Administration’s ‘Tolerance’ of Murderers Is Just Cowardice

There’s a quote making the rounds of the Internet that’s being attributed to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough:

“They weren’t ‘sympathizing.’ It was a statement of religious tolerance, and damn it, we stand for that in America. And if someone wants to put that out because they think it might keep Americans safe inside that embassy, who the hell has a problem with that?”

It’s a chastisement of Mitt Romney for criticizing the Obama Administration’s flaccid response to the killing of our embassy personnel. The administration’s line has been consistent since the attacks: All the now-global violence is the result of a little anti-Islam film that no one has ever seen.

But the administration’s shift-the-blame response and Scarborough’s quote are absurd on several levels.

First, the administration did and does sympathize with the murderous mobs. Obama may claim to be Christian, but he was raised Muslim in foreign Muslim communities. He himself has expressed his love for Islam on numerous public occasions, so let’s just cut the baloney about the administration not sympathizing with the Muslims, OK?

Second, the notion that the administration and its liberal supporters are expressing religious tolerance by condemning the film is so transparent a child can see through it. There’s no element of religious tolerance here. This is plain and simple pandering, trying to get the raving psychotics in the Islamic “street” to like us.

If anything, this smacks of a mugging victim resorting to the old Rodney Dangerfield line, “Take my wife, please!” Except it’s not just a one-liner; Obama means it and seriously believes he can win favor by tucking his tail between his legs and playing the submissive dog.

Third, anyone who believes that sort of cowardly behavior would “keep Americans safe inside that embassy” is just beyond clueless. Really, what do Scarborough and the people of this administration think, that the Muslim mobs are standing around reading Twitter feeds or care if Americans want to be their friends?

“Oh, hey Abdullah, says here the Americans hate the film too. All right then, everybody go home! We’ve made our point!”

Yeah, that’ll happen. And monkeys could fly out of Mohammed’s hat.

Fourth and last, Scarborough wants to know who has a problem with the Obama administration’s lickspittle behavior and ducking of responsibility for their own incompetence?

Americans, Joe. Americans.