A Spying Program Designed for Us

If the NSA spying program is so good at catching the bad guys, then why didn’t it know about the Boston bombers and Edward Snowden? The answer is simple: The program was designed to keep track of us.

So, most of our “so called” elected officials here in the United States are outraged that Edward Snowden the whistle blower that leaked the news of NSA’s Verizon Telephone spying program on United States citizens will be granted asylum by more than a few countries around the world.

What we Americans need to be asking ourselves is, where was this outrage by these same people when it was learned that such a criminal act by the government was being perpetrated on its own citizens? The answer is simple; there wasn’t any outrage because they never wanted the American people to find out that their own government was interested in specifically spying on American citizens and not Terrorist groups abroad.

This fact is apparent since the United States government has been supporting Terrorist groups such as Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda to name just a few, since the Arab Spring Uprisings and continues today with support both militarily and financially to the cannibalistic rebels fighting in Syria.

Thus, the real enemy to the United States government has become its own citizens. This is why we still have Socialistic laws in place since 9-11 in the guise of protecting us from Terrorism that scrutinize Americans above all others.

Laws implemented such as the Patriot Act, NDAA, countless Executive orders that essentially grant the President supreme power over all government and civilian operations, TSA gropings at all airports of all who fly with a commercial airline, internet spying of all US citizens, monitoring all bank accounts, and the installation of cameras at every street corner are measures the government has taken to protect itself from us, not Terrorist groups abroad.

Currently the United States government operates what amounts to a Nazi-style concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay Cuba and has since 9-11. Since all activity including who is imprisoned there is classified, who is to know how many American citizens are being kept there and for what reasons. Clearly this is not the actions of a Constitutional American government.

The fact that the government wants amnesty and an open southern border with Mexico is further evidence that it isn’t interested in security at all since this area would be the first place any Terrorist group would choose for entering the United States.

As it is now, the NSA will have a $2 billion data center in operation on the Camp Williams military base near the town of Bluffdale, Utah, in September of this year. This data center will be used solely for the purpose of collecting data of all internet activity and telephone data from American citizens, not international Terrorist groups.

Edward Snowden should be viewed as a great American Patriot rather than a traitor since he is fighting the corrupt Socialistic Dictatorship that has the nerve to call itself the United States government. Snowden along with all others who consider themselves American Patriots who value the Constitution are enemies of the State.

The reason the United States government is frantic to get Snowden back is because of what else he has on this Dictatorship that they wish to keep secret at all costs.