of people

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Did L.A. Sherriff's Deputies Burn a Man's Genitals With Tasers?


This is from Courthouse News Service, so we’ll have to wait and see what shakes out at trial or in the settlement (assuming a settlement gets reported).  Daniel Johnson, 26, claims the unjustified attack took place on Dec. 6, 2012

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California Officially Working To Protect Fictional Environment


The fact that a state legislature would decree population density mandates to cities in the state is an intolerable tyranny. Naturally, the California legislature is doing it. But it has officially decided to worry about the environment of a fantasy

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Wish They All Could Be California Doctors


Who’da thunk that deep-blue California, home of the Pet Rock, would be the scene of a full-blown rebellion against Obamacare? According to the head of the California Medical Association, an estimated 70 percent of the state’s doctors are refusing to

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