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Ending Equality for Women: Transgender Sports

end of girlsports The New York State Public High School Athletic Association is about to vote on the “most inclusive” transgender sports guidelines ever. Since we already have a hunk of transgender womanhood hospitalizing females in the MMA, and the Armed Forces is about to open the floodgates, of course it is time to institute transgender sports. Victor Skinner at writes, “New York mulls ‘most inclusive’ transgender student athlete rules in nation.” Officials with the New York State Public Read more [...] Continue reading →

Apple Pushing Transgender Propaganda on iPhone Users

jenner female Siri will now parrot transgender propaganda, but she can’t tell you Bruce Jenner’s sex. Wired loves it, of course: “Siri Corrects Users Who Don’t Respect Caitlyn Jenner.” Just to point out the obvious lie. People who are horrified that Bruce Jenner emasculated himself and pretended to be a pin-up model are not lacking respect for him. They alone respect him at all. They are the only real friends he has. Eventually, he is going to realize that. Hopefully, when he does so, he will courageously Read more [...] Continue reading →

Liberals Admit Homosexuals Aren't "Born that Way"

jenner vanity fair The Guardian runs an article defending perversity but admitting that no one is necessarily "born that way." Mark Horne posted awhile back that intelligent homosexuals know that no one is "born that way"—that is, born to be homosexual. While a person’s innate desires do not determine ethics the fact is that they are not innate. A person with a desire to kill people does not have the right to kill people even if such a desire could be inborn. Nevertheless, modern “gay rights” has used Read more [...] Continue reading →

Candace Cameron Bure Defends the First Amendment on the View

Bure v Raven Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure tells people that Americans are supposed to have religious freedom. In the clip above you will see Raven Symone introduce the topic as she is quoted by E! Online: "The Oregon law bars businesses from discriminating against sexual orientation, race, disability, age or religion," Symone argued, "and to me, it's the same exact thing that they did back in the day saying that black people couldn't do certain things because it's my 'religious belief.'" First Read more [...] Continue reading →

Transgender Tampon Offers Eunuchs the Beautiful, Womanly Experience of Painless Periods

fem-flo The transgender tampon fakes bleeding but gender is just a social construct. Women, think about your “sisters” next time you feel your monthly cramps! The CEO of a small company that has specialized in “earth friendly” feminine hygiene says that the company now also hopes “to bring each trans-woman closer to the full female experience and diminish body dysmorphia triggers altogether.” But I’m pretty sure this has to be a satire story. For one thing the market for “post-op transgender Read more [...] Continue reading →

LGBT Intimidation of Conservative Donors Helped Destroy Marriage

gay-pride-moscow Conservative donors decided that they couldn’t personally risk donating to causes that opposed same-sex “marriage.” When you hear the Koch brothers being vilified because they support some conservative causes, you probably wonder how much they personally are affected by the attacks. I don’t know the answer to that question. But I don’t think vilifying the Koch brothers is done simply to have an effect on them or even only to “rally the troops” by giving the Liberal masses an object Read more [...] Continue reading →

Girl Scouts Insult Donor for Wanting to Help Girls

girl scouts Girl Scouts return donation because it was for real girls. You would think that the Girl Scouts would be accustomed to receiving support aimed at helping girls. If they had a problem with that, then the organization should be changed to “Children Scouts” and accept both boys and girls. Since they are the ones identified as a club for girls, they are in no position to judge donors for also wanting to donate money to help girls. But the transgender idiocy has taken over the so-called Girl Read more [...] Continue reading →

Next Sexual Orientation: Polyamory

one step closer There’s no slippery slope but we are being told to legalize polyamory now. featured this article the very day the Supreme Court declared that same-sex marriage exists and that it is a fundamental right: “It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy: Why group marriage is the next horizon of social liberalism.” Obviously it was ready to go as soon as the Supreme Court released their verdict, which everyone knew it would. The writer attacks Liberals for not being willing to provide marriage Read more [...] Continue reading →

New Bill for Allowing Open Trans in the Military

transgender restroom Trans in the military means letting men wear women’s uniforms and vice versa. Our children are not going to understand the TV show M.A.S.H. anymore. They are going to want to know why Clinger thought dressing as a women might allow him to return home. According to the Washington Times headline, “Estimated 15,500 troops could serve openly as transgenders under Speier’s House bill.” Notice the word “openly.” People who claim to be transgenders are probably already in the military. Read more [...] Continue reading →

Transracial Is Now a Real Thing?

brady bunch NAACP Just like transgender, now transracial is being taken seriously—claiming one can “identify” as another race and thus be that race. What this means is that conservatives can no longer use sarcasm or ad absurdum arguments to critique liberal culture. Such arguments are supposed to take a position and show how it must be wrong by taking it to its “logical extreme.” Thus, after local NAACP chapter president Rachel Dolezal was discovered to be a white woman, a lot of conservatives suggested Read more [...] Continue reading →

Girl Sues to Use Men's Room because Transgender

transgender restroom A men's room is supposed to be open to women if the woman claims to be a man in her “identity.” This kind of story is almost becoming common, but we can’t let the sheer insanity of it go without comment. From the Associated Press, which, of course, joins in the woman’s delusion by referring to her using masculine pronouns: “Transgender student sues school, citing restroom policy.” A transgender teenager said in a lawsuit Thursday that he has been stigmatized by a policy that bars Read more [...] Continue reading →

Reason Magazine Sold Out to Trannies Years Ago

george orwell two two four The Editor in Chief of Reason Magazine is pretty upset with conservatives pointing out liberal hypocrisy about transgender. Here’s the thing about gender and race: If anything is a social construction rather than a fact of nature it is race. If you lined up everyone from darkest to lightest, or by some other physical feature, you wouldn’t get all the African Americans on one side and all the Anglo-Saxon on the other. There would be no cutoff point. Race is a fiction as far as biology is concerned. That’s Read more [...] Continue reading →