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Increase in Defense Spending -- Will It Really Keep Us Safe?

Biden Delivers Commencement Address At US Military Academy At West Point President Obama and Congress are agreeing on something.  Isn't that great?  It would be if they weren't agreeing to spend more money that we don't have. Tom Coburn and William Ruger wrote about the bipartisan irresponsibility in USA Today: President Obama had drawn a red line by vetoing the recently passed defense authorization act while clearly stating that he wouldn’t sign another continuing resolution. Instead, he demanded an increase in spending for both domestic and defense spending. Many Read more [...] Continue reading →

Just Print Some More Money!--US Is Urged to Bail Out Puerto Rico's Bankrupt Economy

puerto rico It seems the Obama Administration is in the business of printing money.  Today it was announced that the President is urging Congress to give the Island of Puerto Rico a handout to help them not go bust before the end of the year.  The bankruptcy protection offered to Puerto Rico is of some special type that is not available to the 50 states. Here's the report from The Washington Post: With Puerto Rico buried in debt and on course to completely run out of money by the end of the year, the Read more [...] Continue reading →

Veterans for Peace Draw Attention to Questionable Military Action

soldiers Since the bombing of the Doctors Without Borders Hospital 2 weeks ago, there has been a lot of talk about the future of American military presence in Afghanistan.  The group Veterans for Peace is drawing attention to the bombing and to the ongoing presence in Afghanistan that has recently been drawn out to 2017. The Washington Times reports: Members of the group Veterans for Peace will hold a two hour vigil Saturday afternoon in St. Louis, Mo. the group announced Friday. The organization — Read more [...] Continue reading →

Drone Wars--Approved Assassinations

drone crash U.S. Citizens have put their heads into the sand on this issue.  The President and the Federal government as a whole hold tremendous power over life and death when it comes to drones.  The policy in the Obama White House seems to be "trust, but don't worry about verifying." Consider this summary of the approach taken by our leaders to kill campaign targets at the expense of others who are in no way a danger to anyone: "Taken together, the secret documents lead to the conclusion that Washington’s Read more [...] Continue reading →

Russia Strikes in Syria, Tells U.S. to Get Out of Way

U.S. Democratic Senator John Kerry peeks from behind the curtain as he is introduced to address a town hall meeting at the University of South Carolina in Columbia January 30, 2004. Kerry, on a roll after winning the first two Democratic presidential contests, has opened big leads in Missouri and Arizona and is challenging for the top spot in South Carolina and Oklahoma, according to a Reuters/MSNBC/Zogby poll released on Friday. Pictures of the month January 2004 US ELECTION REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque PP04020009 Pictures of the Year 2004  KL/JDP - RTRBJQD Nothing says professionalism like having no clue what just happened on your own watch, especially when you're the American secretary of state. John Kerry was actually in the process of speaking with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about coordinating Russian military movements in Syria with the U.S. airstrikes against ISIS, when the Russians sent a lackey to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. The lackey's message? We've started bombing; one side, please. I would have liked to have seen Kerry's Read more [...] Continue reading →

Democrats Block Obamatrade

nancyPelosi Wha-a-a-a-a-a? ... It's finally happened. The day has come when the House Democrats' actions are actually saving the Republic from the Republican leadership and the ambitions of the Democrats' own creation, President Obama. That's right. The party that was so happy a year ago about Obama's ever-expanding usurpation of powers that some of its members were sending him lists of topics to use executive authority on, has just blocked Obamatrade. It wasn't solely the Democrats' doing, of course, Read more [...] Continue reading →

'Ooh La' Is French for 'Oy Gevalt, Obama!'

freaked_out The more President Obama goes out in public in foreign lands, the more he reminds me of a cartoon caricature. I haven't quite pinned down which one, yet. I'm thinking some sort of cross between Mr. Magoo and Prince John the thumb-sucking lion from Disney's animated "Robin Hood." I'll keep working on it. ... Point is, the guy just gets more ridiculous the more he tries to assert how "cool" and in charge he is. His latest outing is a case in point. I'm assuming you've all seen the workout Read more [...] Continue reading →

Delusional Obama Loses It Over Obamacare Failures

caesar obama Fresh off another Obamacare website crash, President Obama on Tuesday jumped on his critics' cases and took the country on a tour through Fantasyland. During his rant, Obama essentially blamed all the problems with Obamacare on his critics, who in his delusional thinking want to keep people from getting health care. (And here you thought we were all just one-dimensional racists.) "Why are folks working so hard for people not to have health insurance?" Obama demanded. "Why are they so mad about Read more [...] Continue reading →

Putin Administration to Obama: You Hit Like a Girl

JohnKerry The Obama Administration's "sanctions" against Russia for the Crimean referendum over the weekend are, as expected, just plain embarrassing. In case you missed it, Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine and join Russia over the weekend, and Russian President Vladimir Putin didn't even have to register dead people to do it. Oddly enough, people in that part of the globe seem to like Putin and Russia. As scheduled last week, that referendum result led President Obama to swing with Read more [...] Continue reading →

Executive Branch Pushes for Global Warming Rules

ObamaKing He's got a pen, a phone and a forked tongue, and he's showing us how he intends to use them with every passing day. Now that President Obama has gotten away with bragging in the State of the Union speech that he no longer needs Congress because he can pass laws just based on his own wonderfulness, the Democratic Party is living the life it has always dreamed of. Nothing now stands in the way of the Left transforming the United States into a liberal fantasy land, and at the top of the wish list Read more [...] Continue reading →

Obama Flexes Imperial Muscles, Raises Federal Workers' Pay

ObamaKing In what amounts to a preview of the future, President Obama is using an executive order to unilaterally raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers. The White House announced Tuesday that Obama will completely bypass Congress and sign an executive order to up the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. The wage will affect new federal contracts and will only affect existing contracts if other terms of those agreements also change. By raising the minimum wage, even for Read more [...] Continue reading →

Obama's Approval Rating Keeps Sinking

ObamaSweat Remember the last couple of years of the Bush Administration, when the media wouldn't stop harping on polls that showed President Bush's approval rating among voters was low and getting lower? You might not have known it from the near-total lack of coverage from the Left-wing press, but today President Obama's approval rating among voters is worse than President Bush's at the same point in his presidency. In fact, only one president was less popular: Nixon. According to a new Washington Read more [...] Continue reading →