11-Year-Old Girl with a Gun: 1; Knife-Wielding Attacker: 0

A young girl with a gun saved her mother’s life from an attacker. The eleven-year-old had only recently been taught to shoot.

handgun table

According to the Oklahoman:

An 11-year-old girl was called a hero by neighbors Wednesday after she used a handgun to shoot a man who was attacking her mother.

About 4 a.m. Tuesday, Oklahoma City police were called to a home at 3308 SE 89 and found Brandy Moreno, who said she was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend, Leo Henry.

Police said Henry broke into the house and began to attack Moreno until her daughter, Jayda Milsap, 11, shot Henry twice with a handgun. Henry tried to flee from the home after being shot and was found down the street, police said.

Moreno and Henry were both taken to OU Medical Center in serious condition, EMSA spokeswoman Lara O’Leary said. Hospital officials later said they could not confirm or report on the condition of either person.

Moreno’s neighbor, Carolyn Marsee, said she heard the shots fired by the girl early Wednesday.

“I think she’s a hero,” Marsee said.

This is the whole point about firearms. They equalize the two parties. Recall that back in feudal Japan the first real attempt at gun prohibition was implemented because the fact that a farmer could kill a trained samurai was considered unnatural and wrong. Hollywood still feeds this fantasy by showing us a stream of heroes who can dodge bullets, throw objects, and somehow disarm their armed opponents. Homeland Security even tells disarmed potential victims to pull out scissors to use against a mass shooter. It is all fiction.

If one person is armed and has any ability at all then that person wins. If two persons are armed, they are at a standoff, even if one person is bigger and stronger. The natural advantage a young strong guy has in a physical contest with an older or younger enemy is eliminated by the presence of a bullet ready to launch. Any person with a gun facing another armed person is facing far more risk than an unarmed person facing another unarmed person. An armed populace is a society that discourages armed attacks.

So what would have happened if the daughter had been trained to dial 911 instead of use a handgun?

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