New Robot Proves Evolution is Impossible

The theory of evolution is posited as an established scientific fact even though there is no empirical evidence of how inanimate matter came into existence and evolved into highly complex living organisms. There is no empirical evidence demonstrating where organized information came from to give structure and development to evolved matter. Finally, there is no empirical evidence showing the millions, possibly billions, of gradual evolutionary steps that were necessary to go from an inanimate glob Read more […]

UN Reacts to India Rape but Not to Abuse of Women by Muslims

One of the biggest international news stories over the Christmas holiday was the brutal gang rape and beating of a young woman in Delhi, India that left the victim with fatal injuries.  The woman, a bright medical student and her fiancé were picked up by a charter bus on Dec. 16 in South Delhi.  Six men on board the bus, including the driver, attacked the couple, beating them with pipes, stripping them, raping the woman and then threw both of them off the moving bus.  The girl was flown to a Read more […]

Is Obama a Visitor From a ‘Morally Superior Civilization’?

David Brooks from The New York Times envisions President Obama as someone who “sometimes . . . governs like a visitor from a morally superior civilization.” Let’s see, support for homosexual marriage, killing pre-born children (called being “pro-choice”), forcibly taking money from some people and giving it to people who did nothing to earn it, and counterfeiting money in the name of stimulating the economy, is said to be “morally superior” behavior. By what standard? By whose authority? Chicago Read more […]

In Syria, There Is A Literal War On Christmas, Courtesy Of US Government

According to this story at the Australian (see here for text), our allied army that is supposed to end the evil Assad regime and produce a democratic Syria, cut off a Christian’s head and then fed his body to dogs. His crime was the accusation that his brother had been overheard complaining that the Syrian rebel army was behaving like a gang of bandits. “He has just got married and his wife was about to give birth but this did not save Andrei Arbashe, a young Christian, from a horrific fate Read more […]

California Crime Drops As Gun Sales Surge

Los Angeles officials recently lauded their gun buyback program on Wednesday that bribed gun owners with a Ralph’s gift card worth either $100 or $200, depending on the type of gun they turned in. On Wednesday, the LAPD collected 2,037 guns including handguns, rifles, “assault” weapons and one rocket launcher. In total, these buybacks have pulled in about 10,000 California guns since the program began in 2009. While officials are celebrating these programs and saying that these events will Read more […]

The Shocking Truth of How Government Unions Elected Obama

Handwringing after the November election concentrated on racial and ethnic groups. We saw that 95 percent of blacks voted for Obama. In some Philadelphia wards, not accounting for the possibility of fraud, 100% of voters voted for Obama. Well, we’ve been duped. Obama’s election was only partly due to a heavy turnout of Hispanics and blacks. The real reason is found in public sector unions. While private sector unions make up about 6% of all unions, it’s public sector unions — government Read more […]

Did the Sandy Hook Murderer Have an ‘Evil Gene’?

Britain’s Daily Mail is reporting that scientists “have been asked to search for an ‘evil’ gene in the DNA of Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old who killed his mother before he opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School, slaughtering 20 children and six adults. The study, which will be the first of its kind involving a mass murderer, will try to detect any abnormalities in Lanza’s individual DNA.” What’s the “normal” moral baseline in DNA given evolutionary assumptions of how we got Read more […]

Military Wives Tribute to Husbands Serving Abroad

With all of the problems our nation and the rest of the world are facing, I thought it time to post something positive for a change. Women whose husbands are in the military and serving abroad have written letters of love and support for centuries.  Those letters have served as inspiration for many heroic deeds.  They are often the only positive thing that some of the servicemen have to cling to during the worst times of their lives. My dad entered the US Navy prior to World War II in 1940, Read more […]

Left’s Answer to Evil: Get Rid of the Handguns

Leave it to the Left to turn a confrontation with the mystery of human evil into a referendum on an inanimate object. The crime scene at Sandy Hook was barely surrounded by police tape and the Left was on the air and the web pushing its anti-gun agenda. The investigation into why Adam Lanza killed more than two dozen people is ongoing, and findings won’t be reported for weeks or even months. That didn’t stop Sen. Dianne Feinstein from dropping an anti-gun bill in the hopper before Christmas Read more […]

Senate: Balancing Spending Is Myopic

As we all have been told, we are facing a “fiscal cliff.” This is a mis-named event. The fiscal cliff, when it hits, will not be preventable. In fact, what is now being called “the fiscal cliff” is actually the most fiscally responsible possibility ahead of us. Everything being discussed in Congress is a promise of a worse fiscal cliff ahead. So, realizing we need to reduce the debt, and thus end the deficit by balancing the budget, you would think that some Senators might have gotten Read more […]

Minnesota Store Cited For Selling Candy “Cigarettes”

The St. Paul, Minnesota city council unanimously voted in 2009 to outlaw cartoon character lighters and candy that resembled cigarettes. Unfortunately, a small shop in St. Paul didn’t get the memo and had candy “cigarettes” in stock as well as gum shaped like cigars and chewing tobacco. The candy cigarettes were their biggest sellers. The Star Tribune reported that a city official visited the store a little over a week ago and instructed them to get rid of all the candy that looked like tobacco Read more […]

Push for New Pro-Abortion Law in Ireland Built on a Lie

Ireland is known as a “Catholic country.” It’s had a strong anti-abortion history. Like in most Western nations, there has been a push to weaken anti-abortion laws. Ireland is no exception. What the pro-abortion lobby needed was a catalyst. The abortionists found it in the person of Savita Halappananvar. It was claimed that Ms. Halappananvar required an abortion to save her life. She was denied an abortion because of Ireland’s anti-abortion laws. As a result she died. Here’s how the Read more […]