2016 Election: Expect Huge Push to Make Sure a Climate Change Believer Wins Presidency

What this story tells me is that we can expect a concerted effort to ensure that both the major candidates completely accept the doctrine of man-made global warming and the necessity of doing something about it by limiting the use of “fossil fuels.”

The CNN.com story starts by addressing 2014:

An environmental advocacy group backed by hedge fund tycoon Tom Steyer is set to unleash a seven-state, $100 million offensive against Republican “science deniers” this year, a no-holds-barred campaign-style push from the green billionaire that could help decide which party controls the Senate and key statehouses come November.

The Steyer-backed outside group, NextGen Climate, has billed itself as a progressive, pro-environment counterbalance to the wealthy oil and gas industry — as well as the primary foil to the pro-business Koch brothers and their well-funded conservative donor network.

I suspect that talk about conservatives being “well-funded” compared to liberals is a myth. The Koch brothers don’t seem much of a match for George Soros, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates, combined with many others.

But I found the stuff buried deeper in the story much more interesting.

It wasn’t lost on reporters that the NextGen map featured multiple states that figure prominently in presidential races — Iowa, New Hampshire and Florida among them. Lehane said that was by design. “Almost all of these states align with being really important presidential states either in the primary process or the general election,” he said, promising that Steyer will be active throughout the 2016 campaign.

When the 2016 presidential primary campaigns lurch into overdrive next year, NextGen will continue to call attention to turnout-driving local issues — and on attacking Republican candidates. Steyer has already funded an ad in Florida attacking Sen. Marco Rubio, one of many possible GOP White House aspirants, as a tool of oil lobbyists. “We look forward to a conversation with the Rubios of the world,” Lehane said of the group’s 2016 plans, without revealing specifics.

Compare this to John Kerry’s bizarre priorities where he focuses more attention on pushing the climate change lie than dealing with international peace.

Something is up.

I have had the general idea for some time that some people plan to make money off carbon taxes. But apparently there is a lot more at stake for those people than I realized. And as the questionable basis for the global warming theory begins to fall apart on the evidence, these powerful men are doubling down.

Getting someone who refuses to parrot the dogma that “climate disruption” is caused by our energy use need to be a high priority for conservatives in 2016.