9-Year-Old Student In Trouble For Having Army Soldiers On His Cupcakes

These outrageous school stories seem to be happening everyday. School administrators suspending young students for hand gestures, drawings, pastries and toys that look like guns. The paranoia of the left is unbelievable. And their “no-tolerance” policies are a complete joke.

A more recent case comes out of Detroit, and the 9-year-old student didn’t get suspended, but he and his parents got chided by the school principal. How did the student misbehave? It was his birthday, and his parents (or mom) had placed little, green army men on the cupcakes. That was it. It was the little, green army men that the principal Susan Wright claimed were entirely inappropriate “in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.” She even called the parents and chewed them out for such callous “insensitive” conduct. Before the boy’s cupcakes were served, school staff made sure to remove the offending little, green army men.

The baffled and outraged parents went to the media. The next step should’ve been to pull their son out of the government school, but that didn’t happen, so, we have to be content with the media exposing the idiocy once again of school administrators.

The principal eventually made a statement:

 “In the climate of recent events in schools we walk a delicate balance in teaching non-violence in our buildings and trying to ensure a safe, peaceful atmosphere. On one hand, there are those who advocate arming teachers, having armed security guards and creating a fortress of defense in our schools. On the other hand, there are those who feel that guns create fear in schools and we need to put solid security measures in place, plus practice routines to be prepared in case an emergency should ever occur. Living in a democratic society entails respect for opposing opinions.”

 And she wants everyone to respect her opinion that anything resembling a gun creates fear in schools, because we live in a post-Sandy Hook world. I’m sure the other kids in the class were horrified to see those tiny army men toys atop the cupcakes. I’m sure it actually reminded them of Adam Lanza and AR-15s.

Actually, I’m sure the kids didn’t care one bit about the army men, and instead were looking forward to eating their cupcakes. Toy guns, pastries and hand gestures aren’t creating a culture of fear at government schools. Stupid school administrators are.