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Russia’s Gays Seeking Asylum In US

Russian gays It’s bad enough that gay rights and homosexuality is being taught to kids as young as kindergarten in the public schools and Christian business owners are being forced to compromise their faith to cater to them.  If you speak out against homosexuality for biblical reasons, you are labeled a homophobe and guilty of hate language, […] Continue reading →

Chris Christie Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

Christie_081613 Every time I hear or read anything involving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie the more convinced I am that he is a flaming liberal Democrat in Republican clothes.  His political views are more in line with the Democratic Party platform than with the Republican Party platform. In his latest move towards liberalism, he signed a […] Continue reading →

Case On Religious Counseling of Homosexuals Wanting Out Could Set Precedent

JONAHlogo Even though homosexuality is becoming more acceptable in today’s hedonistic society, it still carries a stigma about it as it should.  God says it’s an abomination.  It’s a sinful lifestyle, just like stealing, lying, incest, pedophilia, lust, greed and murder. Gay activists believe that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.  They also encourage millions of […] Continue reading →

Pope to Homosexuals: This Church Won't Change

PopeFrancis Lest you think all morality is subject to popular opinion, Pope Francis has published his first papal encyclical in which he reaffirms the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. The encyclical, a collaboration between Francis and former Pope Benedict, makes clear that the Catholic Church is not going to surrender to fashionable […] Continue reading →