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John Cusack Claims Obama “As Bad or Worse” than Bush

bush obama men in black

According to John Cusack, Obama has built on and continued many of Bush’s policies. I suppose this qualifies as “better late than never.” The Washington Times reports, Actor John Cusack argued Wednesday that President Obama is “as bad or worse”

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Did George W. Bush Offer to Officiate a Gay “Wedding”?

george hw bush witness

A report claims that George W. Bush only failed to participate because of a scheduling conflict. It is important to realize that the answer to the question is somewhat irrelevant. Jeb Bush has already given plenty of indication he wants

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George W: Country Doesn't Like Dynasties. Does Jeb Know?

Bush boys

George W. Bush won’t be campaigning for his brother because voters don’t like dynasties. But doesn’t that apply to Jeb running? Someone explain to me how this makes sense. If they know it will hurt for George W. Bush to

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"Who Has the Right Vision to Lead America?"

Rand Paul tweet hc messages

The jury is out regarding a new potential Democratic nominee for President of these United States. Many questions are traveling media circuits such as, “Can a woman lead the country? Can a Saul Alinsky Democrat heavily steeped in the corruption

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Barack Obama Economy is a Failure; So Was Bush Economy


People are now recognizing that the Barack Obama economy is a failure. But how much better was Bush? Yes, Bush was able to get away with inflating bubbles further than ever before through Federal Reserve policy. But that wasn’t real

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Don't Be Manipulated by the Hitler Bush Smear


I don’t think the Hitler Bush comparison was intended to manipulate conservatives, but it may still do so. It should also alert us to the possibility that a Republican might be attacked in order to get Conservatives to rally around

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While Conservatives Feel Beaten Up, They See George W. Bush and Bill Clinton Palling Around


If you want to see the problem with the Republican Party notice the relationship between George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Consider how their leadership acts while conservatives feel beaten up by the current Democrat regime. Here’s lighthearted piece from

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To the Financial Elite, George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton Seem Interchangeable

printing money 2

I’ve mentioned before that some people are talking up Jeb Bush as a candidate for 2016. This mystifies me because it would, in my opinion, be a nomination that would put Hillary Clinton in the White House. Why would we

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Men Who Take Bribes Often Do Other Evil Acts; We Need New Leadership

iraq terrorism

Can we try an experiment: One election cycle without a single politician “educated” in an Ivy League school. The Yale, Harvard, Princeton Axis-of-Evil is an intellectually-inbred group of imbeciles who have convinced themselves they are smart enough to control the

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The Fearful Master is Here!


Barack Obama claimed that his would be the “most transparent” Administration in all of history. Broken hard drives, official gag orders, targeted assassinations of the innocent, and countless documented lies later, somehow I’m having trouble seeing any reflection of that

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John Boehner Castigates Barack Obama On The Five-Year Anniversary Of “Stimulus”


From his press office: House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement marking the five-year anniversary of Barack Obama’s “stimulus” plan being signed into law: “The ‘stimulus’ has turned out to be a classic case of big promises

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Why Does Nancy Pelosi Feel So Betrayed By Republicans In Congress?

pelosi know your power

Yesterday, the Washington Times ran a headline that probably caused a lot of Conservatives to laugh out loud: “Nancy Pelosi is outraged: ‘We did not treat President Bush this way’.” Mrs. Pelosi argued that while Democrats opposed Mr. Bush on

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