A Third of Syrian Rebels Agree with ISIS

Supporting the Syrian rebels against Assad–as bad as he is–is morally perverse. We’ve covered before  how the rebels work with ISIS. To claim they are moderates is false.

Here is more evidence from Rare.US: “Study: 1 in 3 Syrian rebels shares ISIS’s ideology.”

A report released today by the Centre on Religion and Geopolitics—a think tank tied to former UK prime minister Tony Blair who helped orchestrate the 2003 invasion of Iraq—shared grim findings about the chaos that will persist in Iraq and Syria if ISIS is wiped out militarily.

The study finds that about 60 percent of Syrian rebels are sympathetic to ISIS—yes, those unvetted Syrian rebels to whom our government continues to funnel weapons, which, more often than not, end up in terrorist hands—and a third of the rebels explicitly share its ideological goals.

So if ISIS falls, these extremists are more than ready to take its place.

The study found no fewer than fifteen groups that were waiting to take ISIS’s place.

Why are we funding these jihadist terrorists and funneling weapons to ISIS? I can’t be certain, but the fact that the group provides an excuse to disarm the public and erase the First Amendment is at least part of the answer. And, of course, it has given the government a reason to dispense with the Fourth Amendment and spy on all of us (while refusing to read the public social media of visa applicants).

ISIS is essentially a lobbying group that asks government to engorge itself and dispense with more of the Constitution.

(Posting the video blow is not meant to endorse the organization as a whole.)