Abortion, The Molestation & Rape Cover-Up Plan

Abortion for rape or incest is a pretty standard view even in otherwise “pro-life” circles. I’m not sure how this works logically. And it can get awkward. As it happens, Miss Pennsylvania 2014 was conceived by a violent rape and her mother, with support from others, kept her. She is happy to be alive and her mother is happy about it too.

Should killing her be an option?

But there is another problem lurking in the claim “rape or incest” exception. It is often promoted as compassion for the girl or woman victim. But we have some practical experience now with abortion in the case of rape or incest, and it seems designed to make it easier for the violator to get away with his crime.

From WSAZ:

Michael and Amanda Adkins were arrested Friday night on charges of child neglect causing the risk of injury.

Up until the abortion, all the health care professionals involved in this case were in touch with investigators. That included a therapist and a physician who confirmed the pregnancy. Then, an abortion clinic in Charleston performed the procedure but didn’t notify authorities. We wanted to find out why, so we checked the laws.

In West Virginia, a health care professional is only required to report a situation like this if they suspect abuse. There is no mandate for reporting an underage pregnancy – even with a patient as young as 11.

We found out the same is true in Ohio. The Department of Job and Family Services says doctors, teachers, and others in positions of authority are required to contact authorities in cases like this, only if they suspect abuse.

In Kentucky, however, anyone under the age of 12 becoming pregnant is automatically classified as first-degree rape. So there, authorities are required to be notified.

In this case, because the abortion was not reported by the abortion clinic – and the parents did not tell anyone it was done – state police say the parents were able to go back to the doctor that was working with investigators and tell him the girl was having symptoms of a miscarriage. He then performed a D&C procedure, unknowingly putting the girl in danger.

So you bring an eleven-year-old pregnant girl to an abortion clinic and they will get rid of the baby no questions asked. This makes it sound like the abortion clinic is the molester/rapist’s best friend.

And for all we know, the beautiful girl who would have won Miss West Virginia 2032 was just killed.