62% Blame Shutdown On GOP. Time to Get Serious, Guys!

Much conservative ado is being made over a new Associated Press-GfK poll that puts President Obama’s job-approval rating at a new low: 37 percent, or the average for President George W. Bush’s second term. It certainly is significant, considering that The AP is a left-leaning organization and that Gallup, a conservative polling group, had Obama four percentage points above that just last week.

What conservatives are not talking about are the inconvenient revelations in the poll, numbers that vindicate what I’ve been saying about the House’s awful, awful strategy regarding Obamacare and the government shutdown.

According to the poll, 62 percent blame Republicans for the shutdown. I know and you know that the shutdown is not Republicans’ fault, but rather the fault of Democrats for their obstinacy in insisting that even with all the concessions Republicans have made, they, the Democrats, opted not to fund the federal government rather than simply to fund it but delay Obamacare by a year. That should be very obvious to people of average reasonability, but the average American is both an idiot and a sponge for what the media tells him.

But what do most Americans, aside from a few that Jimmy Kimmel was able to find walking around L.A., know about Obamacare? They know it’s what Obama and the Democrats want, and they know Republicans hate it. Those are the basics. The media tells them that the government shut down because Republicans hate Obamacare, which, yes, technically was a factor. So people associate the anti-Obamacare people—Republicans—with the shutdown. The AP-GfK poll shows 68 percent believe the shutdown is bad for the country. Ergo, according to America at large, Republicans are hurting the country by opposing Obamacare.

So what would happen if Republicans stopped opposing Obamacare and just had a hands-off approach to legislating for a while? What would happen if Republicans made a very public announcement along the lines of, “We are going to let the Democrats do whatever they want. We will not oppose them”? Democratic leaders would be at the press conference as well, standing next to Boehner at the podium, and they would even speak after Boehner and say, “We applaud the Republicans’ new resolve to step aside and let us Democrats handle things.” The media would report on this because, for them, being vehement supporters of the Democratic Party, it would be something to celebrate.

Obamacare would be fully implemented, spending would continue to rise, and it would be a Democrat’s paradise. For five to ten years, Republicans would essentially take a break. Each vote they made, they’d vote in alignment with the Democrats, and they would publicly explain as much.

Right now, Republicans are digging in their heals on Obamacare because of pressure from the Tea Party, a group that has the right principles, but the wrong strategy. So now the majority of Americans blame Republicans and conservatives for the shutdown, which a majority of Americans hate. Nice going, Republicans; you stood up, and now Americans blame you.

My plans are simply a large-scale application of the adage, “It takes a Carter to get a Reagan.” Conservatives pretend to believe that, but they’re not taking that belief to its logical conclusion. It’s high time Republicans back down and let the repercussions of full Democratic control be felt by everybody. Because the media will have announced that Republicans have taken a hiatus, there will be no way for Americans to believe that the oncoming woes of the country will be the fault of Republicans. How could it be if the Republicans did everything Democrats asked them to? In the year 2021 or thereabouts, after eight years or so of full Democratic control and Republicans’ being very publicly absent from decision-making, people will come to realize that it is actually the Democrats who are and have been bad for the country. Thus the beginning of a new conservative revolution in America.

You know why people of the Soviet Union are now some of the most conservative people in America? It’s because they felt the pain of liberal policies (extremely liberal, granted). We need to stop thinking in the short term and start thinking ahead. We can only create a conservative citizenry if they feel the pain of liberalism.