61% of College Students Want Less Government—Supposedly

Sixty-one percent of college kids want the government out of their lives, according to a poll conducted by Young America’s Foundation (YAF), an organization for young conservative activists. Adam Tragone, on CNSNews.com, one of the more dependable news sources online, directs us to this poll evidently to gin up conservatives’ enthusiasm for America’s future.

It is because I’m alert to the mindset of America’s undergraduates, who elected as the leader of their country one of its most pro-government candidates in history, that I can confidently proclaim this poll to be flagrantly inaccurate. College kids do not want government out of their lives. This demographic goosesteps with the agenda of Democrats. Any poll that shows them to want to be free from government intervention into their lives is an inaccurate one.

Even the self-described anarchists are usually, and ironically, far left-wing, their primary qualm with the government being that it has a military, and their secondary being that it does not subsidize marijuana. Outside those two issues, young “anarchists” want more government in the hopes that it will solve their problems for them. Like college students, these “anarchists” would probably say they want the government out of their lives as well; but, also like college students, they seem not to understand what that means.

Without the vote of these undergrads that this poll claims want less government, President Obama would right now be former President Obama.

It is imperative for conservatives to stop paying attention to polls, let alone producing them, that provide them with a false sense of optimism. Conservatives, including this one, paid daily attention to Gallup to see how badly Governor Mitt Romney would wallop Obama in last year’s election. Because of the increasingly optimistic numbers coming from Gallup and other right-leaning pollsters, conservatives were no longer looking to see if Romney would defeat Obama, but by how much he would defeat him. We hurt ourselves.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin, nationally syndicated, often gave his audience that same sense of optimism every time he declared that defeating Obama should be a piece of cake, the media’s efforts to protect him notwithstanding. Obama is so bad a president, the argument went, and unemployment so historically high, that it’d be a miracle if Obama came out victorious.

Miracles do happen, but Obama’s victory was not one of them. It was more akin, rather, to a bad omen. It was not females’ desire to be taken care of by the government that alone won Obama’s re-election; it was not blacks’ sense of racial pride and low standards for a role model that alone won Obama’s re-election; and it was not the media’s tireless cheerleading an Obama victory that alone won Obama’s re-election. It was these factors in combination with our youth’s laziness and their desire to have somebody else, anybody else, be responsible for their life decisions, that won Obama’s re-election. Were only one of these not the case, the torch likely would have passed to Romney. But to ignore the affection college kids have for the government and to put any value into polls that contradict what we can see with our own eyes is going to get us nowhere but nowhere.