75-Watt Incandescent Light Bulbs Are Now Outlawed

75-watt incandescent light bulbs are now outlawed effective New Year’s Day. Stores will be allowed to empty their shelves, but manufacturers and stores are now prohibited from making them or importing them. One year from now, 60W and 40W bulbs will also be outlawed.

The government is pushing their “green” energy solutions by prohibiting these wasteful light bulbs and promoting Light-Emitting Diode bulbs (LED’s) and Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL’s). Consumer Reports’ Celia Kuperzmid-Lehrman explains that “90 percent of the energy the bulb uses is wasted, so what they replaced them with are much more energy-efficient bulbs which are just as bright, just as good and will actually save you money over the long run.”

It doesn’t matter that CFL’s or LED’s are supposedly more energy-efficient. Any time the government steps into the marketplace and starts mandating that people buy certain products, that product’s quality will go down and costs will go up. So, in the next several years, we can expect light bulbs’ cost to skyrocket in the same way that healthcare costs will skyrocket because of the government’s takeover of that sector.

But many people have shown that most of this energy-efficient talk is mostly hype to get people to buy the more expensive bulbs and to stop buying the old ones. Particularly with the CFL’s, they have actually been shown to be less efficient for the average household.

It’s true that businesses prefer fluorescent lighting because they typically leave their lights on constantly all day, even for 24 hours. But in the average household, people don’t leave the lights on when they don’t need them. So, what you have is people turning on the lights for say 30 seconds at a time and then turning them off. In that context, CFL’s burn out far sooner than they advertise. Many of them advertise a 10,000 hour lifespan, but in this Mythbusters experiment, the CFL bulb died after 504 hours, around the same time that the accompanying incandescent light bulb died out, and maybe even before the incandescent. In their experiment, they had the light bulbs turn on and off on a 2-minute cycle that lasted for 6 weeks, and the only light bulb that survived by the end of that time was the LED. So, households are slowly being forced to buy a more expensive and lower quality product because the government claims it’s better for the environment.

I don’t even think it’s about the environment. That’s just the excuse. It’s about rationing resources in the same way that the government wants to ration healthcare. These “green” energy regulations don’t save us money; it saves them money because they get to decide how much or how little electricity, energy or water we get to use. They can always use the global warming myth as an excuse to restrict our access to natural resources. Soon, they’ll be dictating how warm or cool our houses are allowed to be kept. They’ll decide how much water we get to use on a day-to-day basis. And they’ll limit our electricity usage to whatever threshold they decide is “best for the environment.”

As Senator Rand Paul pointed out as he was grilling the Department of Energy’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency Kathleen Hogan, these regulations are being enforced by supposedly “pro-choice” bureaucrats under the threat of fines and imprisonment. They’ll grant a woman the right to murder her unborn child if it is her “choice” to do so, but they’ll throw someone in jail for making a light bulb that they don’t like: