Abortion Consistency: No Murder Charge for Cutting Baby from Womb

Colorado is showing abortion consistency in how they treat a woman who stabbed a pregnant woman to remove the baby, and who caused the baby’s death.

A woman had been pretending she was pregnant for months. Someone online heard about it and actually predicted that some harm might result (see this CNN video). But no one was able to stop the crime.

The woman, Dynel Lane, advertised baby clothes on Craigslist.com. When Michelle Wilkins showed up, seven months pregnant, Lane beat her and stabbed her. According to CNN:

While the attack on Wilkins has shocked her community for its brutality, many have also remarked on the 26-year-old’s strength.

Bleeding and stunned in a stranger’s basement, Wilkins managed to lock herself in a room to prevent any further violence, called 911 and did what she could to stem the bleeding.

Police officer Billy Sawyer, who responded to the call, said he and his partner weren’t prepared for the grisly scene.

“She was covered in blood,” Sawyer told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

But though Wilkins saved her own life, she only did so after Lane had succeeded in cutting out the baby from her uterus.

Oh wait! Did I write baby? Obviously, I meant fetus.

Here’s CNN’s report on Colorado’s abortion consistency: “No murder charge in case of baby cut from woman answering Craigslist ad.”

A former nurse’s aide will not face murder charges for allegedly cutting and removing an unborn baby from the mother’s womb, Boulder County, Colorado, prosecutor Stanley Garnett said Thursday.


After the attack, prosecutors said it may be hard to muster a murder charge. Colorado state law does not recognize a fetus as a person, unless it is capable of surviving for a period of time outside the womb, a prosecutor said then.

But the extent of the period that the fetus must survive in order to be defined as a baby is not legally clear.

Lane’s husband, David Ridley, told police he found the baby on the day of the attack in a bathtub taking a breath.

It won’t matter. What this woman did is no less perverse than what Kermit Gosnell did or than what many other late-term abortionists do every day.

But the state has ruled that babies aren’t human in the womb, so there is no murder charge.

There was nothing to murder.