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Cops Take Down Elderly Lady And Bully Video Witness

Kathleen Mary Allegrone

Hat tip to Will Grigg: “Heroic Cop Body-Slams 70-Year-Old Woman; Victim Charged with Felony.” According to Police Chief Matt Doering, the primary assailant, Officer Kevin Jones, “acted reasonably” by body-slamming the 70-year-old woman to “stop the assault” she had supposedly

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Unarmed Couple Executed On False Assumption; No Cops/Shooters Suspended More Than Ten Days

police car chase

When Police tell you they were involved in a “full blown-out firefight” you would think that this referred to both them being shot at by the bad guys as well as shooting back. Not true. Business Insider reports: Cleveland officials

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Give a Cop a Break, Buy a Gun


A police officer from Miami has finally been fired after an investigation into evidence that he had been ignoring emergency dispatch calls to hang out with his girlfriend and drink coffee with his fellow citation-gifters. In Chicago recently, they found

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Small Town Cops Steal Millions From Innocent Motorists


If you’re black or Latino, don’t go anywhere near Tenaha, Texas in Shelby County. You might get pulled over for “failing to maintain lanes” or “following too closely” only to have the traffic cop seize your cash, jewelry, vehicle and

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