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Liberals: If We Can’t Make Hobby Lobby Support Birth Control, How Can We Force Photographers To Attend Same Sex Weddings?

hobby lobby Just so you know how freedom has become meaningless to the cultural left, they are in a twist that if Hobby Lobby wins the right to not cover “birth control” on religious grounds, then it might not be possible for homosexual couples to force photographers to affirm same sex “marriage.” From the Huffington Post: Arizona's […] Continue reading →

If You Voted For Romney To Get Rid Of Obamacare, His Presidency Would Have Disappointed You

obama-romney The New American covers Mitt Romney’s recent interview with David Gregory on "Meet the Press, in which he admitted that health insurance, after Romneycare, became more expensive in Massachusetts than in any other state. Despite all these negatives — not to mention the fact that Romneycare has caused such high healthcare costs in Massachusetts that […] Continue reading →

The Founding of Our Idiocracy

idiocracy On the day following Obama’ State of the Union sermon, Rush Limbaugh confessed he had not understood that America doesn’t connect the Lyin’ King or his policies with our nation’s ills. Until now, that is. What caused the epiphany? Mr. Limbaugh arrived at this conclusion after viewing a focus group after address. The focus group […] Continue reading →