84-Year-Old Retired General Subjected to Police Brutality?

He said in response to the police brutality, “It’s the first time in my life I’m ashamed to be an American.”

Here is the video report of a local media outlet on what happened:

The line at the end really gets to me—that if military police under Retired Army General William J. Livsey’s command back in the day had behaved as the police behaved in his house, he would have court-martialed them.

According to Mint Press News:

This all started when a delivery driver said his debit card was not accepted. Livsey offered a check, but the driver refused.

What happened next is for a court to sort out. The drive says that the 84-year-old man “grabbed him by the throat and pinned him” against his refrigerator. But the physical state of Livsey makes that somewhat difficult to imagine, as you will see in the video at the bottom of this article.

Police believed the driver though, and they decided the elderly man needed some police-administered “street justice.”

The former commander of US forces in South Korea was swarmed by ten officers, who claim he “resisted” and eventually tried to “punch one of the officers and kick another one all while making threatening and disparaging remarks.”

But neighbors who witnessed this incident say it was “just blown out of proportion,” by the police, according to a neighbor who spoke with local WSB-TV.

“Way too many police for that. Way too many. And the way they handcuffed him was ridiculous.”

All we have to go on right now is the word of the victim/accused and his neighbors against the word of the police.  Obviously something rather violent took place as we can see from the picture of the General’s arm, which looks pretty gruesome. Did they get rough with him because of his violence or were the police acting inappropriately? We will probably have to wait for a trial before we can say more.

But hearing an elderly man basically tell us that he doesn’t recognize his own country anymore in the behavior of the police is not all that surprising these days.

It is important to remember that, long before Ferguson erupted, conservatives were making police brutality an issue. We need to keep making it an issue.