1800 Children In One State Get Robbed Of Their Health Coverage by Obamacare

New Jersey had a government health care safety net that was designed to provide medical coverage for children who didn’t get coverage by other means. It was called FamilyCare Advantage.

According to Breitbart.com,

The plan, offered by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, was designed for children whose parents make too much money to qualify for Medicaid and offered medical, dental, and vision coverage for just $144 a month. The program, which was the first of its kind in the nation, was implemented six years ago and considered a model for others states seeking economical ways to provide quality coverage for kids from working class families.

Yet, since FamilyCare Advantage lacked things like mental health services, Obamacare deemed the children’s 1,800 plans illegal and the program shuttered last week.

So the Federal Government’s bloated plan of health exchanges and the like must take precedent over locally administered plans designed to help people.

The Obamacare plan offered by the same insurance provider has a $1,500 minimum deductible. Vitale told NJ.com that most families whose children were covered will be ineligible for taxpayer-funded federal Obamacare subsidies because “they earned too much money.”

The 1,800 New Jersey children join the five million other Americans who also had their plans canceled by Obamacare. A new study by the RAND Corporation reportedly finds that nearly one million people whose plans were canceled by Obamacare still remain uninsured, a figure Democrats previously claimed was less than 10,000.

Obamacare remains highly unpopular. The latest Associated Press poll finds that an all-time low 26% of Americans support Obamacare.

Here we have what seems to have been a successful liberal welfare program and the Affordable Care Act had to kill it and replace it with a useless monstrosity. Does anyone think that parents who relied on the previous program can afford a $1,500 deductible?