A Cop in Every School: The Stimulus Plan That Scares Liberals

Liberals talk a good game about wanting to protect “the children.”

In fact, Medea Benjamin and some of the other Berkeley biddies from Code Pinko were doing just that during NRA head Wayne LaPierre’s press conference, shrieking like banshees and holding up signs about how the NRA was killing kids.

But LaPierre stuck to his guns, so to speak, and made a concrete proposal that would actually protect schoolchildren.

Put an armed officer in every school.

Now the liberal media and schoolhouse nobility are torn between mocking LaPierre’s proposal or just running away in fear.

LaPierre pointed out correctly that it’s our rotten-at-the-core, nihilistic, solipsistic secular culture that is the real culprit in shootings like that at Sandy Hook school last week, not the availability of guns. If Adam Lanza hadn’t been immersed in a violent bubble of video games and media, it’s unlikely he ever would have been capable of doing what he did.

Since gun control is really about control, not the guns, the Left is highly skilled at throwing up roadblocks to any real solutions, while also being adept at chasing tangents.

Since liberals resist the notion of simply allowing teachers to carry guns, and Lord knows they’ll never accept any moral reformation, LaPierre’s proposal is strategically brilliant.

Instead of throwing money at the usual President Obama union supporters, the next “economic stimulus” can shell out a mere $50 billion or so and hire an officer for every school at $50,000 per year.

It would provide actual jobs, keep teachers from having to be armed and provide helpless schoolkids with trained protection.

And you can bet that it would be much cheaper than any Democrat plan to ban guns or ammo.