A Test for the Tea Party and the Downfall of the GOP Establishment

There are a number of big elections across America today. Georgia has one. The GOP establishment wants us to vote for a tax increase for transportation. It’s called the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax or T-SPLOST. The proposed 10-year, 1-cent regional sales tax will raise some $18.7 billion statewide. It’s been described as a bloated boondoggle.

There’s a sign near our home touting a 2006 tax that was passed by the voters. The multi-acre tract has a small shed and some garden plots. I think we’re still paying the tax, and now they want to add another penny to the sales tax. “It’s just a penny,” they always say. In terms of percentage, it’s a huge increase.

You’ve heard of the “bridge to nowhere”? We have sidewalks to nowhere. I go by them two to three times a day, and I’ve never seen anybody walking on them. Weeds grow up through the cracks and expansion joints.

Texas politics is also in the news. Ted Cruz is running against establishment Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Latest polling puts Cruz at a 10-point lead over Dewhurst. The Tea Party is not dead, as so many liberals and GOP establishment types keep telling us. Talk to Richard Lugar about the death of the Tea Party. Scott Walker won a recall election in Wisconsin because of a national campaign led by Tea Party loyalists and donors.

Tea Partiers don’t make a lot of noise, but they do vote.

Even the liberal Huffington Post is acknowledging that the Tea Party is alive and well in Texas.

Cruz . . . has proven a tough challenger in the race for retiring GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s seat. Cruz, former state solicitor general, has drawn a crowd of Tea Party leaders to his side, including Sen. Jim Demint (R-S.C.) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). Sarah Palin has also campaigned for Cruz, including a trip to a planned community called the Woodlands with Cruz on Friday.

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“Cruz’s victory is driven by four things: the Tea Party, the enthusiasm of his supporters, a generational divide within the Texas Republican ranks, and the lack of regard the party base currently holds for Rick Perry,” Public Policy Polling wrote.

If you want more information on Ted Cruz, here is his site: http://www.votetedcruz.org/

If you are from Texas, vote early and vote often (just kidding on the often part).