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Wish They All Could Be California Doctors

Obamacare Who'da thunk that deep-blue California, home of the Pet Rock, would be the scene of a full-blown rebellion against Obamacare? According to the head of the California Medical Association, an estimated 70 percent of the state's doctors are refusing to participate in the Obamacare insurance exchange. CMA represents nearly two-fifths of the doctors in the […] Continue reading →

California Won't Require ID Chips -- for Now

IDChip It's not exactly dodging a bullet. More like dodging a heat-seeking smart missile that's going to turn around and take another pass at you. California for the moment has rejected putting infrared identification chips in driver's licenses. The tracking chips, which are already in licenses in four other states, were approved by the Senate but […] Continue reading →

Will Texas Become California 2?

admin-ajax.php Who hasn't heard the new pro-immigration ads? It seems like they're playing on every news-radio station, all day, every day. Americans for a Conservative Direction is a lobbying group put together by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is definitely not a conservative. The southern RINO Haley Barbour is also involved. The ads posit the notion, […] Continue reading →