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Democrats Gain Nothing and Republicans Lose Members


Despite their recent victory, the trend shows that Republicans lose members. OK, so I find this very interesting—and somewhat hopeful. It is from Gallup: “Record-High 42% of Americans Identify as Independents: Republican identification lowest in at least 25 years.” Forty-two

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Terrence Bean, Democrat Fundraiser, Indicted for Sodomy of Teen

terry bean obama

If Terrence Bean was a Republican instead of a Democrat fundraiser, this would be national news 24/7. Here’s a study in media bias. Imagine a man who is: A member of the Republican National Committee A well-known conservative Christian A

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Why Last Tuesday's GOP Victory is Bad for the GOP and the Country Itself


[Editor’s note: I voted Republican and thus contributed to the GOP victory in a small way. So I don’t agree with writer’s opinion. But I thought it was worth considering. Sometimes I do think the populace needs to learn this

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Democrat Caught on Tape Stuffing Arizona Ballot Box

Screenshot 2014-10-21 at 1.25.51 AM

Democrats have a reputation for flagrantly cheating in just about every election that’s ever been held. Anybody recall those 59 district in Philadelphia in 2012 where President Obama got 100 percent of the vote, with not even a single vote for

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Sign They Are Losing: Dems Attack Nancy Pelosi

nancy Pelosi

It isn’t news when Republicans attack Nancy Pelosi, but when Democrats join in that tells you something. My guess: it means they know they are losing. From the National Journal: “Embattled House Democrats Turn Against Nancy Pelosi.” House Republicans have

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Democratic Corruption: Michelle Malkin Explains How to Understand It (& GOP Corruption Too)


This column by Michelle Malkin contains an excellent survey of various Democrats who have been caught in corrupt actions. I won’t go through her list. I want to make sure readers don’t miss her introductory statement because I think it

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West Virginia Legislature Schools Us On Pro-Life Betrayal


One of the problems with the way “checks and balances” really work is they allow politicians to pretend to be on one side of the issue when they actually take the opposite side. If I know my state supreme court

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Democrats Are Desperate To Get the Nation To Worry About Climate Change

stranded polar bear

Since this piece of political theater involves Democrats staying up late at night when they would rather be sleeping or carousing, I have to assume they are really passionate about the issue. From the Christian Science Monitor: On Monday night,

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Senate Won’t Seek A Budget Resolution; Republicans Can Only Blame Themselves

gov spending

Democrat Senator Patty Murray is the Chairwoman of the Budget Committee and she says that there is no need for a resolution. Thus, we read in Politico: The Senate will rely on the spending levels set by the two-year budget

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Go Jogging Without Identification? Get Handcuffed And Manhandled Into Police Car

woman in chains

Imagine Andy Griffith doing this to a jogging jaywalker. Yeah, I can’t either. From the blog post of the eyewitness who video recorded what happened: Sitting at Starbucks, on the corner of 24th and San Antonio, I noticed a particularly

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Thin-Skinned Dems v. Republicans Who Can Laugh At Themselves

why so serious obama

How are Democrats like devout Muslims? Answer: They can’t “take a joke” without wanting to “take you out.” From the Weekly Standard: “SNL Producer: ‘Republicans Are Easier for Us than Democrats’ – ‘Democrats tend to take it personally; Republicans think

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How Desperate Are The Democrats? They Are Willing To Give Up House To Keep Senate

senate chamber

And they know they might not even keep the Senate. The same people who are claiming that the Tea Party is killing the GOP and that the Republicans need to “rescue” their party from the clutches of the Constitutional extremists,

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