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Toni Morrison Is an Ignorant Psycho

police gun

Toni Morrison says she wants “to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager.” Ed Krayewski at says that this is “borderline sociopathic.” Drop the first word and then I will agree. He quotes from Toni Morrison’s interview at

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The African American Tea Party Convergence


The African American Tea Party cooperation has not started yet, but we really are moving toward it. The main reason I was so unhappy with Jon Stewart making another episode of police brutality into a race issue was that he

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African Americans Alone See No Gains in Employment

jobless african American

Under Obama, how is the recovery working out for African Americans? Not very well. Despite (much exaggerated) “good news” about employment, not even that rigged improvement has been able to touch that minority group. As CNS News reports, “Employment Situation

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Whites Are No Longer a Majority in Our Schools so We Can See the Coming Implosion of Liberalism

rainbow flag

If Whites are no longer a majority in our schools, we are about to get a preview of the coming implosion of Liberalism. Headlines like this one are missing the point: “White Students to No Longer Be Majority at School.”

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Sonia Sotomayor Spells Out Racist Utopia Liberals Want

mlk i have a dream

Back in 2006, Michigan voters amended the state constitution to ban state-funded, public colleges and universities from considering race when deciding whether or not to accept a student applicant. You would think that we would all be glad to live

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The Racial Grievance Industry Is Trying to Create Racism

divide and conquer

Here is yet another instance of the state pretending racism is to blame for individual behaviors. This ridiculous report singles out race as if it alone is the deciding factor. They do it because they hope to manufacture charges of

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Federal Thug DOJ Shakes Down Lenders Using Unsubstantiated Race Claims

free money trap

The Washington Times headline reads: “DOJ reaches largest-ever federal government settlement over auto loan discrimination.” First off, I wouldn’t shed a tear if the entire auto loan industry disappeared. I hate it. I think it is a complete rip-off. People

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If Obama had a Son, He'd Look Like These Creeps


A Pinellas County, Florida, school bus driver has been taking a lot of criticism for not physically intervening on July 9 as a pack of teen brutes beat a 13-year-old boy who had refused to buy drugs from them. The

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Muhammad Ali's Controversial Comments About Race


Over the years I’ve gotten to appreciate Muhammad Ali. Yes, he was a showman, arrogant, and full of himself, but he changed the sport of boxing forever. He was also an anti-statist. He took on the federal government. While initially

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What Role Will Race Play in George Zimmerman Verdict?

Zimmerman on Trial

It’s time for the obligatory George Zimmerman update. After all, it’s got the liberal media all a twitter (pardon the pun). Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara argued that the prosecution had failed to adequately rebut Zimmerman self-defense claim and that it

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As Long As Affirmative Action Remains, Racial Division Will Continue


Now that the racial demagoguery of President Obama’s second inaugural speech is over and we’ve confirmed for a second time that America is overall not an anti-black nation, it would be reasonable to assume that the focus on skin color

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The Irony Of Obama Inauguration Falling On MLK Day


Today President Barack Obama becomes the first half-white President to complete a first term and the first half-white president to be inaugurated into a second. Presidential inaugurations typically fall on January 20, but as that date this year fell on

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