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What Role Will Race Play in George Zimmerman Verdict?

Zimmerman on Trial It's time for the obligatory George Zimmerman update. After all, it's got the liberal media all a twitter (pardon the pun). Zimmerman's attorney Mark O’Mara argued that the prosecution had failed to adequately rebut Zimmerman self-defense claim and that it is fallen far short of proving second-degree murder. O’Mara's claim that Zimmerman's references to "&#*@ing […] Continue reading →

Colin Powell Plays the Race Card

white-black Why is it every time there’s a disagreement with a politician who is black, it’s not about the policy, it’s about race? So what do we make of constant criticism by conservatives of Bill Clinton when he was president? The guy was whiter than rice. Some of the same policy criticisms leveled against Clinton are […] Continue reading →

Minorities are Window Dressing for the Democrats

Racial Politics_02 Los Angeles Democrat Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa accused Republicans of using Hispanic speakers during their convention as “window dressing.” Liberals are all about window dressing. Once you get inside the store, the shelves are bare or stocked with worn out political clichés and empty promises. This is especially true when it comes to minorities. Liberals have […] Continue reading →