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Justice from a Corrupt Central Government? Ask Hillary.

hillary oligarchy

I’ve posted how a medical threat like Ebola isn’t necessarily going to be solved by a central medical authority. The CDC has already shown how it could be made worse. But the central government always pretends it has all the

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Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton on War and National Security


Before it was Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton it was Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton. Obama called Clinton out as a warmonger. He criticized her for voting to invade Iraq. It is easy to forget, but the Nobel Peace Prize

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Rand Paul Is Trying to Fix Asset Forfeiture

rand paul

We have written many times about “civil forfeiture” or “asset forfeiture” (see here, here, here, etc). It involves the police taking your property. The idea is that you should lose what you have gained by crime. But the law works

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Rand Paul vs Rick Perry on Foreign Policy: A 2016 Preview

rick perry

There is no debate we’re a country in transition. The only debate is what we’re actually transitioning to, and whether we’ll be better or worse as a people for it. Such transitions challenge trusted traditions to prove they’re still relevant.

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Can Rand Paul Make the Establishment Admit it’s Open Crimes in Syria?

obama syria

Watching this video from CNN, I cannot believe the pushback Rand Paul is getting into this interview. We are supposed to forget all past history, and “deal with the current situation” as if learning from past mistakes (a way too

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The Chamber of Commerce Sides with Federal Reserve Against Rand Paul

fed reserve

This move by the Chamber of Commerce isn’t that shocking. I had wondered if Rand Paul’s free market principles would keep him from being attacked. But that’s not enough for the Chamber of Commerce. [Note: I somehow put “Ron Paul” in

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Did Jennifer Rubin Just Demand That Rand Paul Let the Feds Assassinate American Citizens on American Soil?


Demonstrating that the Federal Government will reward people who rationalize its practice of cold-blooded murder, one of those regime court prophets is about to receive judicial power and a tax-fed income guarantee. From In a 52-43 vote, the Senate

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I Still Don’t Think Cliven Bundy Should Be Massacred (Edited!)

walter williams thomas sowell

I’m retracting some of the material below because I think this video of the full context of the rant really contradicts Politico’s headline appraisal. That also means that all my appraisals below are based on insufficient information. I still wish

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The One Where An Obama-Supporter Questions Rand Paul’s Experience


Unbelievable. Under the headline, “The GOP’s Amateur Hour,” Richard Cohen wrote in the Washington Post, Not to put too fine a point on it, but what has Rand Paul ever done? Oh, sure, he’s a member of the U.S. Senate,

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L.A. Times on Republicans & Ukraine: Americans Prefer Ron Paul to Rand Paul

rand ron paul

I have to say I find this ironic! From the L.A. Times: Finally, there are the libertarians, which brings us to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who’s at the top of early polls of potential Republican presidential nominees. Paul has been

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Rand Paul: Are Senators And Representatives Afraid Of Our Out-of-Conrol Spy Agencies?

rand paul

From “Rand Paul’s Berkeley talk: A U.S. dystopia?” The Kentucky Republican, who is heavily weighing a 2016 presidential bid, is speaking at the historically liberal bastion at a time when he is seeking to broaden the GOP base. He

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Marco Rubio’s Dilemma: Tyranny At Home Or Tyranny Abroad

marco rubio us flags

It is not a surprise that the Weekly Standard publicized Marco Rubio’s statements about foreign policy. The Weekly Standard is looking for a Republican champion and, if Rubio doesn’t come through, they will be stuck with another Bush. I suppose

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