A Republican Donor and the Planned Parenthood-Environmentalism Connection

This Republican Donor has given lots of money to Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and Planned Parenthood.

Maybe Andrew Sabin has supported many other causes as well. Maybe this post in the Federalist just happened to mention two out of many, abortion and environmentalism. But there may actually be a connection between those two things. It is worth considering.

Meet the GOP Megadonor Who Funds Planned Parenthood And Wants Republicans To Fight Climate Change.”

“Andrew Sabin gave Republicans so much money in 2012 that he accidentally went over a limit on how much individuals could donate to federal candidates and party committees,” began a story in the Washington Post in 2014. Sabin is the owner of a New York-based precious-metals refining business and a major political donor as well as philanthropist.

He was in the top 100 individuals giving to candidates and parties in 2014, spending more than $243,000 that year, more than twice the previous limits.

Sabin has a particular interest in environmental causes and climate change. A Wall Street Journal story from earlier this year was headlined, “Wealthy Jeb Bush Supporter Aims to Push Him to Combat Climate Change.” And just a year ago, he gave $3.5 million to fight climate change through the courts….


Sabin is also a donor to Planned Parenthood, both to his local affiliate and to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. 

Not only does Sabin have his foundation give money to Planned Parenthood but he socially associates with their leaders since he gets invited to events as a major donor to them.

Could it just be a coincidence that Sabin pushes these two causes? Maybe. But there is an obvious connection. We can see it if we remember that environmentalists see people as the major threat to the climate. And people who want to reduce the world population (as Planned Parenthood does) often appeal to environmental concerns to justify the intervention they want to see governments implement.

Last week, I posted about how the Environmental Protection Agency was spending money to intervene in African cooking. Why? Because traditional cooking releases carbon dioxide and the numbers of these Africans who cook their food is “projected to grow at alarming rates.” Darker people having babies represent a huge environmental threat that we need to spend money taxpayer money to deal with, according to many liberals.

My guess is that Sabin will never be a big supporter of Ben Carson.