Why 2013 Was A Great Year For Conservatives And 2014 Might Be Even Better

A great turning point for the nation has been the implosion of Obamacare, represented by, but not identical to, the incompetent and dysfunctional rollout of healthcare.gov. The other turning point was the revelations about the NSA’s spying perpetrated by Edward Snowden. But it is likely that, while both those two gift keep on giving, economic downturn (in an obvious way that cannot be denied or hidden) will be added to the stew in 2014.

The Healthcare.gov debacle was only the beginning of the problems. Millions have lost their plans and millions more will lose their employee plans in 2014. All those people will suddenly find themselves impoverished by the Affordable Care Act—paying more for less. The millions who supposedly benefit from Obamacare will prove to be another lie. This was Obama’s legacy—one voted for by every Democrat but not by one Republican. Its meltdown represents the beginning of a meltdown in virtually every other liberal program. We truly have a chance to see liberalism publicly defeated thanks to the turn of events in 2013.

The exposure of the NSA was another blow to liberalism in 2013 (technically these started in late 2012 but 2013 has been the year of shock and awe). I know that some conservatives are tempted by the NeoCon line on Edward Snowden. I don’t claim to be certain of his motives or his character. But, objectively speaking, he has changed the conversation on President Barack Obama. That needed to happen. The Fourth Amendment is dying by a thousand cuts under both Republicans and Democrats, but Snowden made it impossible to deny the role of Obama in continuing the degradation. Now, even the author of the Patriot Act has condemned recent NSA behavior and interpretation of the law he once advocated—and advocated that those lying to Congress about the NSA face criminal charges. The NSA uses terrorism to justify itself, but its methods raise suspicions that terrorism is being used as an excuse. The most important aspect about this is that it is all being run by a President who claims to be a civil libertarian and a Constitutional lawyer. Liberalism will never be able to campaign the way Obama campaigned in 2008. The lie is exposed. The question now is whether or not Republicans will side with the Constitution or join Democrats in using fear of terrorism to continue to empower unconstitutional programs.

2014 has an extremely good chance of being the year of the crash. Whatever chance the McCain/Palin ticket might have had in 2008 was taken away by the financial emergency. People were fed up. Even in 2012, many still trusted the Democrats more than the Republicans to bring about economic stability. But Obama’s strategy has been to make the billionaires richer and hope the plunder trickles down to others. This has “worked” in 2013. Just ask Warren Buffett. But a stock market bubble is a notoriously unstable form of economic wealth. Right now the headlines are basking in the fact that, “Wall Street closes 2013 at records; best year in 16 for S&P, 18 for Dow.” What goes up must come down. Main Street already knows that the stock market’s “value” means nothing for the U.S. economy as a whole. A collapse is coming and will probably arrive before election day 2014.

For all these reasons we have a chance of truly gaining power in 2014. We need to look for opportunities to make sure we do.