Abortionist: Abortion Is Safer Than Childbirth

Last year, I was able to attend my county’s GOP convention, which was one step in the nominating process where we all were required to “get behind” the chosen one, Mitt Romney. (What’s the point of having a “democratic” nominating process when the outcome is pre-determined?)

At my county’s convention, I sat across from an aged OB doctor. I was rather surprised that he was at the Republican convention given his opinions on contraception and children. I don’t know his stance on abortion, but he was clear that he thought responsible couples should have no more than one child. Two, tops. He was a man of his word, as he only had one child himself, now a grown man.

He told me that every time a man impregnates a woman, that man is putting that woman’s life in danger. And for that reason, men and women should limit their offspring to one; women should use birth control pills, and men should use condoms. Anything to prevent any more children from being conceived. I’m sure you can imagine the look on his face when I told him I had six kids.

So, pregnancy and childbirth are inherently dangerous. So dangerous, according to one abortionist, that abortion is a safer option. It’s better to just terminate the pregnancy than to encounter the risks and possible complications associated with having a baby.

The pro-life advocacy group Life Action is at it again with another undercover video. In the video, the pregnant undercover woman is being advised on the abortion procedure, which includes killing the unborn baby with a lethal injection, inducing labor and giving birth to a stillborn. The doctor tells the pregnant woman that it’s actually safer to go through the abortion process than to carry the live baby full term and give birth. Here’s a transcript taken from the video:

DR. LANDAU: “And it’s definitely safer. You know, the bigger the pregnancy, the more risks there are in — in delivering.”

WOMAN: “Oh — so this is actually safer than –

DR. LANDAU: “Than having a full-term baby … It’s a very, very small risk. And it doesn’t go away if you decide to keep the pregnancy. It just gets more, right? So, the bigger the pregnancy, your risk of having bleeding, surgery or death — it’s all higher than having this abortion.”

WOMAN: “So, it’s safer to have the abortion?”

DR. LANDAU: “It is…”

There’s no doubt that there are risks with pregnancy and childbirth. As there are with every other part of our life in this risky and dangerous world. But saying there are risks with pregnancy is no justification for murder. With this line of reasoning, the U.S. could enforce Chinese style population control in the name of protecting women from the dangers of pregnancy. Any father who has impregnated his wife more than once would be guilty of unnecessarily putting his wife’s life in danger.

Of course, what these abortion docs don’t want to tell their pregnant victims is that abortion comes with its own risks. Long-term psychological, emotional and physical damage can and most often will result when a mother kills her own child, whether that child is born or not. And yes, many women have died from complications associated with abortion.

Life itself is risky. But abortionists want to take one life in order to “save” the other from potential risks, instead of preserving both.