Administration Opens Doors for Atheists

Even as the Pentagon mulls cracking down on Christian evangelists in the military; the IRS is investigated for targeting Christians and other conservatives; the Health and Human Services Department is being sued for violating religious freedom; and the Department of Homeland Security continues to cast about for Christian “terrorists” to persecute, the Obama Administration’s faith office has met with an atheist coalition to discuss ways to get atheists more deeply involved in government.

It’s no stretch to say that this Administration has worked to shut Bible-believing Christians and Jews out of government. At the same time, though, it also seems to put out the welcome mat for atheists.

The meeting with the Secular Coalition for America earlier this month is just the most recent example.

The meeting included representatives of a half-dozen atheist organizations and representatives of the White House and Department of Homeland Security. The exact agenda was not made public, but an SCA release said, “The purpose of the meeting was to brief the Administration on secular and nontheistic issues, and to establish better lines of communication that can ultimately lead to greater nontheistic involvement.”

The group, led by executive director Edwina Rogers, met sometime this month with White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships Director Melissa Rogers and the Rev. David Meyers, director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Atheist Leaders Recently Met With the White Houses Faith Based Office    But What Did They Discuss? | Secular Coalition for America
Participants in a recent meeting of atheists with Administration officials. Melissa Rogers is at center. Edwina Rogers is the third from right.

It’s unclear if the two Rogers women are related, but a photo of the meeting participants available online does not rule out the possibility. (See photo at left. Edwina Rogers is third from the right; Melissa Rogers is in the middle.)

“The Administration seemed to recognize the need for nontheistic inclusion and seemed open to finding areas where we can work together,” said the SCA’s Edwina Rogers.

Also present at the meeting was a representative of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, which at least raises a question whether the meeting bore some connection to the recent coordination of the Pentagon and the anti-Christian Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

The Pentagon recently was criticized when it was revealed to be working with the MRFF on developing a policy that would crack down on  Christian service members who share their faith and put them at risk of punishment, including court martial.

Atheist groups have made significant inroads during this Administration, in all three branches of government.

The perpetual legal attacks against public expressions of Christianity by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU are well known. While they don’t always win in court, such groups have heavily eroded symbols of America’s Christian heritage and managed to gag believers across the country.

In the Legislative Branch, we have seen increased lobbying and donations by atheist groups and individuals in recent years, one of the most influential being the atheist billionaire George Soros. His current project is to influence passage of immigration “reform,” both through his own organizations and by buying the help of liberal religious groups like Sojourners.

Atheists have the same right as other people to become involved in the government. But so much of atheist groups’ efforts seem aimed at suppressing Christianity and, to a lesser extent, Judaism while promoting their own religion that it is difficult to escape the obvious conclusion.

Whether individual atheists understand this or not, the main thrust of atheist activism is to establish theirs as the state religion, with legal rights to inflict punishment on Christians and Jews.

Atheists are notably quiet on Muslim influence on U.S. society, and that’s because a mutual hatred of Christians and Jews has made them allies of convenience.

The Administration for its part has always promoted Muslim concerns over those of Bible believers, Obama’s much-reviled “bitter clingers.” Atheists’ help is welcomed in suppressing the only people who stand in the way of so many groups’ plans for reshaping America.

The day may come when America’s atheists admit that their belief is a religion like any other and they rejoin mainstream American society in a relationship of mutual tolerance. But until that day comes, they bear watching.