2016: A Middle Earth Analogy

How would a Hobbit vote if these elections were held in Middle Earth?

Looking ahead to 2016…

one ring

Both Republicans and Democrats have reached for “the Ring of Power” and it has worked its seductive magic. The halls of the Capitol and K Street are infested with demonic Wormtongues, hurling the minds of our princes into the Dead Marshes on the outskirts of Mordor, and the deepest caverns beneath Moria.

Hopes of the American Middle Earth for the arrival of a stout-hearted Aragorn receive fresh blows with each vote for a dark-hearted, limp-spined Gollum named Boehner or McConnell, Pelosi or Reid.

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The Constitution tossed the One Ring into Mount Doom, but… alas… the hearts of men were weak, and Executive Orders, Supreme Court Sophistry, and Congressional Dereliction have re-forged it on these shores. Now, the Democrats and Republicans fight to see who can wear it. Nowhere to be found, it would seem, is a Gandalf wise enough to realize that none can bear the weight.

I am left to ponder: Is there a Hobbit in the realm?