$37 Million of Taxpayer Money Being Spent to Sell Obamacare to California Residents

If Obamacare is such a great program and according to President Obama is so successful, then why does the federal government have to spend money we don’t have to brainwash high school students to accept and promote the socialist medical program?

Covered California is the name of the state’s healthcare exchange program part of Obamacare.  Covered California is receiving $43 million of federal grant money, $37 million of which will be used to promote and educate California residents about Obamacare.  The money will be divided between 48 different organizations, all of whom have been given the task to brainwash the people of California to sell their souls to Obama’s national socialized medicine program.

Back in May, Covered California issued a statement saying:

“The goal of the grant program is to increase awareness about the new benefits, to educate targeted audiences about the subsidy programs available to them and to motivate consumers and small businesses to be part of obtaining health insurance.”

Unbelievable (I guess anything from California is believable these days), $990,000 of that grant money has been given to the Los Angeles Unified School District to use to brainwash high school students and their families that Obamacare is a good thing and that they should hurry and sign their souls over to the federal government.

Larry Hicks, an official with Covered California spoke about the nearly $1 million of grant money given to the LA schools, saying:

“2,500 juniors and seniors, all volunteers, will be trained to share information about Covered California Health Plans with relatives and neighbors that are part of the population eligible to enroll. These student helpers also have expressed interest in health careers. Many come from homes of limited English speakers, including Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and Armenian. Teenage helpers speak approximately 30 different languages. Bilingual students help bridge the communications gap.”

In addition to the grants to indoctrinate high school students, The University of California will receive $1,250,000 to be used for student orientation including welcome to Obamacare packets and faculty events.  The University of Southern California will receive $500,000 to push Obamacare on their student body.

$37 million to push a program that is being mandated anyway is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.  Considering the fact that the US has to borrow billions of dollars from countries like China and Japan, why are they wasting millions of taxpayer dollars trying to sell something that people are being forced to buy anyway?