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When Liberals Attack Liberals

Real Time With Bill Maher Bill Maher, the ultra-left comedian and talk show host, has made a living by tearing apart conservatives. Once in a while, he'll go after a liberal, but for the most part he's an anti-Rush Limbaugh. But even those credentials aren't socialist enough to get him a warm welcome at UC Berkeley, one of the super-giant planets that orbits the black hole of liberalism. Odd as it may seem, Maher's planned graduation speech is being protested for his "racist and bigoted" views on Islam. Translation Read more [...] Continue reading →

9th-Grade Curriculum: Bondage, Orgasms and Vibrators

sex-ed-graphic There was a day in this country not so long ago -- a veritable Golden Age, if you will -- when teachers were expected to behave in a reserved, adult manner befitting of role models and they could actually be fired for having lurid sexual conversations with vulnerable teenage children. Now, teachers are expected to lead children by the hand through Sodom and Gomorrah, pointing out the brothels and sex shops they can try along the way. That was somewhat figurative, though not much. Let me be Read more [...] Continue reading →

New York Schools Drop First Lady's Lunch Program

ObamaLunch Michelle Obama's school lunch program isn't winning many fans among the nation's students or their  parents. In fact, another school district recently decided to drop the federal menu plans after numerous complaints from students that they were left hungry and didn't like most of the food options. Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake School District in New York said that it lost about $100,000 this year by trying out the federal program because the children disliked the menu choices and started bringing Read more [...] Continue reading →

Obama Wants to Eliminate All Education that Does not Support the State

Education_for_Death Obama attacked sectarian religious schools in Ireland because, as he put it, they cause division. The speech was bizarre but with a hidden purpose. Ireland isn’t divided politically because of its schools. And how would this unity of purpose be accomplished if these sectarian schools did not exist? You guessed it. All the schools would be run by the State. Ed Morrissey writes: “[T]his makes a handy mechanism to call for the displacement of private education and religious instruction from education, Read more [...] Continue reading →

Education Bill to Give Special Protection to Homosexual Students

harkin education bill The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was first signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson.  In 2001, President George W. Bush helped to revamp the ESEA and gave it the name No Child Left Behind Act.  Bush’s version of the statute expired in 2007.  Since its expiration, Congress has made a number of attempts to pass another revision of No Child Left Behind, but as yet, all attempts have failed. Earlier this month, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) introduced another massive version Read more [...] Continue reading →

Promoting a Virtuous Society, Part 3

virtue In my last article, I mentioned that two major obstacles to a virtuous society are: A lack of a common standard for morality A lack of self-control in the populace Both of these are very difficult obstacles to overcome, and they are interconnected. Many people have attempted to establish a common standard for morality to no lasting avail. Socrates thought (and his followers still think) that education was the cure for vices, since ignorance and poverty were the cause of them. But that Read more [...] Continue reading →

Blame Unions For Public School Failures

teachers unions How many of you have had teachers that did as little as possible to teach you anything?  With some of these teachers, you could get as much from reading the text as you could from listening to their long drawn out monotone lectures that were the perfect cure for insomnia.  There was nothing innovative about their lessons.  Their classes were boring to say the least. Then there were those teachers that made learning fun.  They had different and unusual approaches to teaching that often captured Read more [...] Continue reading →

Left Trashes Our Culture With Trash Talk

CursingLanguage I spend a good deal of time at one of our local college campuses. At least I think it's a college campus. I see people with books and backpacks. Some of them seem to be studying. The reason I'm confused is because whenever I walk across campus, it sounds more like a sailor's convention than a college. College is supposed to elevate your mind, expose you to lofty ideas and expand your thinking, not act as a state-funded locker room where you swap curse-laden stories about loose women and Read more [...] Continue reading →

8 Year Old Forces Tennessee Lawmaker To Drop Welfare Bill

tennessean_8yo_campfield_130412g-615x345 There is no doubt that our welfare system is severely broken with thousands, perhaps millions of people taking advantage of the system.  It needs to be fixed in such a way as to help as many people as possible find jobs and get themselves and their families off of welfare. Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R) thought he had a good idea of how to improve the welfare system while at the same time improving the state education system.  He proposed a bill that would determine a family’s Read more [...] Continue reading →

Common Core Standards Will Control You and Your Children

commoncore The American educational system is being federalized through implementation of Race to the Top and Common Core Standards. Once Common Core Standards are completely implemented, the federal government will have total control of assessment tools and textbooks used in core subjects. Also, a national data collection system called State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) will be used to determine a child’s educational opportunities. The federalization of education will turn all school-choice programs Read more [...] Continue reading →

Harvard Students Major in Anti-Semitism

PalestinianHate Harvard has the reputation of being one of the best universities in the country. The more I hear about what goes on there, the more I have to wonder why. In an incident early this month, a group called the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee placed fliers under the dormitory doors of Jewish students. The fliers claimed the Jewish students' dorms were scheduled to be demolished, and the Jews were being evicted. The fliers said, in part, "We regret to inform you that your suite is scheduled Read more [...] Continue reading →

The Great Education Swindle

class In his book, How Do We Know, Leonard Read claims that Napoleon Bonaparte was “more than anyone, responsible for government ‘education’ in the U.S.A.” As a firm believer in “education” (i.e. indoctrination), Napoleon was an early proponent of government-funded schools. Interestingly, Napoleon was less concerned with elementary education and allowed these to be administrated by local municipalities and religious groups. A true centralizer, Napoleon was more interested in secondary education, Read more [...] Continue reading →