Over 7 Million Have Left Workforce During Barack Obama’s Reign

Isn’t it time for the President to suddenly declare, as if he had never said it before, that jobs are his number one priority for the next two or three seconds? The numbers came out today, provoking a response from Senator Jeff Sessions:

“Today’s jobs numbers are only enough to tread even with population growth, maintaining unemployment at 6.3 percent. When you include discouraged workers, the unemployment rate doubles to an alarming 12.2 percent. There are still 3.2 million fewer full-time employed persons than there were in 2007,” says Sessions.

Since President Obama came into office in 2009, 7.2 million people have left the workforce entirely. One out of every six men aged 25–54 is not working. Employment in this group fell by 72,000 last month, while the number of employed women aged 25–54 fell by 37,000. Meanwhile, the workforce participation rate for women is at its lowest level in 23 years. Median household income is down almost $2,300 from what it was when the President took office. Real wages are lower than they were in 1999. Growth in the first quarter of this year was negative.

“These numbers are grim and make clear that this economy is nowhere close to performing at an acceptable level.”

For what it is worth, these job losses especially hurt African Americans and women. Teen unemployment is triple the national unemployment rate. And more males from the ages of 25 to 54 are out of the workforce than ever before.

We have been in a national economic crisis during the man’s entire Presidency and he has done nothing to fix it. He has no idea how to fix it.