100% of Babies Killed by Abortion Still Dead; 95% of Mothers Say Good Riddance?

While a study deals with the mother’s feelings after an abortion, the only important fact is that abortion is homicide.

In response to the video showing a Planned Parenthood director chowing down at a restaurant while discussing the demand for dead baby livers and how she can preserve organs intact by crushing their torsos in the right places, the President of Planned Parenthood attacked the ethical position of the people who made the video. According to LifeSite News:

Two days after an explosive video shows Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s director of medical services, blithely discussing the prices of fetal body parts over lunch, her employer has hired a PR firm and released nearly a dozen pages of talking points to the media.

Now, Richards takes to the camera to address one of the charges of wrongdoing.

In the message, which lasts a little over two minutes, she called the Center for Medical Progress “an organization that opposes safe-and-legal abortion” and that has made “outrageous claims.”

So the source of the video matters. In fact, you should disbelieve your own eyes and ears because of the organization’s opposition to abortion.

Now compare that concern for bias or deception (?) to this story from Newser.com: “95% of Women Don’t Regret Their Abortions.”

To further attempts to impose longer waiting periods and more stringent restrictions, abortion opponents have long used the argument that women suffer negative mental health after undergoing the procedure. That theory may have just been quashed by a new study that indicates 95% of women who’ve had an abortion felt their decision was the right one—both immediately afterward and three years later, Think Progress reports. In research published in Plos One that tapped data from the Turnaway longitudinal study, scientists from the Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health think tank followed 956 women who sought abortions in 21 states and interviewed them every six months for five years. 

Thus, when they favor abortion, studies involving interviews where there is no video or audio, performed and then reported by pro-abortion organizations, are the final word in “science.”

We know, in fact, that the media will push junk science in order to protect abortion. That is exactly what they have to do to deny fetal pain in aborted infants (who, we now know, are having their intact organs extracted).

But I will agree with one aspect of the Newser.com story: Putting up obstructions to abortion on the basis of a mother’s regrets is rather lame. In fact, it implicitly supports the pro-abortion argument that life begins when the mother says it does.

In real life, abortion is wrong and abortion should be treated as criminal because abortion is merely homicide. The issue has nothing to do with the emotions of the mother.

In 1973 the Supreme Court discounted the right to life of an unborn child and forbid the states from protecting the life (or livers or other intact organs) of such a child. So, at that point, when people wanted their state to try to do something to prevent these killings, it had to come up with some reason other than the fact that an abortion is a homicide.

I highly doubt that this study is accurate. But the bottom line is, even if 95 percent of women who kill their children are free of regret, 100 percent of those children are murdered. If government has any legitimacy at all, it is to stop homicides.