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Teacher Tells Girl Bible Quotes Banned From School


Freedom of expression. It’s not a difficult concept. Basically, every human being has the right to speak his mind without fear of government punishment or penalty. Accepted, reasonable restrictions on speech are generally very loose, like no yelling “fire” in

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Cheerleader Rebellion Defies Ban on Pre-Game Prayers


Lean to the left. Lean to the right. Stand up. Sit down. Fight, fight, fight. Go, Oneida High School cheerleaders! In an uncommon and inspiring display of courage and integrity by young people, the Tennessee high school’s cheerleaders defied a

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Christian Students Forced to Pray to Allah, Study Quran, Pledge Allegiance to Afghan Flag


Author’s Note –  It was brought to my attention that the source I used for this post was bogus and that the information below is completely false.  Had the information been true, my post would have stood as is.  I

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Blacks Supporting Amnesty for Illegals Are Hurting Blacks

black unemployment2

I still find it mind boggling to see so many black Americans pledge their support to the Democratic Party.  Since before the Civil War, Democrats have always supported slavery and the oppression of freed slaves.  For over 150 years, Democrats

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Boy Scouts Vote to Compromise Their Values

boy scouts go gay

Growing up in the 1950s and 60s, Boy Scouts was an important part of my family’s life.  My dad served as a troop leader and a scouting commissioner.  Dad was very athletic and taught canoeing, swimming, life guarding, rope climbing,

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OK For Cemeteries To Discriminate But Not OK For Christian Businesses


Ever since Barack Obama took office, our nation has seen a rash of discrimination cases filed against Christian business owners who in some fashion refuse to work with or take orders from homosexuals. In New Mexico, Vanessa Wilcox, Christian owner

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Washington State Suing Florist For Turning Down Order for Gay Wedding

arlenes flowers baronelle stutzman

Barronelle Stutzman has owned Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington for a number of years.  She has taken business from all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds, including homosexuals, some of whom have worked for her at the florist

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The Bible Isn’t Banned From Public Schools

bible in schools 4 web

Many public schools have been threatened by atheists for so long that they believe the Bible and everything Christian has been banned from the public schools. In reality these atheists are actually just bullies trying to force their views on

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University Settles Out of Court After Expelling Christian Student

julea ward

Julea Ward is a student was enrolled in the counseling program at Eastern Michigan University. As part of their training they conducted actual counseling sessions with real clients. When approached by patients who are homosexuals, Ward reassigned them to other

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Court Rules that School’s Diversity Interests Trump the First Amendment Rights of Administrator

Crystal Dixon

In 2008, Crystal Dixon wrote a letter to her local newspaper expressing her Christian views on the subject of homosexuality.  An article appeared in the Toledo Free Press that compared the struggles of the homosexual community to those of the

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California Declares War On Family and Christian Values!

California anti-family

Living in the southwest for many years, I’ve often described California as the land of nuts, fruits, flakes, wackos and crazies.  Some areas of the state, such as San Francisco and Mission Bay near San Diego remind me of Sodom

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