5-Year-Old Labeled as “Sexual” Offender

If a five-year-old child pulls his pants down in an inappropriate place, who other than a child predator would interpret that child’s actions as sexually motivated?

Answer: public school officials.

According to the local CBS news affiliate in Law Vegas,

A mother is upset after her 5-year-old son received detention for what his school is calling “sexual misconduct.”

Eric Lopez, a kindergartner at Ashton Ranch Elementary School, pulled his pants down on the playground this past spring. The child received detention and has a note within his permanent file at the school. At the time of the incident, his mother wasn’t notified nor did school officials inform her that her son signed a note in the assistant principal’s office.

“He did not know that he could ask for me,” Eric’s mother, Erica Martinez, told KTVK. “He’s 5.”

Dysart Unified School District has a policy that states a parent does not have to be present for a disciplinary meeting unless the student requests his or her parent.

For the past two months, Martinez has been fighting to have the sexual misconduct label removed from her son’s file citing that her son’s actions were not sexual in any way. But the district has denied her appeal and the assistant superintendent is defending the school’s actions.

Of course, school officials always defend their actions. They can’t allow the subjects to correct their decisions.

What good is a signed note from a five-year-old? And why would an elementary school be ready to label five-year-old children as perpetrators of “sexual misconduct”?

We don’t have to wonder. The CBS story tells us the reason:

Our school district uses consistent language for disciplinary infractions in order to provide clarity and track discipline data accurately,” assistant superintendent Jim Dean said in a written statement to KTVK.

He explained that the district must follow the state and federal guidelines and definitions that are set to define a sexual offense.

So the issue is that the school is not really a local entity. And the school administrators are not businessmen trying to make customers happy. Rather, they answer to the state and federal governments.

I submit that this is a stupid way to discipline a five-year-old. Only the involvement of government, especially the Federal government, can explain why they do it.